Off Campus Access Problem with WestlawNext Campus Research Is Fixed

25 03 2017

Users who want to connect to WestlawNext Campus Research from home should not have any more problems (the search box had been missing if you were using any browser except for IE).

After I called technical support at Thomson, they sent me some additional lines to add to the database stanza in the configuration file in EZproxy. After I restarted the EZproxy server and tested the connection from my office and my home, it was apparent that the EZproxy settings were the source the problem (actually, it’s the vendor that started this by making changes to the interface and system without notifying customers like us so we could then tinker with our EZproxy servers as needed).

Problem with Off Campus Access to WestlawNext Campus Research [UPDATED]

24 03 2017

UPDATE 25 March 2017: The problem has now been fixed.

While we are having no problems with on campus access to WestlawNext Campus Research, we are seeing an odd problem with off campus access. Unless you use Internet Explorer when you are off campus, you will see that when you log into WestlawNext Campus Research that the search box at the top of the interface is missing. Please advise any users who are reporting problems with this database to switch over to Internet Explorer.

As soon as we can get a fix for this, I’ll update the reference blog.

Videos from Kanopy Now Findable in OneSearch

23 03 2017

As of this week, all videos that are available to us from Kanopy are findable in OneSearch. Our subscription to Kanopy uses a patron-driven acquisition model. Rather than buy access to the whole collection of streaming videos, our subscription is set up so that when any given video is streamed a certain number of times, we automatically purchase it. This model is especially useful because it allows faculty and others to preview a video before we commit to actually purchasing it. While we do not want to impede use, we want to be mindful about when we will recommend Kanopy to users, especially to faculty members. Kanopy is not best used for a one-time film viewing in class (if the faculty has alerted us, we can have the DVD for them to use instead), or for watching clips (we can work with the faculty member to create a clip collection).

Reference Questions about Library Services from LIB 4900 Students

21 03 2017

For the LIB 4900 capstone class that I’m teaching this spring, my students are researching various ICTs that are used in the library. You may find yourself getting questions about the following systems and services:

  • the remote access system for databases (EZproxy)
  • laptop loans (including the self-checkout kiosk)
  • desktop computers
  • other technology we loan out (graphing calculators, presentation remotes, cameras, clickers, etc.)

In some instances, my students may need to get in touch with the staff who oversee these resources so they can ask them about the history of how these resources been made available in the library. In other instances, they are looking for scholarly journal articles that are about how these systems (or related ones) have been used at college libraries.

If you need more information about the assignments behind these questions, feel free to take a peek at the assignments page on the course website. On the course blog, you can see the research questions they are refining as they work on their final projects.

Statista Image Download Problem Fixed

17 03 2017

Statista was able to fix the problem we were seeing with attempts to download graphics (and PDFs) for items found in searches.

Problem with Statista [UPDATED]

13 03 2017

UPDATE 17 March 2017: The problem reported below has been fixed.

Although we can access content in Statista with no problems, if you try to download a graphic for an item, you’ll get a weird page that won’t give you what you wanted (a PNG file of the chart). Here is a screenshot of the interface showing where the problematic download graphic function is and a screenshot of the page you get once  you click the button.

Location of download graphic buttons in Statista

Location of download graphic buttons in Statista


Error page in Statista you see after trying to download graphics

Error page in Statista you see after trying to download graphics

I’ve contacted support at Statista and will report back here as soon as this problem is fixed.

New Database: Independent Voices

8 03 2017

Name: Independent Voices

Description (from the vendor):

 Independent Voices is a digital collection of alternative press newspapers, magazines and journals, drawn from the special collections of participating libraries. These periodicals were produced by feminists, dissident GIs, campus radicals, Native Americans, anti-war activists, Black Power advocates, Hispanics, LGBT activists, the extreme right-wing press and alternative literary magazines during the latter half of the 20th century.

Access: On and off campus via IP authentication (off campus users will get our remote access login page). Added to these database pages on the library website:

  • A-Z list
  • Black Studies – Databsaes
  • History – Databases
  • Journalism – Databses
  • LGBTQ – Databases
  • Women’s Studies – Databases

If there are additional subject database pages we should add this to, please leave a comment on this blog post or email Michael Waldman or Stephen Francoeur.

LibGuides Is Working Again

28 02 2017

LibGuides is mostly back online for us, which means we should be able to get to:

  • Research guides
  • A-Z list of databases
  • E-reserves


Alternative Points of Access to Databases [UPDATED]

28 02 2017

UPDATE 28 Feb. 2017, 2:59 pm: LibGuides is working again.

Springshare’s services, which includes LibGuides, are all down (check their Twitter feed for updates).  This means that we can’t get to:

  • research guides
  • database list (both the A-Z list and the subject lists)
  • e-reserves

What still works:

  • OneSearch (and its “View Now” button that links to the full text of articles and ebooks on various database platforms)
  • Access to the set of databases centrally purchased by CUNY:

As soon as service is restored, I’ll share the news here.

By way of context, Springshare is down because they rely on Amazon Web Services, which is having a major outage affecting all sorts of web and mobile services.

Artemis Branding Disappears from Gale Literature Databases

14 02 2017

Gale has changed the branding with the Artemis label on its literature databases (but not on its primary source databases). To reflect that we have made the following changes on our database lists:

  • Renamed the existing listing for “Artemis Literary Sources” to “Gale Literary Sources (formerly Artemis)” and moved it to the G tab in the A-Z list.
  • Added a temporary pointer link on the A tab on the A-Z list for “Artemis Literary Sources is now called Gale Literary Sources” (this pointer link will be removed at the end of the spring semester)
  • Renamed “Literature Criticism Online (Artemis)” as “Literature Criticism Online (Gale Literary Sources”) and “Literature Resource Center (Artemis)” as “Literature Resource Center (Gale Literary Sources)”