Required Freshman Seminar Posts

Post One, due by mid-September 

Create a two minute video, an eight image slideshow, or a ten song musical playlist that represents who you think you are to your classmates. Embed your creation in a blog post and then write no more than 500 words that explains how what you’ve created speaks to who you are.

Here are some free tools that you can use for this assignment, but you are free to use whatever services you like:

Video Editors: 

Image slideshows:

Musical Playlists:

See your Peer Mentors for additional assistance!

Post Two, due by mid-October

For this assignment, you must 1) post the monologue you’ve developed in your seminar AND 2) embed a self-portrait, which can be a photograph, an image, a cartoon, a drawing, or some other depiction of how you see yourself.


Post Three, due by early December

Create or find a photograph or some other image (a meme, an animated GIF, etc.) that represents in some way your experience at Baruch thus far. Embed your image in a blog post in which you reflect, in no more than 500 words, on your impressions of your first three months at Baruch. Your response should be personal and creative. If you use an image that you did not create yourself, be sure to credit the source with a name, if possible, and a URL!

One Response to Required Freshman Seminar Posts

  1. ar145846 says:

    I have a playlist of songs that I like to listen to. Each song is a part of me that describes me.
    1. Eifel 65- I’m blue
    this song pretty much represents the 90’s type of songs that I enjoyed to listen.
    2. Queen- Don’t stop me now
    the only song that can motivate me to do a workout
    3. Haddaway- What is love
    This is probably the only song that I listen to while spending lonely Valentine’s Day
    4. Boston- More than a feeling
    this song can just go ahead and sum up the song itself for me, in this song. inception.
    5. Scatman- Scatman’s world
    I personally like Scatman just because he had the ability of using his disability of stuttering to create a new way of singing (scatting)
    6. Scatman-(Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)
    Like I said before, Scatman John is a true inspiration for those with disabilities.
    7. Bee Gees- New York Mining Disaster 1941
    This song can increase the tempo or reduce it a moment and still sound great
    8. Aha- Take on me
    Just an uplifting song that reminds me that one can only hang on to the things they want for only a short while
    9. Status Quo- In the army now
    This song reminds me of how people can find the things expected, unexpected
    10. O-zone- Numa Numa
    The song just shows that I’m the type of person to fall in love in a foreign song that I do not understand and still listen to over and over.

    I guess that sums it all up, full playlist:!/playlist/Playlist+Of+Favorite+Songs/78627481

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