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My favorite enrichment workshop was the one that we went to watch at the beginining of the semster, I dont really remember the name of it but it was a short muscial play about the life of college students. I really enjoyed it becuse it had me laugh a lot and it had many things that many of us could possibly relate to. I thought it was a genuis idea   and a great hit becuase the show was very informaitve to students but also very entertaining and hilarious. It was much better than hearing your parents talking about sex, drugs, alcohol, or school.

This was the exact way I left the first day I stepped foot in Baruch. I was completely LOST!!!! I had no idea where any of my classes were,  where to go or who to hang out with. Now I walk away from this semster knowing so many things from Baruch like where everything is located and all of its many resoucres. Freshman Seminar has helped me a lot with that and I think these first three months could have not gone any better. now all i could do is hope for the best for the next couple of years at Baruch.

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LC05 time

Out of all the workshops attended, I enjoyed the first, a musical, the most. It was entertaining, interesting, and more so, significant in reiterating points we needed to look out for as we began our college life. I found myself grinning for the majority of the musical and attentive to what the actors (or rather, singers) were saying the entire time. Although the points they were making were reminders of what I’d been informed throughout junior high and high school, I found it enjoyable as well as necessary for our education. It made the transition to college a little smoother in the beginning because I was able to make a connection between my time in previous schools and the college itself that I am attending now.

My biggest impression of Baruch College within the first semester has been “proactive community.”

Throughout the semester, I have found that every day that passes is not one in which I can forget something that has happened in Baruch. Each day that I enter the college building (mainly the Vertical Campus), I hear and see support for much that is going on. At Baruch, I can see how the community encourages people to get together, spend time together, learn new things with friends and colleagues, and even more. What these past three months have shown me most is the community shouting out to everyone to show people they care and are very passionate about what they do.

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Monologue (“So vulnerable”)/ self-portrait

What in the.. why does my right eye keep twitching.. sometimes I’m talking to a friend and there it goes again, …I hope it goes unnoticed. And geez.. why do I feel so vulnerable these days? I feel like a thin glass slate and if someone just took a hammer and *tap*… I shatter into pieces. What.a.mess.

Who knew what college would REALLY feel like? I’m in heaven with all this freedom…minus the crapload of work. And who would have known that I, the person who couldn’t stay up past 12am, would regularly start sleeping at 3am? MY EYES, THE DARKCIRCLES UNDER MY EYES, CONSTANT TWITCHING… why oh why college.. must you do this to me. I’ve been so good to you so far. Not even slackin’..yet.. na’am sayin’?

As if all this weren’t enough for me..boy probz.. you see that’s the other thing about starting college. You start networking and meeting people from all over. He’s not even from Baruch yet we’ve texted 24/7 for about a month.. but now he’s gone and away from my life. I also found out after we got close and even a bit flirty, that he’s had a girl all along. What’s worse is even after he knew I found out about his relationship, he continued texting me morning greetings. I don’t understand. Guys.. explanation please?

Thought stress ended that day in junior year of high school, when I refreshingly threw away that hideous pile of SAT packets on my desk. HA.. “Such is life.”



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My Playlist :)

Lego House- Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a British artist who I think is very talented and his song Lego House is one my favorite songs he has. It’s one of those songs you listen to on a rainy day.


I won’t give up- jason mraz

I won’t give up is a song about not giving up on a relationship with a person and its a very heart felt song. It makes me cry every time I listen to it.


last kiss- taylor swift

Last kiss is definitely a tear jerker. Taylor Swift is such a talented person and her lyrics are so relatable especially in last kiss.


thinking about you- frank ocean

Frank Ocean is an r&b singer who sings just on pure emotion. This song is my favorite Frank Ocean song and it will probably always be.


who you are- jessie j

This song is about being who you are and not caring what anyone else thinks of you and saying its ok to not be ok sometimes you aren’t alone. This song is also about having a low self esteem and trying to work on it which, for most girls, is a very relatable subject.


