EOC Mentoring Program serves undergraduate and graduate students from all three Baruch Schools: the School of Public Affairs, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the Zicklin School of Business.

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The application for the fall 2015 Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program is closed. The deadline to apply was August 30, 2015.

The Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program is EOC’s cornerstone initiative. The Academic Year-Long Program helps Mentees define and achieve their career goals by providing Mentors to support, counsel and serve as role models for the Mentees. Mentors may serve as friend and advocate to their Mentees in addition to assisting and advising in their career development process. The Academic Year-Long Program runs from September through May of the academic year. This upcoming year’s program is open to juniors graduating in 2017 and first-year graduate students who entered Baruch College in spring 2015 or will be entering this fall 2015.