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Perfect Class…by Lance Zar

Hey all its Lance again. So we are assigned to describe what we think the “perfect” class would be. Well i think that is a silly question. The perfect class could be anything. Depends on my mood actually. If im looking for a girlfriend, the perfect class would be one with only beautiful women in it, and im the only guy. But i dont think that is really what i am supposed to talk about…put it out there anyways. So back to a serious note, I think a perfect class would have to start with a topic that is at least SEMI interesting. I think students should be allowed to use cell phones and computers. I believe in freedom, and from recent studies in my high school, in classes that i was allowed to be on my phone without getting in trouble, i would usually do better in those classes. If all i have to do is listen during class, i will get kind of bored and probably fall alseep. But if i could use my phone once in a while, it will keep me awake. I tend to respect teachers who give students there freedom. And if i respect a teacher, i will work harder. If someone is nice to me, i always repay the favor. Thats just who i am, yaknow. The professor has to also be at least somewhat animated. If the professor is dull and is just trying to do his job and end his day, that wont really fly with me. If the professor works hard to keep us entertained and keep us related to te topic being taught, then it would result in much higher grades and a better learning experience. The class also has to have AC or a heater. Duh…And also, the professor shoudl give out snacks every time we get a question right. I like snacks. Arrite, calling it a blog. Much love, live your life, LANCE OUT!

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About Me

Hey all, i’m Lance Zar. Im not going to make this point so grammatically correct because that is not really who i am when it comes to writing blogs. Oh look! That was the first thing you guys got to know about me! Looks like we are getting off to a GREAT start. So lets see what else i can tell you guys. I’m from Great Neck, New York. Its a amazing town and i love it. Alot of people from great neck go to baruch so i dont feel too alone here. I got an apartment in the city with one of my friends and its really exciting. Im hoping to have a great time living in the city and make the best of it. I like making people laugh, i like women, i like long walks on the beach, and my favorite sport is football. I am a Miami Dolphins fan (dont ask). Im not really a shy person and i like it when people feel comfortable around me. If any of yall need someone to talk to or cuddle (ladies) with, im your guy. I could go on for hours and hours, but thats kinda what my twitter is for. So follow me at SATISFACTORY IS GUARANTEED BABY!!!! Arrite so im going to call this a blog and start the next one when im ready. Love you all, good day, sweet dreams….LANCE OUT!

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Perfect Class (Christine Shin)

I think my perfect class would be a class where I actually utilize the material we learn in our everyday lives. I don’t understand why I need to know about chemical bonds and such. Also my perfect class would have a teacher that not only enjoys teaching but also a teacher that can actually teach well. Oh also, a class that doesn’t require a lot of work.

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About Me (Christine Shin)

Hello my name is Christine Shin. I didn’t attend the first Freshman Seminar so I’m late with this assignment, sorry. Anyways, I am 18 years old and I graduated from Bayside High School.  I am a food junkie and I love to to try new foods. I also enjoy shopping, listening to music, and spending time with my friends and family. I hope we can all get to know each other.

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Jackie’s 10

So I opted for the song playlist because I love music and I feel that it is a great tool for self expression and my favorite number is 10. I strive to be an organized person so I created a list and each number corresponds with the song and why I chose it to be on my playlist. Enjoy!

Jackie’s 10

(embedding didn’t work so heres the link again in case above does not work ;

1. Glee- Stereo Hearts

I love Glee. I actually do not watch much TV but for some reason I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure.  Also this is a great song by Gym Class Hero and Adam Levine. The song is really catchy and its a bit outdated but I love the comparisoon between music and love.

2. Empire State Of Mind

This song was played everywhere for a long time for the Yankees a couple years ago but I just officially moved into NYC so it can be deemed as my theme song. I love all the allusions that I totally understand being a new yorker and Alicia Keys is very talented.

3.  Seasons Of Love

My love for Broadway is huge. This song is from Rent which was my first show ever. I probably saw it 3 or 4 times before it closed. I think the music is great and the story is intriguing.

