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My First Three Months at Baruch

College isn’t that different from high school because of commuting. Every day I will go home and come back the next day. However, there is a lot more reading. Every week we have to finish a chapter for almost every class, and many of the chapter have 20 or more pages. I will try to finish most of my reading on my train ride or during my break, but it is still feel like all we do is read.

One major different between college and high school is freedom. I enjoy the freedom of college lifestyle. I am no longer force to eat in the school cafeteria or to stay in one building for a long period of time. I can go to subway in between class or grab a coffee before going to the next.

Overall, my first three months at Baruch are ok. It was exciting the first few days of school but now everything seem normal. However, time in college seem to past by so much faster. There seem to be less time to finish everything, especially these last few days. Essays deadlines are coming up and finals are just around the corner. The semester seem to have gone by with a blink of an eye.

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4th blog post

My first few months at Baruch have been quite a new experience out of all of the things about Baruch the one that stands out to me most is my three hour math class. The one word I would use to describe this class….miserable. It has to be the hardest class I have ever been in and it makes me question what my future would be like if I stayed at Baruch for four years. If I can’t even handle the introductory math class maybe the school with the hardest math classes I’ve ever taken isn’t the best fit for a person like me who dreads abstract math. Other than that I do like most of my professors however a few of them seem to treat their students with the same disrespect we all got from our disengaged high school teachers. However some of my professors are great and make me consider not transferring out of Baruch.

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Tal is awesome


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Blog Post # 3

Baruch, the best CUNY school in New York City.  I’m finally here, after four years of hardworking in high school.  I suddenly feel I have grown a lot and have become more mature.  I am a college student now, not one of those high school kids who have nothing better to do but hang out on the street after school.

The first day of classes was easy.  Everyone in the class is cool.  They are all friendly and only mind their own business.  Most of my professors are old, as I expected.

“Shit, so much work to do for this semester.  So much reading.  I hate reading, and I am too lazy to read anything.  I didn’t even do my summer reading Brooklyn.”  I said to myself as I was looking through all the syllabus papers.  Well, it’s just like high school that we have to read this and read that.  But, did I ever read?  Maybe sometimes when I was in the mood.  I guess I will just figure something out.  Hopefully i will read as I told myself before, at least something.

College professors are so fancy that we do our homework online.  My Micro-Economics homework is due today; I guess I will do it at night then.  The night time is always the best time to do homework because I get all these ideas to answer my questions which it doesn’t happen at the day time, mostly.  “What the hell? I got a zero on the homework that I didn’t even start?” I said to myself after I decided to do my homework at 10 p.m.  The homework was due at 5 p.m.  Wow.  Do students do their homework at 5 p.m. anymore?

Tomorrow is the midterm, I will spend the night and tomorrow morning on the train study the material.  I think it’s more than enough of study as I always do.  Last minute study always works the best in high school.  Perhaps for college too.  Unfortunately, I got a D, the very first D in my life.  I learned my lesson, never wait till the last minute to study for any test in college, unless you know everything.  But still, it won’t hurt to get an A.

Essays, research papers, essays, book reports, essays, and more essays.  Why do we have to write so many essays?  I have already gotten my second essay question when I still haven’t gotten my first essay back.  Indeed, we will be super well prepared to write anything in the future, hopefully.  One thing that I enjoyed writing essays is that I got to print them out in the school library for free within $100 budget.  I feel accomplished when my papers come out fresh from the printers.

Three more weeks until the end of my first semester in college.  I’m planning on moving into the library during finals week so I can get those As.  I’m looking forward to the winter recession.

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Blog Post 3

My first three months here at Baruch has been… well busy. I’ve made great friends which help me feel more at home here, go out with, and helped me with any homework I had trouble with. Classes in college are not as difficult as they said it would be in high school. I feel that the only struggle with each class is how independent you have to be to make it on time, cover the material, and go out of you way to talk to the teacher about missing work. Also, another great struggle is sitting through a three hour english class and a boring lecture. Aside from school and social life, any other free time is spent working at my job. Over all, I have enjoyed my first semester as a new freshman. I haven’t had much time to take a breather, but so far, so good.

The artwork I attached is something I found when I googled busy, called “It’s a Busy Small World”. I guess this symbolizes my life for the past three months because I’ve had a lot of fun, met a lot of people, and did a lot of new things.


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Blog Post #3

False Mirror-Rene Magritte

My first semester at Baruch is not what i expected, in both positive and negative way. I expected college to be more fun but so far it has been quite dull, its not terrible but also nothing exciting. But there are also positive experiences, the increase work load forces me to become a more diligent person. I feel my future years at Baruch will shape me into a different person, i already start asking question about what i want to achieve in life. Just like the when i look at the”false mirror”, my time at Baruch challenges me to ask question about what i see and what i think i know

Weicheng Ding

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Daniel Cosares – Final Blog Post

For me, my first three months at Baruch have been much different. Everything seems to be on the computer. In high school the only time I had to go on the computer for was to print something out. Now I have to go on the computer to get homework, read class notes, post blogs, take quizzes, and much more. All of this plus the time I already spent on the computer makes me feel like I am on the computer all the time. Another thing about the computer use is that professors don’t remind us about work as often as I am used to from high school. We are expected to know when things are due and this is new to me. Work on computers also makes it harder to get work done without procrastinating. I have all of the internet right in front of me when trying to complete work. College so far for me has been a lot of time on the computer and adapting to new styles of learning.

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First Semester at Baruch College

My first semester at baruch college has been an exciting yet extremely stressful experience.  I came into school excited to begin this new chapter in my life and while i am still extrenmely proud of myself for not giving up, i am GLAD its over and i can breathe for about two weeks before doing it all over again.  I believe or rather HOPE that next semester will be much easier now that i know what to expect from my classes.  And i am DEFINETLY using rate my professor next year.  It was an exciting year and i am glad to have been able to vent in my FRO class.

Natalie Iturbides

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Snapshot of Semester 1

In all honesty, the picture above is by far the best way of showing my first 3 months at Baruch. Although that is not a picture of my room above and thankfully my room is not that messy, it is symbolic of my first 3 months of college. I have felt all over the place as I have adjusted to a different lifestyle and experience. I tend not to enjoy change and attending Baruch this fall was probably the biggest change I have had in my life. The reason I chose that specific picture to explain my first 3 months in college is because of my lack of organization and how it has slowly become more severe. With the increased stress of college and my laziness it has become harder to keep everything in my life labeled and organized. I feel as if as the smoke settles in this first semester of college, I am learning to deal with the change and will slowly learn from it. For the time being though, my life is a bit messy.

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Throughout high school my lack of organization likely kept me from reaching the goals I had hoped to achieve for.  It wasn’t often enough that I had my homework in on time, and studying usually came the night before.  As one of my teachers liked to say, I was “a day late and a dollar short.”

In choosing to attend Baruch, I chose to go to school in an especially unforgiving place for a person like me.  New York City eats raw people who don’t have their lives straightened out, and lateness can really cost a person.  There’s little moping about, and that sort of environment bleeds into Baruch also.

I am rather proud of myself to have overcome an obstacle at Baruch, and it is a lesson I am sure I will apply elsewhere in life.  Seeing everybody around you in a business-like, goal oriented attitude is contagious, and I certainly have felt that this first semester.

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