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Favorite Enrichment Workshop

Tanima Sen

The Rubin Museum was a delight to visit.  I never heard of it and to find it in the middle of a neighborhood that I’m usually always near was a nice surprise. It was interesting hearing about how New Yorkers actually donated their house to become a museum.  The art was fascinating but one feature that was particularly the highlight of the Rubin museum for me was the meditation or shrine room.  Just looking at it made me feel at peace.  Observing its little details and hearing about it all was informative also.  I would definitely visit again if I want to find a peaceful place to let go or just think.

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blog 4

My favorite enrichment workshop was the trip to the Rubin museum because we were allowed to wander and explore for ourselves, rather than being confined to a tour guide or stuck in a seat for an hour. I enjoyed it because I was able to choose which object to look at and for how long. I didn’t have to wait for a guide to finish talking about one thing before we could move onto the next. It was calming especially after visiting the meditation room or shrine.

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Rubin Museum: Jeffrey Cheng

My favorite enrichment workshop throughout Freshman Seminar was the visit to the Rubin Museum. The long walk there was nice as well; I learned a lot more about the neighborhood. Compared to other museums, the setting of the Rubin Museum was very calm and relaxing, which made it much more enjoyable. I like how the museum dedicated itself to one specific culture. When I had the chance to walk around and explore it myself, I noticed that they really worshipped a god with a lot of hands. Almost every painting and sculpture I encountered had the same or similar figure, a man with more than a dozen hands on his left and right. The paintings often showed a village of people, and same figure directly in the middle and bigger than all the rest, just like a divine figure. It was quite interesting. When walking around, I also discovered another thing very nice about the museum. The museum had extremely clean and nice bathrooms. The sink was very cool and everything was shiny. I might even favor it over the one in my house. For anyone who didn’t use the bathroom during their free time to roam around, you really missed it. It seemed like it cost a fortune to make it like that.

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Dear Ms. Towns…

Dear Ms. Towns:

Hi, it’s John Lima – Thompson from your ENG 2100 class. I would like to get a personal opinion on one of my essays that I will hand in as Assignment # 3. If you could just go through it and give me some commentary if you have the chance, that would be great. Of course, only if you have the time. Please get back to me at the earliest convenience. Thank you very much,

John Lima – Thompson

ENG 2100

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I hate it when I actually really study and I blank out when the test is put in front of me. Like I understand everything while I’m studying… maybe I’m just a bad test taker. But it sucks to see my efforts going nowhere.

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BLOG 4 Joel

I have to say that News Literacy was my favorite enrichment workshop; mainly because it highlighted  a lot of fraudulent issues. I was especially surprised when I heard the professor speak of News Channels like FOX 5 that report fake news. With all that we hear or read, it makes us wonder what maybe the true source. As the professor further explains, we begin to realize that its our job to pick the right or wrong however, that can be very complicated since the truth can be thoroughly exploited as such. Sometimes it is good to compare news sources from all sites –  including those of the internet and T.V – in order to make a proper decision.  I am grateful to the Professor for shedding light on the shady businesses of renowned News Channels.

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Blog 4 David Lamle

Freshman seminar was not only fun for me but it also taught me quite a bit. IT helped me view others idea on certain topics, that I felt like I knew quite a bit on already, however, not everything. One of the things I enjoyed most out of this class, as much as I complained about this, was moving around the room to different sides, where we voiced our opinions on where we stand on an Idea that was expressed. It honestly kept me interested, and It allowed me the chance to voice my opinion to the class, and possibly convince them of the same idea that I have. As for the enrichment workshops, I enjoyed the last one the best, where the students read monologues, I believe it is called voices. I actually found it to be entertaining and defiantly better than the first one we had went to. Thank you for this class everyone I really appreciated it. This is not just a thank you to the teachers but to my peers as well.

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Blog 3 David Lamle

Sorry i am late with this but i haven’t had very much time to get to this. This first semester was actually kind of fun for me. I started off pretty much separated. I didn’t know anyone, as I encountered this new experience in my life. Eventually I began making friends and I started progressing as a student and making everything easier for myself. They helped me along as well as I helped them. Which made my frst semester a success.

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For the first three months at Baruch, I learned a few things. I learned that I should never procrastinate again. I procrastinated a lot in this semester and had to have a pretty costly result for it. I felt that procrastinating in college can be much worse than in high school. Also, I learned that I should feel more responsible about my work; it is what I have to do and no one can do it for me. Another important thing I learned is that I should manage my time better. In college, it seems to be harder to manage time because we spend less time at school and we can change our schedule, like not taking any classes on Friday. These are the basic things that a student should already know about, but I felt like I should improve the basics and keep improving as a student, and as a person.

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My favorite event in FRO

My favorite event in FRO was the Rubin museum visit. On this visit we were able to see different cultures art and understand a little bit about what the values of the artists were. We were  able to freely roam as well as meditate with our group. This gave us the opportunity enjoy time with each other. We enjoyed fine art yet were able to socialize as well. It didn’t take very long and it was highly enjoyable. That was my favorite trip in FRO.

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