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where is the love?!!

Oh my goodness, this film was completely baffling. I was very shocked and disgusted; the lack o care the mother had for her children was horrible. Despite the fact that I just hopped on the wagon and became aware of these world-wide shorts.

“Wasp” has no filter; i felt like the director was all over the place and that most of the scene did not flow together. The plot in this film was not well-developed; it was very difficult to understand what was taking place. The mother was wacky; she had four kids and cold not take care of them in the least. i felt for the oldest daughter because she was the only one able to look out for her sisters and baby brother.

Trying hard to follow her mother’s instructions and watch over her baby brother. The title of the movie, became slightly understanding when the wasp landed on the baby’s face and flew into his mouth. all the while the mother is trying to seduce and flirt with a gawky, fake looking David Beckhman. All I could think about is that poor baby, and pratically scream, “Get that bee out of that baby’s mouth”!!

And those girls were so unaware of how neglecting their mother was being to them. When you have kids, they do take over your life. it was clear that she was struggling to take care of them and it was very disturbing to watch. What kind of mother leaves her kids in a parking lot alone? A mother who had kids when she was not grown up enough to have them. this film was straight up awful! and for the record, abandoning your kids and giving them fish and chips does not make up for the terrible treatment to them.

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The Crush Alert

“The Crush” has proven to be one of the most outstanding, comical short-films that have modernized the acts of childhood love and admiration. Director Michael Creagh, 37, honed his passion for movies and took the next step by producing this short-film, which is also his very first film that has received several praises inclusive of the current Oscar nomination and award for the Best Irish Short at the Foyle Film Festival in Ireland. “The Crush” tells the story of a clever eight-year old, Irish youngster who proclaims his undeniable love for his teacher by igniting a duel to the death with her distrusting fiancé in efforts to reveal the truth and win her heart.

First and foremost, the movie was filmed in Ireland, and produced entirely with capital resources received from the bank and the director’s father. This notable contribution and investment facilitated Creagh’s ideas which swiftly developed into the worthwhile film being nominated at The Oscars on Sunday evening. As a newcomer to the world of short –films, I overly enjoyed this well-developed short; it was astonishing, humorous and memorable. Despite the brief running time of fifteen minutes and a cast of novice actors; this film successfully captured the viewer’s interest using a charming storyline that utilizes the care-free yet common emotions that have stirred in many middle-aged children and teenagers.

Out of the five short-films that we watched at the IFC theatre last week, “The Crush”, provided a nice, lasting impression that made me smile. Specifically, it was the generous amount of creativity employed, which was one sweet element in the film that aided in the dazzling delivery and performance from Oren Creagh, the 10-year old, director’s son and main character in the film. Honestly, I thought Oren Creagh was spunky, witty and bold; he dominated the role by displaying an adorable sincerity throughout the film. In addition, Oren quickly won the audience over when performing the clever, hilarious scheme his character cooked up to humiliate his competition in the pistol duel.

What I loved most about “The Crush” was how the genuine emotions of the schoolboy was demonstrated in the very first scene. In this scene, the director effectively showed viewers the strong, cute infatuation he held for the teacher when he presents her with a ring, which represents the traditional token of love in most films. Director Creagh re-introduced a commonly used theme; in general crushes on teachers are unavoidable but it can be the right universal and relatable experience to illustrate in a film’s storyline in efforts to engage viewers. For example, in an episode of the television show, Glee, female lead character Rachel Berry develops a tremendous, school girl crush on Will Shuester, the New Directions Choir Director.

Initially, Rachel begins to demonstrate her fondness for Shuester by giving a tie gift to get his attention and shortly after surprising him with a home visit to present the home-made dinner she prepared for him. Meanwhile, Shuester struggles during the episode as he contemplates the best way to stomp out her devotion for him without hurting her feelings. This comparison reflects on the youthful storylines in both “The Crush” and “Glee” and its amusing portrayal of the informal, anticipated actions and behavior during a crush period.  

Finally, the award committee for the Oscars may not be open-minded about films that acquired the combined themes of love and comedy but as a longtime fan of movies that captures your heart by employing those themes, I hope they will decide on “The Crush” for the prestigious winner of the best short-film award.

 If you are excited about the Oscars on Sunday and are prepping for the big night with your family or friends, here is a list of 10 appetizer recipes: . These recipes will be perfect for your award party, as they were created to feature the nominated movies for the award of Best Motion Picture!

Also, if you are have been interested in reading the select novels that some of the nominated films were based on, here is a list for you to check out during your free time;

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I would love an Oscar themed cupcake topped with short film frosting!!