drunk on you- luke bryan

This song is a summer song and thats why i love it so much. I love Luke Bryan as an artist in general but this song just brings up memories from the summer. Luke Bryan is also one of my favorite country music artists.


tell me a lie -one direction

I just love one direction in general and this is my favorite song from them. Its a very upbeat song and its great to listen when you’re driving.


crawl- chris brown

I always have and always will be a chris brown fan. He is such a talented artist and his song crawl is such a classic.


don’t you remember- adele

Adele is such a powerful singer and her song don’t you remember is one of my favorites from her. I can relate to this song so Adele never fails to make me shed a tear.


never grow up- taylor swift

This song I think is very relatable to life right now because we are starting a new chapter in our lives and going to college and this is what this song is all about growing up even though you don’t want to.

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A Journey Through the Decades


Well, almost a journey through the decades, since I only have songs from the 70s and 90s on this playlist. The kind of music I listen to varies, but as you can see from the playlist, my favorite genre is rock. I feel like music doesn’t describe who you are, because if you like a certain song, but said song happens to have lyrics that don’t describe you at all, you shouldn’t be categorized as something simply because you like that song. Though sometimes, a song’s melody and it’s lyrics can describe feelings you agree with, or portray who you are.

Creep (Radiohead)- This song is about a guy who is drunkenly trying to seek the attention of a woman he has feelings for, and follows her around. This song is easy to relate to, to a degree. I’m not saying that everyone gets drunk and chases their crush around, that’d be absurd. I’m saying that most people aren’t strangers to unrequited love, and that’s a theme of the song.

Dumpweed (Blink-182)- I mainly threw this song in here because its one of my favorite songs from my favorite album (Enema of the State). But its a song about indecision, a feeling I’m no stranger to.

Even Flow (Pearl Jam)- Just a feel good song with an amazing singer, and talented lead guitarist. Its got an energizing beat that simply makes one want to move!

Everlong (Foo Fighters)- My favorite Foo Fighters song, it shows off the talents of the whole band, especially the drummer, and it has an amazing breakdown.

Killer Queen (Queen)- This song never ceases to amaze me. From Freddie Mercury’s impossibly awesome voice throughout the song, and Brian May’s incredible guitar syncopation, this song took talent, and probably loads of time to create.

La Villa Strangiato (Rush)- This is my favorite instrumental. Another name for this song is “An exercise in self-indulgence”, and that’s exactly what listening to this song is, an indulgence. If you translate la villa strangiato, it roughly means the strange city. This song was recorded by a band of only three people, and they did it in one live take. If you actually listen to the song, you’ll see how shocking it is that it took only one take, since the song is so  long and complex.

Lady Madonna (Beatles)- This song doesn’t describe me in any way, but I couldn’t leave it off the list, seeing as it is my favorite Beatles song, and they are a huge influence on my writing.

My Generation (The Who)- My favorite song by my favorite band, My Generation is about  how people tried to put down the younger generation of the 60s, looking down on their lifestyle choices, ideas, and musical tastes.

The Crystal Ship (The Doors)- Jim Morrison. That is all.

Who Are You (The Who)- This song is about Pete Townshend questioning himself, wondering if him and his band had sold out.

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My 10 favorite songs

Lil Wayne ft Bruno mars – mirror

I enjoy this song very much because I can relate to it about
my own life . This song is about when your feeling down
and there’s no one there for you, really at the end of
the day you don’t need anyone else but yourself

Biggie smalls This is one of my favorite songs for many reasons it’s an
old songs which I love and old sings never get old. Biggie
small he’s a great singer and his words are
meaningful and overall he’s just a great rapper 

2pac- keep your head up

This is another old song that I love and enjoy listening to
! 2pac is original and unique with his words which he never
runs out of and his beats 

Eminem- beautiful

This artist is great and I love his use of words and how
they can relate with anybody and describes how beautiful life
is even though all the ups and downs and how there’s
different ways to handle certain situations 

