where is the love?!!

Oh my goodness, this film was completely baffling. I was very shocked and disgusted; the lack o care the mother had for her children was horrible. Despite the fact that I just hopped on the wagon and became aware of these world-wide shorts.

“Wasp” has no filter; i felt like the director was all over the place and that most of the scene did not flow together. The plot in this film was not well-developed; it was very difficult to understand what was taking place. The mother was wacky; she had four kids and cold not take care of them in the least. i felt for the oldest daughter because she was the only one able to look out for her sisters and baby brother.

Trying hard to follow her mother’s instructions and watch over her baby brother. The title of the movie, became slightly understanding when the wasp landed on the baby’s face and flew into his mouth. all the while the mother is trying to seduce and flirt with a gawky, fake looking David Beckhman. All I could think about is that poor baby, and pratically scream, “Get that bee out of that baby’s mouth”!!

And those girls were so unaware of how neglecting their mother was being to them. When you have kids, they do take over your life. it was clear that she was struggling to take care of them and it was very disturbing to watch. What kind of mother leaves her kids in a parking lot alone? A mother who had kids when she was not grown up enough to have them. this film was straight up awful! and for the record, abandoning your kids and giving them fish and chips does not make up for the terrible treatment to them.

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