I can proudly say that one of my favorite hobbies is watching TV and many drama themed movies. If you ask anyone of my friends, they would confirm that I spend way too many hours in front of the television, and at the movie theatre. Unfortunately, I’m a newbie to short films, but I have been considerably aware of these films, after watching several brief video clips that are presented at the Oscars.                                                                      

In fact, I have always been a fan of the Oscars, the celebrity crazed, golden ticket event which nominates and celebrates many short films, and motion pictures.


What I love about the Oscars is the fun-loving, wave of excitement that generates when your favorite actress/actor arrives on the red carpet in stunning gowns/suits and shortly after steps on stage to present or receive an award. Many people have crossed the Oscars off their list of programs to watch, but it’s actually an amazing award show.

In my opinion, it’s very exciting to crowd around the television with your family and friends, eating a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream while waiting in anticipation to see if your favorite films of the year takes president and wins one of the prestigious awards. In 2006, my much- loved movie the Departed, starring the handsome Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin, beat out several other worthy contenders and won the best motion picture of the year award.  It was pretty fantastic!    

Previously, I was never interested in watching any short films for the reason that it had not appeared appealing or similar to the type of movies I usually enjoy.  However, I was excited to attend the Oscar nominated short films screening at the IFC Center. My expectations were small but I was open-minded and eager to watch the nominated films.Overall, the theatre was undersized but it wasn’t an issue, since the comfy seats created a relaxed setting for viewing the films. 

The two short films that I enjoyed were The Crush and God of Love. Both of the short films were wonderfully clever, funny and entertaining. I believe that the Crush should win but perhaps the Academy will have a different opinion.  Although, I have to acknowledge that the short film, The Confession was similarly memorable but very bizarre and different.

My fellow group member Alexandra and I really had fun meeting up to view the films with the class. She said, “I love going on class field trips; it’s very fun.”  I have to agree and add that the trip to the IFC center was enjoyable but also a nice introduction to the world of short films. After viewing those films, I hope my pick, the Crush, wins an award at the Oscars.  It had a simple cast, funny dialogue and a cool ending that was totally sweet and fun to watch.

If your interested in viewing a few short films and have no idea where to start, here is a full list of suggestions inclusive of sci-fi short films directed by Stephen King ,  to get you started. Until next time, – Live, Laugh and Love apple pie!!!

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The Highroad of a Web Series

A Web series is a diverse television program in relation to films; it utilizes the internet to stream videos with various storylines and characters. This new medium has transformed the way viewers can enjoy independent films and homemade videos.  Most web series are created with several episodes featuring the main characters taking part in a new plot each week. For fans that enjoy watching more than five hours of television daily, they could be introduced to a web series and find interest in it as well. Personally, I think the one good thing about television is the unique way a storyline in a show can captivate you and draw you in. With so many shows broadcasted on several networks, how can a web series compete or even begin to capture your interest to watch them? 

Many web series are sponsored by advertisers who are involved in the creative and production process in making the videos. Companies take advantage of this media outlet to promote their products and generate feedback from the public. With the aid of video streaming technology, more diverse independent films are being produced and broadcasted on the internet for viewers.  For example, the WB network, has steadily created many original online web series on their website,  for fans of popular TV shows such as The O.C, Smallville, One tree hill, Friends, Veronica Mars, etc.  

In my opinion, the few web series that I’ve watched were extremely creative and a little weird, but they had some attention-grabbing elements such as a funny script that made me want to watch another episode. For instance, in the web series: “Oh, the Inverted World, a brief filmed production about characters who are facing the nostalgic ordeal of returning home from college, small town life, and oh yeah the inevitable tale that the moon is going to crack and fall.  I felt the different scenes were fascinating and a bit crazy. Granting my classmate Alex Torres, viewed the show differently, she said” Although I admire the creativity of the film makers who made Oh, Inverted World, I did not find the film interesting because I did not fully understand the plot and found it to be weird”.   

I feel that film is meant to be spontaneous, thrilling, crazy, strange and the more different the better. That being said, I almost always enjoy the simpler, polished films on web sites such as lifetime or the These websites broadcast original well-made short films like the “Company” starring Shannen Doherty which captured my interest.  Although, it was a brief film and there were awkward moments where I couldn’t understand her character, Shannen’ performance was pretty good.


The power of three, evoked by the charmed sisters starring Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs

Perhaps, it is my absolute love of her late role as a witch in “Charmed”, a TV show where three sisters fought evil demons on a daily basis in order to protect the innocent that has made my solid decision for enjoying those creative web series. Overall, the production of new web series is underway and I’m looking forward to viewing more.

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