EOC offers several different programs that mentors can participate in that best fit their availability and area of expertise. For example, if you are unable to commit to the Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program due to time constraints, you can come to campus and be a mentor for a morning or a guest lecturer in the classroom!

The Role of the Mentor

Both the mentor and the mentee are expected to take the initiative and learn and benefit from the mentoring experience.

Mentors provide exceptional learning experiences for their mentee(s); they have the ability to lead, inspire, and motivate their mentee(s) by expanding their awareness, insight, and perspective.

Mentors needs to be comfortable with the menteeā€™s expectations and confident that that they can meet with their assigned student(s) by realistically assessing their own time commitments and experience. In some cases, when a mentee has no clear goals, mentors may need to identify the ways that they feel they can best assist the mentee.

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