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Hey mom. Can we talk for a sec? Cool, but, uh, you might want to sit down. No I’m not pregnant, why would you…? Never mind. Listen, I think I should move out. No, no, no, it’s not you, it’s me. I mean…actually it’s you. Will you let me finish?…….Are you done?…….Thank you. You are way too over-protective for me. I get the whole “mama bear,” “lioness” idea, but I mean, c’mon, picking me up every night I work late gets to be pretty overwhelming considering the fact that everyone I work with is 18 or older and NONE of their parents pick them up from work because it’s late. I mean it comes in handy when I’m tired but seriously I’d rather take the bus sometimes. Especially since this really handsome guy that works with me takes the same bus I would have to take home. What? Of course, he’s like 5’11, chocolate, muscular, gorgeous…but that’s besides the point. I need some space. How do you expect me to face the world on my own if you won’t let me experience it? But mom, I need to grow and learn the way of the world. Aww, don’t cry mom. Your little girl has to grow up sometime. I found this cute little apartment downtown, and you can come visit…or better yet, we can Skype. Remind me to show you how to use that. Anyway, I’m glad we had this talk. I’m off to pack.

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FRO12 CMB 2012-10-29 21:13:45

You lied to him? Wait, what do you mean it’s no big deal? It’s not okay. Haven’t I told you this before? Don’t you think he’ll find out eventually? I know you did it for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. But its not the way out and its not going to solve anything. It’s already terrible, but now you have to lie on top of that. I am very worried for what happens now. I’m pretty sure he’s going to find out soon by how late you come home everyday. You know he still loves you, despite the fights, which is why he always talks to me about how you’re doing, I know you’re having family and work problems lately, but your friends are here to help you. And I’m here right now talking to you. Don’t you see there are other ways to deal with problems and stress that are more reasonable? I’m just scared for you when he does find out. Then you have even more problems to deal with, but just know I’ll be around if you need advice or help. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a big deal and that he realizes you did it to cope with your problems and know now it was just a mistake. I have to go now, but good luck and hope he is understanding of your situation.

-Tiffany Tong

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Time Management- Qiyuan Chen

Time management has become an very important skill once you hit college. I can’t count how many times I end up procrasinating everything until the last minute and end up not finishing everything. In my personal experience, I can say that procrasination will never lead to good endings, so it’s best to finish up everything beforehands. Like right now, I had a week to do this blog post, but I chose not to. I had to wait until monday night when my electricity are about to be cut off.

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I had fun writing this :)

Hello All,
My name is Alex and of the things that I like, what I like best is my Freshman Seminar class. I like this best because we have an awesome peer mentor leading it, who is always pertinent in getting us the information that we need, answering any questions we may have – she will never simply direct you to an email – and makes sure that we fully understand the assignments given. Another reason this class is what I like best is the importance it bears on our ability to function within not only the Baruch community, but society as a whole. If it were not for this class, we would not know of the giant, seemingly obvious, library across the street; nor would we understand the importance of making friends and being social. It is because of the writing activities and open class discussions that we have here than I have become the social butterfly I am today. Before this class I was an over-critical and sarcastic jerk. But look at me now! I appreciate the smaller things in life, like puppies.
When considering who is important to me, the first group I think of is that of my school community. During the short time I have been a student here I have found strong clubs (full of dedicated, participating students), a friendly and cooperative bureaucracy that has answered all questions I may have had and is dedicated to finding solutions to my problems, and escalators that are fully functional.
I identify myself as cooperative, easy-going, and understanding. Never in class discussions do I interrupt people or argue, and I always make sure that everyone’s point is understood without attacking anyone’s ideas or asserting my opinions over theirs. I am easy-going in that if I disagree with a point made, I will not take up class time to put it down or call it invalid. Finally I identify myself as understanding because if someone has an opinion that differs from mine, I will take the time to help them understand why they are wrong. Through this, I assert that I am not a “megalomaniac with a god-complex” like one ex-girlfriend has called me, but a true, honest, and integral part to our class and the community.

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My name’s Veronica. What I like best is listening to music and going to concerts. I also love driving with my friends with the windows down, blasting our favorite songs. I can’t stand liars and people who aren’t trustworthy. I identify myself as a college student from Long Island. The roles I play in my life include student, friend, and daughter. My friends are incredibly important to me because I know I can always count on them to be there for me when I need them. I’m not afraid of anything specific, but I’m not very good at trying new things. I always try to look for the good in every situation, so pretty much anything and everything makes me happy in one way or another. However, I’m happiest when I’m at a concert listening to one of my favorite bands perform. A moment I felt embarrassed was when on a school trip to Splish Splash I tripped in the kiddie pool and smacked my head on the ground. Luckily my friends didn’t notice, even when the lifeguard came over to me and asked if I thought I had a concussion. A moment I felt empowered was when a club I co-founded my senior year of high school managed to raise $5,600 to build a freshwater well in Uganda after only 3 months of fundraising.