Trey songs- your side of the bed

This song is great I love the way he describes the feeling
of missing someone when they go about , but going away to
serve a purpose and fight for our country and anyone who fights for our world

Usher- climax

When I hear this songs I think of reionships and ho effort there is to put in and how committed you have to be
and if both don’t feel  the same it’s best to let go ,
usher is a great artist every song of his has meaning and I
can really listen to his music and understand him

Drake- Find your love
Drake is seriously one of my favorite artist and I couldn’t
decide which song to choose , but I chooses this one it makes
me feel good inside

 Frank ocean- novacane

I love r&b and frank ocean is of my favorite r&b
singers his songs are full of emotion and he sings with passion
and when I hear his songs it makes me very motivated.

Aerosmith-I do
This man is an amazing singer and his songs are beautiful
in everyday and have do much thought to them

Cupid 112-

I love 90s music so I have to say this is another of my
favorite songs! This is a song that you would shed a few
tears to or maybe even start to remember old times.

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My playlist

These are just 10 songs in my long list of favorite songs.  My music library is huge, so i just picked 10 songs that are just good. I am a huge fan of old school r&b.

-Song of Storms Dubstep: I usually hate dubstep, but this is the one of the few songs I like, plus it has song from zelda on it ( one of my favorite songs)

-Mario Let Me Love You: Mario is one of my all time favorite r&b artists. His songs are real and I have a lot of respect for him.

-Green Day Time of your Life: This song reminds me of senior year. The principal played this through the intercom system and most of the seniors just started balling .

-Avincii Levels- This song just remind me of summer. Partly because every time I went into my car, this song was always playing on the radio.

ASAP Rocky Big Spender: This guys has a way of just mixing old school songs into amazing beats. He maybe kind of new, but I know he is going to be really big.

-Asher Roth I Love College: When I watch the the music video of this song,  I just think, “Why can’t Baruch be more like this?”

- Boys II Men Momma: Call me a momma’s boy , but this song perfectly shows the relationship between me and my mom.

- Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror: You have to have  at least one song from this legend. This song actually makes me want to change myself to a better person.

-Marvin Gaye Lets Get it On: One of the classics. I blast in my room when it comes on. This back in the day song is still great to this day

-112 Cupid: 112 is great and this song really holds on to  the smooth r&b tune.

- Shaggy Angel :  This song just reminds of my girlfriend.  Plus, shaggy just has a really cool mellow voice and a great beat.

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Akanksha’s Playlist

  1. A Team by Ed Sheeran: He’s the most talented artist I have ever come across. His passion for music is reflected through his music. I am in love with his voice and his talent in songwriting. His songs are full of inspiration and he often focuses on the struggles of others. It’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite but this song is definitely one of his best songs.
  2. Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds: She’s one of those up and coming artists that have a unique style and message to her songs. I love her voice and the messages her song give out. Her music is very relatable to me which is why I love this song and her other music.
  3. 1901 cover by Birdy: Birdy is an artist who does covers of various different songs. I like listening to love songs therefore Birdy is my favorite. She’s one of the few artists who can make covers of iconic songs and still make it seem like their own. This song is my favorite because whenever I want to feel calm or relaxed, I always listen to it.
  4. Skinny love by Bon Iver: he has a very unique voice and I love this song too much to not include it in the list!
  5. Starlight by Muse is one of my all time favorite songs. Their songs have so much passion in it and whenever I feel emotional I always listen to their songs.
  6. Thinking about you by Frank ocean: he’s an upcoming artist who deserves more recognition. His songs are very relatable and full of emotion. He sings with passion and whenever I have a task at hand I always listen to his songs to keep me in focus.
  7. Love Lost by Temper Trap: all their songs have a great message to them so I couldn’t help but include this song in my playlist as they are my all time favorite band!
  8. Fix You by Coldplay: Coldplay songs always have some type of inspirational message and that’s why I love this song
  9. Down by Jason Walker: Jason Walker is an artist who deserves more recognition and all of his songs are my favorite!
  10. 10.  Free Fallin’ by John Mayer: John Mayer is an inspiration artist and Free Fallin’ is the song I listen to when I want to feel inspired.
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A little about myself :D