4. Danza Kuduro

My parents are from Paraguay, South America which makes me LATINA ! I love my culture, my food, my people, my history and especially my music.

5. Sway-Michael Buble

Michael Buble is a dreamboat. I love his Frank Sinatra feel..and this shows how I am a bit old fashioned, I love the old tunes and the romantic and blues era.

6. Hedwigs Theme

Harry Potter will always be my favorite book and movie, all of them. I love JK Rowling, this series was the first one that really got me as a child and inspired my love for reading and for magic. Plus the orchestration is beautiful.

7. Mario Brothers Theme

When I said before I don’t watch TV, I meant it. However I am attached to my phone, laptop and Wii. I love video games, not the crazy violent ones but the fun ones that you can chase away time with such as Super Mario. This was my ringtone for all of high school.

8. Little Town/Belle- Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

I love Disney. I have all the VHS tapes at home. Also I played Belle in Beauty and The Beast my senior year and it was a great show. I had so much fun with my cast and I loved the songs I got to sing, including this one.

9. Tonight (We are Young)

You have heard this song a thousand times.  I still love it. Being a freshman in college I have this feeling of restlessness that is presented in the song and its just catchy. I also use this song to pump me up before a soccer game or when I’m working out.

10. Hey Jude

Lastly,  The Beatles. Again, I’m a little old school. I love the Beatles, everything they wrote makes me smile when it comes onto my iPod. They were amazing musicians and I love playing this song on piano.


Hope I didn’t bore anyone and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work. :)


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Who Do You Think You Are?!

Create a two minute video, an eight image slideshow, or a ten song musical playlist that represents who you think you are to your classmates. Embed your creation in a blog post and then write no more than 500 words that explains how what you’ve created speaks to who you are.

Here are some free tools that you can use for this assignment, but you are free to use whatever services you like:

- Video Editors:
o YouTube Editor

- Image Slideshows:
o Blogs@Baruch built-in galleries
o Flickr –
o Flickr Slidr –
o Picassa –
o Image loop –

- Musical Playlists:
o Grooveshark –
o Spotify –
o Mixpod –

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Perfect Class (Ji Yong Eom)

I’d like a class where I’d be able to communicate with friends but also be able to learn a lot, kind of like my Spanish class in my high school junior year. In my perfect class, the teacher would able to actually teach well and also know how to motivate the class. A teacher without a heavy accent, good handwriting, and an open mind, instead of a stubborn attitude would be the ideal teacher for my perfect class.

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About Me (Ji Yong Eom)

My name is Ji Yong, it’s rather annoying to say, I know. I feel like I should get an English name but I can’t choose. Anyways, I’m from South Korea. I came to the United States at the age of 5. I attended Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. I was born and raised in Queens. I love music. I like to dj. I’m on the verge of trying to produce songs, but it’s really not working out that well. BUT it’s okay, I’ll try harder and harder.

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Perfect Class- Justin Musumarra

I think the perfect class would be one where not too much written work is done, but learning is still done. I think the environment of the classroom should be inviting, like a room with windows to let in sunlight and maybe a nice view out of the window also. I think the perfect class would have a laid back professor who makes the class very straight forward with no curve balls or major difficulty. I think the perfect class would also limit reading to a minimum and have outlines given for exams. Also doing activities outside of the classroom like visiting museums or historical landmarks would make the class perfect.

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About Me (Irving Shabot)

Well, I’m writing this about 30 minutes from the deadline after trying to log on countless times, so here goes nothing. I’m Irving. I was born and raised near Deal, New Jersey – a town that is extremely unlike the typical Jersey Shore stereotype of New Jersey. I’m part of a large Jewish community that inhabits a large part of Brooklyn and a small part of the area I live in. I’m 18 and I’m currently living in the Baruch dorms while commuting back to New Jersey every weekend.

I love to snowboard in the winter and play tennis in the summer. I’d say I’m best at those two sports. A close third favorite would have to be surfing – not kidding. I plan to major in Real Estate and minor in Computer Science (my guilty pleasure).

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