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Hi, I’m Jenny, and I’m generally a quiet person. I like to listen rather than speak, and observe my surroundings rather than participate in it. I like playing the piano, listening to instrumental music (sometimes alternative rock, Asian ballads, or metal), hanging out with friends (movies, karaoke, etc.), watching horror movies, playing MMOs, Morgan Freeman’s voice, and settling down to a good book. I hate public speaking, people who blow cigarette smoke in front of your face, loud noises in a quiet environment, fresh phlegm on the streets, slow walkers, hot weather, and Tracy Morgan’s bad acting.
I identify myself as an independent person, a sister, and a student. I try not to depend on other people too much, but I appreciate anyone who tries to help me. My future, my friends, my family, and my life is important to me.
It is through hard work and dedication that I managed to get myself to where I am now. Actually, that’s a lie. It is through lots of procrastination, cramming, and all-nighters to get where I am now. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to succeed in the future, or die early without doing any of the things on my bucket list. I hate the term “You Only Live Once”, and I tend to be a risk-taker only if the risk is never that big.

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Jonathan’s Life

Hello I’m Jonathan here to give you a little insight on Jonathan’s life, Jonathan’s likes and dislikes and basically who Jonathan is, and yes this will all be in third person. Jonathan’s life can be confusing, fun, exciting well how about I tell you a little and let you be the judge. Hmm let’s see I guess Jonathan is a nerd in many aspects, books, manga, anime, tv, video games, etc., but still very fun to talk and hang out with. Jonathan loves cartoon and Asian related stuff which gives Jonathan a love towards anime and manga but also loves the British sometimes so he likes British shows too, such Doctor Who and Misfits. Huge Video Game Nerd if it’s a popular game Jonathan probably has it which may seem as a waste of time to many people but makes Jonathan who he is. Jonathan is also a family guy, ha-ha, and loves to hang with his friends and his girlfriend. Loves to try new things as in if you ask Jonathan and Jonathan thinks it sound fun he’ll go for it. Jonathan love robots and well any type of technology coming from his high school he was on the Robotics team and learned how to build and program his own robot and guess it stuck with Jonathan.

Enough of what Jonathan likes how about stuff he doesn’t like. Hmmm this is actually harder than stuff he likes since he doesn’t  really have anything to hate. I guess Jonathan hates stupidity not even going to say stupid people because he thinks everybody is smart in one way or another. Sorry that was so short but as I said Jonathan doesn’t really hate much.

P.s Jonathan also like corny things as you can see, seeing how Jonathan wrote this in third person


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Time Management- Michael Sheridan

Struggling with Time Management is something everyone can relate too. I always leave things to the last minute thinking I have time and then I end up rushing it, but I do usually get my work done. I think it’s just the age we leave in with all this technology and distraction, however; I do think Time Management has always been a problem even before phones, TV, and the internet. Doing the chart in Freshmen seminar helped me see the time I waste and could be making use of so that’s something I need to be aware of for the future. I just need to set aside more time for papers and assignments and stop leaving everything to the last minute. It was always something you could get away with in High School, but college not so much.

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Time Management- Tina Bhatia

Time management has been an issue for me throughout high school. No matter how early I tell myself I wil finish an assignment or paper, it never really gets done until the last minute. I have the tendency to get overly comfortable with the time I have remaining to finish something, and before I know it, the time is gone. However, I feel like I work best under pressure. I don’t like spreading an assignment over a span of time. I like sitting there, focusing, and getting it done. But for this to happen efficiently, it has to be at the very last minute. I feel like the work I produce will just not be as good if I do it will lots of time left before it needs to be submitted. Maybe that’s just me, but I definitely work better under pressure with a time constraint.

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Time Management – Kevin Chow

For me, time management is an important skill that can always be used regardless of the situation. This skill is especially key in school and college because of deadlines and due dates for a variety of things. Usually, students who have good time management skills will be more relaxed and more successful than those who lack it. This is because they will tend to rush projects and it will overall turn out worse than a carefully planned out work. Although people realize the necessity of such a skill, some people sometimes cannot help but procrastinate. In the short run, procrastination seems perfect because it allows students to do other things that are much more intriguing than school work. In my case, I love procrastinating. I find a lot more joy in other things. I knew I did not have to try hard in high school because Baruch was my first choice and I came from the city and Bronx Science so I enjoyed my high school life to the fullest. I don’t regret it at all but now that college started, I can get my time management skills going. I plan things out and take mild game/video breaks with my girl every time I feel like I am too tired of work and it has been going perfectly so far. There are probably some steps that I can take to improve myself but I can still suffice currently. Time management is an important skill and wise to master and use for the rest of your life.

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