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I went to see a concert of a Japanese band on March. This tour is their 20th anniversary tour. It was my first time to see their concert in New York. They prepared for this tour for a long time, and I was very excited. It should have been a precious memory to me. But I was depressed during the concert because a lot of people are holding cameras or phones and taking photos. The staff of the concert said more than three times that don’t take photos or record. I don’t know why those people still did that, did they think about the feeling of the members of the band???

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1. I’m Chinese, and came to New York 2 years ago after graduated from high school. I didn’t want to come here at all, but I had to because my family is in New York. Everyone says that I am an ACG Otaku.>v<  My favorite anime is GINTAMA. It’s about a guy with silver hair always taking a bokuto help people with everything. I wish I can do anything I want like him.

2. The only thing I concern is subway. I live in Queens, it takes me almost one hour to get to school. I have to get up very early. By the way, I have a class at 7:30 next semester.

3. I attended high school in China, so anything at Baruch is different.

4. … …everything.

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Who do i think i am? I feel like i’ve heard this a lot in high school. From my principal in specific. but you should read it in caps, and in the 2nd person.  WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!  Sounds more like it. I guess im a trouble maker. I like to have fun.

3 concerns about this semster:

1) We skipped winter. this is awesome news. I did not want to walk to school every day in 20 degree weather. Whats concerning about it is that we had no snow days. so  thats one.

2) Escalators – did they ever work? will they ever work? Not to say the elevators are any better. youd be lucky to get a spot in that sardine can. it also smells in there.

3) Homework – i havent had too much work, but the work i have had was uninspiring and somewhat depressing. I also had to pay $8 to see a horrible movie. Seriously, not too excited about going to the Met on my free time either, i have better things to do. Sorry to burst your bubble teach.

What makes this experience different form HS?

– Not being forced to be in class is the best part about College. You can literally leave any time or just not show up. You have to WANT it to succeed and thats what life is about. You wont be spoon fed your whole life, or at least most people wont.


How will this semester change me?

– Met a lot of cool people, made new connections, and broadened my horizons. Im excited to see where the next few years take me.


Thats all for now.


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Last blog!

I enjoyed first semester in the Baruch College. Every professor was nice and lessons are funny. I spent most free times on the GYM and library. I like Baruch’s GYM, clean and big, I always play basketball with my friends in there. In the free time, if I don’t play basketball with my friends, then I would go to computer room. Computer room is a quiet place for student to study on their courses.

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The blog I own u 2

Math is my favorite subject, and Pro. Sze is also my favorite professor. Her lesson was clearly and easy to understand. However, her exam review sheet was so terrible. Questions on the exam are all took from the class work or homework, but there were no similar questions on the review sheet. It is waste time to study on the useless review sheet.

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The blog I own u 1

First weak that I attended English class, the professor told me that using own experiences as ann example to prove own opinions is better than using example of fiction. I don’t agree with him. For example when using the fact in the Harry Potter to prove my opinion, then people will easily understand. Harry Potter is popular in the world now; most people read it already, so when I using it for the example, people would clearly think I am right. Unlike the own experience, people may think I am make up the story to prove my opinions. Until now I am still not sure which one is better to use for the example to prove my opinions.

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Au revoir ma bloggie ;(

I looked ahead to leave myself behind , but mirror image is all that i can find, I see a troubled teen , the victim of the canvas I have painted. But , whatever , I think I have changed a lot in a good way. I think I have grown up a bit. I have learnt some life lessons too.

Frankly, my first semester is not what I have expected. This is not the college life I have dreamed of. But Baruch is not a bad school. I think it’s okay. Classes are good. I like my Math and Political Science professors. I got 100 and 98 for my math class. He is such an easy grader. Other professors , no I don’t like them. I mean Art History is ok , professor is cute but the art slides get boring after a while.

Summer is coming. Before that , I have papers to finish and lessons to study. I have become mature a bit more and I also found out who is there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on or a hug to move on. Too many lessons learnt this semester. Life has been both ups and downs. Jerks and idiots everywhere. But I learnt to forgive and forget.

I don’t want to look back and regret at anything so I’m taking all the chances to get whatever i want.

Summer :

Can’t wait for my beach trip! Got lots to do in the summer. I am taking summer classes and prolly rushing for a sorority. I couldn’t manage my time last time so this time I will try my best to earn my letters!

It’s sometimes frustrating when you don’t know if someone is just trolling in the class or just being stupid. I mean I am dumb,too. But they are just annoying.

LOL. I am just bored.

Ok so this is my last post.

Download this , my treat for you  <3

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The blog I owe you.



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Last Post

So this is my last post and I’m not quite sure what to say about how I’ve changed in such a short period of time. I guess I’ve matured a little..  bahaha I’ll let you be the judge of that. I do believe I’ve learned many things such as who my true friends are, the understanding of life, and time management. Time is going by so fast though, the seasons are changing so quickly as if my life has sped up. Bottoms up. Looking forward to the summer.

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