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Rachel’s Playlist

I decided to choose 10 songs because I’ve always been a great lover of music and since I was a child, I realized the necessity of how music expresses the way people feel and shapes people’s lives. Underneath each song is a short sentence or two explaining why I chose it and how it relates to me. Enjoy.

Rachel’s Playlist

1) Bandwitch – Broken Social Scene
This song is mostly instrumental and I think it’s an appropriate feel-good song to start off the playlist with.

2) Voxtrot – Start of Something New
This song has been my ringtone for nearly two years, it’s one of my favorites. It expresses the anticipation, excitement, and anxiousness of people when they enter new situations (in this case, it relates to myself and everyone else entering college).

3) Freely – Devendra Banhart
This song expresses the way I want to live my life and my general outlook of life. It’s all about living and enjoying in a way that makes you feel, in essence, free and happy.

4) Holocene – Bon Iver
This is also one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s all about being humble, reflecting on the past, and looking forward to the future. The lyric “and I could see for miles, miles miles” reminds me of one of my favorite lines in a poem by Robert Frost, “And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep“.

5) Sunshine – Atmosphere
Who says hip-hop music has to be angry and aggressive all the time? One of my favorite music artists created a song about making the best out of a bad situation and having an epiphany about the positives of life.

6) Vesuvius – Sufjan Stevens
This song is about making difficult decisions when you mature and grow up. Sufjan usually writes his songs with a religious undertone, which expresses me because I tend to be a very spiritual and religious person as well.

7) 5 Years Time – Noah and The Whale
This song is about predicting the future, whether it’s good or it’s bad, and being okay with it. Who knows where all of us would end up in 5 years time?

8) Lotus Flower – Radiohead
I find it so interesting how music can transcend decades and generations. Radiohead, formed in 1985, is still popular today. Their music style shows how music itself is eternal.

9) Blood – The Middle East
This song is my number 1 favorite song of all time, so I had to include it in a playlist which purpose is to describe myself.

10) Living/Breathing – Mesita
I love nature and for me, this song portrays that feeling of sitting under a tree outside in a nice breezy day, a good ending song for this entire playlist.

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Jackie’s 10

So I opted for the song playlist because I love music and I feel that it is a great tool for self expression and my favorite number is 10. I strive to be an organized person so I created a list and each number corresponds with the song and why I chose it to be on my playlist. Enjoy!

Jackie’s 10

(embedding didn’t work so heres the link again in case above does not work ;

1. Glee- Stereo Hearts

I love Glee. I actually do not watch much TV but for some reason I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure.  Also this is a great song by Gym Class Hero and Adam Levine. The song is really catchy and its a bit outdated but I love the comparisoon between music and love.

2. Empire State Of Mind

This song was played everywhere for a long time for the Yankees a couple years ago but I just officially moved into NYC so it can be deemed as my theme song. I love all the allusions that I totally understand being a new yorker and Alicia Keys is very talented.

3.  Seasons Of Love

My love for Broadway is huge. This song is from Rent which was my first show ever. I probably saw it 3 or 4 times before it closed. I think the music is great and the story is intriguing.

4. Danza Kuduro

My parents are from Paraguay, South America which makes me LATINA ! I love my culture, my food, my people, my history and especially my music.

5. Sway-Michael Buble

Michael Buble is a dreamboat. I love his Frank Sinatra feel..and this shows how I am a bit old fashioned, I love the old tunes and the romantic and blues era.

6. Hedwigs Theme

Harry Potter will always be my favorite book and movie, all of them. I love JK Rowling, this series was the first one that really got me as a child and inspired my love for reading and for magic. Plus the orchestration is beautiful.

7. Mario Brothers Theme

When I said before I don’t watch TV, I meant it. However I am attached to my phone, laptop and Wii. I love video games, not the crazy violent ones but the fun ones that you can chase away time with such as Super Mario. This was my ringtone for all of high school.

8. Little Town/Belle- Disney’s Beauty and The Beast

I love Disney. I have all the VHS tapes at home. Also I played Belle in Beauty and The Beast my senior year and it was a great show. I had so much fun with my cast and I loved the songs I got to sing, including this one.

9. Tonight (We are Young)

You have heard this song a thousand times.  I still love it. Being a freshman in college I have this feeling of restlessness that is presented in the song and its just catchy. I also use this song to pump me up before a soccer game or when I’m working out.

10. Hey Jude

Lastly,  The Beatles. Again, I’m a little old school. I love the Beatles, everything they wrote makes me smile when it comes onto my iPod. They were amazing musicians and I love playing this song on piano.


Hope I didn’t bore anyone and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work. :)


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Who Do You Think You Are?!

Create a two minute video, an eight image slideshow, or a ten song musical playlist that represents who you think you are to your classmates. Embed your creation in a blog post and then write no more than 500 words that explains how what you’ve created speaks to who you are.

Here are some free tools that you can use for this assignment, but you are free to use whatever services you like:

– Video Editors:
o YouTube Editor

– Image Slideshows:
o Blogs@Baruch built-in galleries
o Flickr –
o Flickr Slidr –
o Picassa –
o Image loop –

– Musical Playlists:
o Grooveshark –
o Spotify –
o Mixpod –

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