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All EOC mentors are eligible to receive a Baruch ID card in order to access Baruch buildings for EOC and other on-campus events and facilities. To obtain a Baruch ID, go to the ID Center (located in the Library & Technology Building, 151 East 25th Street, ground floor) and let the ID Center staff know that you are an EOC Mentor. The ID Center hours are Monday-Thursday, 10:30AM-6:30PM, and Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM.

Please note that being an EOC Baruch ID card holder is a privilege and a responsibility and obliges all card holders to treat Baruch staff with kindness and respect. 

MEETING ROOM (For mentor/mentee meetings)

EOC offers a quiet room on campus for Mentor/Mentee meetings.
Please email the EOC office at to reserve the room or click here to reserve. *Reservation requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.*


Please contact the EOC office if you have any questions or concerns about the Academic Year-Long Program. We are located in the 17 Lexington building (at 23rd street) on the 16th floor in Room 1608/10.

Mentors’ contact: Kimberly Chu at
Mentees’ contact: Colleen Bunce at
General inquiries/EOC room reservation:


Baruch College resources for your mentees:

Undergraduate Students

The Starr Career Development Center is the primary provider of career services to Baruch College undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to come to the Center from the time they are freshmen through senior year graduation and for selected career services as alumni. The staff of the SCDC is dedicated to assisting students in all aspects of their career development as they make decisions about majors, apply to graduate and law school, prepare for internships and jobs, and develop the soft skills necessary to become successful in their chosen future careers.

The Student Academic Consulting Center (SACC) mainly consists of Baruch students who have walked your steps before you; they truly understand what you’re experiencing and can knowledgeably assist you with your needs. We also have faculty members who work with us to assure that our services are of the highest quality. Our staff is part of a team that values the voice and contribution of every Baruch student who visits our center — that means you — and they are committed to helping others toward reaching their full potential. Please visit us as soon as the semester begins so that you can get all the help that you need, and remember, we’re free of charge. We look forward to helping you and encourage you to check out our Tutorial Services page for more specific info.

The Center for Academic Advisement is dedicated to assisting all Baruch undergraduates in taking ownership of their educational experiences. We endeavor to guide the students in making responsible choices towards achieving their educational, career and personal goals from orientation to graduation and beyond.

Graduate Students

The School of Public Affairs Career Services Office (CSO) is committed to giving students and alumni the support and resources needed to fully advance and enjoy successful careers in the Nonprofit, Health, Education and Government sectors. Building on the School’s mission to prepare skilled and competent leaders for advancing the public interest, our goal is to provide you with expertise and professional services to assist you with achieving a rewarding and meaningful career. The CSO help our students connect with employers, organizations, and resources that are designed to make your career thrive. Once you graduate, the CSO continues to provide you with these ongoing services and support for every stage of your career.

The Office of Student Affairs and Graduate Admissions (SAGA) in the School of Public Affairs provides administrative services and academic advisement to graduate students in the Master of Public Administration, MSEd in Educational Leadership, and Master of Science in Higher Education degree programs. Students are responsible for staying informed of all academic and administrative policies and deadlines.

Is dedicated to assisting graduate students and alumni with the services and resources needed to have successful and rewarding careers in the fields of Arts Administration; Corporate Communication; Financial Engineering; Industrial/Organizational Psychology; and Mental Health Counseling.

The Graduate Career Management Center (GCMC) is an educational department dedicated to providing Zicklin graduate students and alumni with the tools and resources necessary to successfully manage their careers while building relationships between employers and the Baruch community to help develop talent pipelines. The GCMC offers Zicklin graduate students a variety of career-management services designed to help plan and execute an effective job search and create employment opportunities. Zicklin students should begin working with the GCMC immediately after enrollment and are encouraged to participate in all services in order to maximize potential for success in the career management process.

  • Zicklin Graduate Academic Advising
    Zicklin Graduate Programs offices assist graduate students in understanding their degree requirements and the academic policies related to their graduate program and academic standing as a student in either the Full-Time MBA Program, the Part-Time MBA Programs (Flexible and Accelerated) for working professionals or the MS Programs. Professional staff members provide comprehensive guidance and support helping students make informed decisions about their program and achieve their academic goals. The offices works closely with academic departments and administrative offices throughout the college to help students successfully navigate the degree process.

All Students

The Baruch College ESP Speech Lab is a collaboration between SACC and the Department of Communication Studies. It has a variety of software programs on pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, grammar, conversation management, vocabulary development, listening/lecture comprehension, and business communication skills. Students can work independently or with a Professional Speech Consultant. For maximum benefit, we recommend that students visit the lab and make appointments to see a Speech Consultant. SACC works closely with the Department of Communication Studies to provide consultants who analyze accents and help students better pronounce the sounds of American English. The lab is available to all Baruch students. To make an appointment, visit SACC in NVC 2-116, call (646) 312-4830, or use the online scheduler. Students should also visit the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences website for more Communication resources:

The Office of Student Life develops the co-curricular college experience of Baruch students through a rich array of educationally diverse programs, opportunities for leadership and civic engagement, club and organization development, and community building. Through its varied program opportunities, the Office contributes toward the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of students.

The Office of Alumni Relations serves all Baruch College alumni, currently estimated at more than 145,000 worldwide.

The Writing Center provides support for student writers at Baruch to improve their writing and English language skills and to become independent, confident, and versatile writers. Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines and all levels of writing and language proficiency are welcome.

The International Student Service Center (ISSC) coordinates administrative services and immigration and visa matters for the International Students at Baruch College. We also offer information about programs of study abroad and arrange programs of special interest to International Students.

The Tools for Clear Speech (TfCS) program improves the pronunciation, fluency, and pragmatic abilities of English language learners (ELLs) and non-native English speakers at Baruch College. Our participants achieve more effective and intelligible communication, developing skills that empower them to succeed in their classrooms, careers, and beyond. Through collaboration with peer support units in the Division of Teaching and Learning, TfCS enriches the diversity of the College by providing opportunities to foster intercultural communication, inclusion, and global awareness among the College’s multicultural and multilingual community.

The mission of the Counseling Center is to help students realize their educational, career and personal goals. We understand that Baruch students’ first priority is to successfully earn their degrees and we are here to assist them in addressing the stress and conflicts that may distract them from achieving their full potential. The Center is staffed with experienced licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and supervised pre-doctoral graduate students, who not only work toward reducing the interference of everyday stress on goals and treating more serious conditions, but who do so with a respect for multicultural issues. The Counseling Center is devoted to helping students succeed.

Baruch College is committed to making individuals with disabilities full participants in its programs, services, and activities through compliance with Sect in 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 as well as state and local laws and regulations. It is the policy of Baruch College that no otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to or participation in any program, services or activity offered by the College.

The Baruch College Campus Intervention Team (CIT) works together as a support system to provide assistance to students in crisis. Any member of the college community (faculty, students, and staff) can reach out to the CIT to report a concern about a student. The CIT is constituted to assist in providing support for students in crisis. Faculty or staff concerns should be reported to the Office of the Provost or to Human Resources, respectively.

The Baruch College Student Health Care Center provides students with a full range of clinical health services, including initial diagnosis and treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries. When necessary, referrals will be made.

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