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Assignment 1

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Gerri Sciolto

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Haoran Su

My playlist by pandahao on Grooveshark

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About me- Dania Payano <-click on the link

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Amy’s Playlist

Playlist: FRO Blog #1

My eclectic taste in music is a good reflection of my diverse interests.

Spice Girls and the soundtrack from the movie Chicago bring back girlhood memories of my sister and I singing and dancing for hours on end.

Loaded is the theme song of my favorite WWF wrestler – it’s the closest I’d ever come to watching sports growing up.

I did my gymnastics routine to the instrumental version of Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson.

The first time I got on a motorcycle I had the Rolling Stones playing.

I psyched myself up before my first bright jump by blasting Disturbed.

I had Alice Cooper playing when I took my first solo road trip for my eighteen birthday.

On the other hand, I keep classical or blues on while I study.

Most of my childhood summers were spent reading at the library.

Between coaching gymnastics, training at school and after hours at my gym, I practically lived in gym sweats for five years.

I shop for office supplies and computer gadgets with the same enthusiasm I would for shoes.

I’d gladly keep my nose buried in my Art History book if it gets me out of washing dishes.

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10 Songs

It is very hard to say to define myself in 10 songs. I think that everyone can agree that depending on the mood, your music preference changes. I mostly grew up listening to rap, hip hop and rock. Here are some choice songs that make up who I am. Whether its good or a bad list, even some recent releases..

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Simon’s Playlist;

Hi, welcome to Simon’s World. I did the whole assignment wrong so I switched it up to compensate.

Anyways, I’m probably that asian kid that smiles a lot and hates math. If not, I’m probably the one that participates a lot in English. Or that gay one who hangs out with the Korean kid all the time > Sarcasm fellla.

Honestly, my playlist has nothing to do with how people look at me. Reason? I’ve never really paid attention to how I appear to others. Bluntly speaking, I just don’t really care at all. I’m me, and I’ll do me. Criticism or compliments, I just don’t care. At the end of the day, my own opinion matters the most. Consider it arrogant, ignorant, or a blessing. Its just how I want things to be done. I mind my own business. When you stick your foot in others, then you better be prepared. That’s another issue too, I don’t like talking about myself. I’m like that Holden Caudfield kid, I say shit but its all face. You know? Like how he says hes a liar, but he’s actually telling the truth at the same time. Crazy. I should have put up a warning. I’m going to swear a whole lot in this post. Didn’t have the best day but that’s just an excuse. I type the way I speak, and that’s how I am. I don’t really like complicating things. However, please accept my apology in advance. Smiley Face. Speaking of which, I hate writing. I just don’t like bottling things up though. It’ll drive you fucking crazy if you do. I wasn’t always so try hard but that’s how you get when you fucked up your whole high school career for no apparent reason. You let people down. Not only that, you let yourself down. In this case, its obviously me. It motherfucking sucks. Ever had that feeling of failure? Had one too shitting many, I’ll tell you that much. I was a fucking idiot for cutting class and other dumb shit. Now I need to get myself together. God blessed me, he gave me a chance. I’m not going to fuck it up, I tell myself that everyday. I’m not going to take nobody’s shit. I have to be number one. I refuse to let my parents down. Why? They shed too many tears. I don’t deserve any of their worry. Fuck money. Fuck CVS. Customer service can kiss my ass. Good store though, I love the products. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Mhm. Fuck money. Sometimes, I feel as if the world would have been a better place without it. But I know I’m wrong. That is way too naive. The world is already perfect. That’s how things work and that’s reality. Can’t have the good without the bad. I dig that. Man, I hate talking to people. I have serious trust issues.  Love changes, best friends becomes strangers. Nas knows whats up.  Yup! Thanks for reading.

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Assignment One

Create a two minute video, an eight image slideshow, or a ten song playlist that represents who you think you are to your classmates. Embed your creation in a blog post. The due date for this assignment is at the beginning of class on Monday, October 1st. Here are some free tools that you can use for this assignment, but you are free to use whatever services you like:
  • Video Editors
  • Image Slideshows
  • Musical Playlists
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The Art of Non-Conformity

Here’s a link to the blog that Amy mentioned in class this week —×5/

Anything in particular we should check-out, Amy? Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Student Activism– READ THIS


Please write a two to three sentence summary on this article.

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