Hi all! In this post, I have created an eight image slideshow to represent myself. I have carefully selected each image to portray a part of myself I think others can already see in class. I, of course, will elaborate a little more about them since it may be difficult to get the full message from images that may seem ordinary to the majority of people.
The first image presents my glasses (which I have recently re-obtained). Although they are just ordinary glasses, they have significant meaning to me and a common, but personal, story behind them. It’s common sense that people wear glasses (usually) because they have bad eyesight, and yes, that is the case for me too. When I learned that I needed glasses in my last year of elementary school, I didn’t think much of it. Classmates, young at the time, often stereotyped those who wore glasses to be smart and this was troubling; eventually though, they grew up and understood. Things were solved by themselves as time went on; then I found my glasses uncomfortable and began wearing them only when I needed to. It was frustrating– there was this uncomfortable feeling on my face and even after taking them off, I often found myself making motions to reposition my glasses when there was nothing there. Anyways, the thing is: I put up with my glasses because I’m the one responsible for making my vision worse. (Contacts are a no-go since I don’t enjoy the thought of something on my cornea!)
The second image is a little more obvious: I enjoy drawing! I draw in my free time and it helps me relieve stress. During Freshman Convocation Day, I also mentioned this :)
The next image depicts an essay I wrote. The importance of the image includes two things; I enjoy writing and editing– looking over what I’ve written is important because there’s always room to improve! It also became a habit for me to read over my own writing since no one else “had the time” or thought they could lend some advice.
Two images following the portion of the essay pictured are my notepad and planner. These are essential to my school life since I realize I am not an organized person. I constantly jot down things in my notepad and write reminders in my planner to help me focus as well as stay on a flexible schedule.
Continuing on, a picture of my sociology textbook appears. This is to show that I enjoy my studies and know the importance of schoolwork. Although I can’t say I’m very studious, I understand the importance so I hope to integrate more discipline in my personality since I tend to slack whenever I get the chance (quite the opposite of what my picture portrays :P )
The two final images are food and a smiley face with a zipped mouth. Simply, you may find me eating or quiet at times.

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Ruth’s Playlist

I decided to make a playlist because, just like everybody else, I love music! I put these 10 songs in the order they are in because the songs get more mellow as you keep listening. Enjoy!

Ruth’s Playlist! (

1. Let’s Dance To Joy Division – The Wombats

This song is just a good upbeat song that I always feel like singing along to, no matter where I am!

2. Naive – The Kooks

This song is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. The Kooks are mostly an acoustic band, so this song stands out among their others.

3. Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend

I don’t generally like music like this, but this is one of those catchy, cheerful, electronic songs that always gets my toes tapping.

4. Saint John – Cold War Kids

The Cold War Kids are one of my favorite bands ever. Seeing this song in concert was such a cool experience that I had to include it in my playlist.

5. The Banjolin Song – Mumford & Sons

I remember hearing about Mumford & Sons last summer from one of my British friends, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

6. Ho Hey – The Lumineers

This song is one that I discovered more recently, but I felt like it deserved to be included anyway, and it flows really well.

7. Lego House – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s songs are really cheesy and romantic, which I don’t normally like, but for some reason I really like his music (especially this song).

8. Keep Your Head Up – Ben Howard

Ben Howard is seriously one of my favorite artists. I couldn’t really decide which song to put in, because they are all amazing, but I decided on this one because it makes me happy.

9. Shine – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

This song was played for me by a friend at camp, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. It’s so cute and catchy!

10. Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show

To me, this is the only song it makes sense for the playlist to end on. This song is so significant to me because it holds all of my memories from the last 2 summers of camp, which were 2 of the best summers of my life.


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