Statista is working

14 08 2014

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties.

Statista unavailable

14 08 2014

They are doing site maintenance. It should be back up shortly.

PDF Reports in Value Line

30 07 2014

Thanks to Gerry Jiao for figuring out how to track down the archive of PDF reports. If you want to see all the Company reports for a given company search for the company, then on the page for that company, scroll down to the bottom left corner where it says “VALUE LINE PDF REPORTS” and you’ll see older Company reports and other notable reports from the past year:

  • Industry
  • Selection & Opinion
  • Summary & Index

Value Line--PDF reports

Finding Your Way Around the New Value Line Interface

29 07 2014

Value Line updated the interface recently. One of the biggest changes is that the data from the Investment Survey has been broken up and scattered across the site. If you want to get a report on company, here’s how. When you first connect to Value Line, you see a screen like this:

Value Line--dashboard

To find a company, use the search box in the top right:

Value Line--search

Once you’ve found the company page, you’ll see all sorts of interactive content. If you want to the familiar PDF company reports  from the Value Line Investment Survey, you’ll find them over on the right where it says “PDF Reports.”

Value Line--company data and reports

Our subscription is limited to just some of the content on the site. If you go to the “Dashboard” from the top level navigation, you can go to the “Quick Links” box on the right side to get to other portions of the content we have access to. In this screenshot of that Quick Links box, I’ve highlighted in green the content we have access to and in pink what we don’t have access to:

Value Line--content we have access to in Quick Links

Those portions are:

  • VLIS Current Issue
  • Summary & Index
  • Selection & Opinion
  • SMC Summary & Index
  • VLIS Rank Changes
  • Supplementary Reports

If  you want to delve deeper into what’s changed and how to find stuff in the new platform, here are some useful links:

If there is some content you still can’t find that you remember from the old platform, please let me know here.

Library Website Not Working Within Blackboard

28 07 2014

If you log into Blackboard, one of the main navigation options you see is for the “Baruch Library.”

Blackboard--Baruch Library display

Today, when tried that option in various browsers, I had all sorts of trouble:

Google Chrome

• library home page doesn’t load at all

• library home page loads but none of the links work

Internet Explorer
• Text of the library home page loads at the top, then all the graphics/images are pushed to the bottom

If you visit the library website directly (i.e., not through the Blackboard interface), there are no problems at all, though.

I’ve submitted a ticket to BCTC about this.

Update on the Catalog Upgrade

24 07 2014

As a follow up to the post a few weeks ago about what would be affected by the upgrade to the catalog software, here’s where we are now.

Searching in the Baruch catalog

Searches can now be run from the yellow search bar, from the search widgets some of you have added to research guides, or by going directly to the catalog URL.

Searching in the union catalog

In the union view, if more than one library owns a book, you’ll see each copy listed as separate item in your search (previously, those common holdings would be aggregated together in one record display). This problem should be sorted out soon.

Renewals in the catalog


Requests in the catalog


My Account feature in the catalog

Fine (and there’s a new design for the login page)

Self-checkout machine


Laptops-to-Go kiosk


New URL for the catalog

The catalog now has a new URL:

If for some reason have found yourself unable to view the results of a search you tried running from the Books search on the library’s website, you probably need to go back to the library home page and then refresh the page (just hit the F5 button on the keyboard when you’re back to the library home page). That will clear the browser cache of the older version of the page and load the updated version of the page that has the updated Books search code.

Book Search in Yellow Search Bar Working Again

23 07 2014

Thanks to the BCTC staff for quickly fixing all the links and search bars on the library website. If you find any catalog links/search boxes not working, let Mike or me know ASAP.

Books Search Not Working in the Yellow Search Bar (updated)

23 07 2014

UPDATE: As of 9:30 am, the Books search is now working again.

In the yellow search bar on the library website, the Books search feature isn’t working at the moment. BCTC staff are working on updating the code for this (the URL for the catalog changed as part of the software upgrade). Most of the links elsewhere on the website to the catalog have been updated (except those in the sidebars and supermenus, which BCTC is working on as well).

This is the new URL for the catalog:

This is the old URL for the catalog that has been retired:

CUNY OLS had promised that there would be a system in place yesterday evening that would redirect anyone who went to the old address to the new address; that redirect doesn’t seem to be working yet.

I’ll send out an update as soon as the Books search function in the yellow search bar is working again. In the meanwhile, plus go to the catalog directly at the new URL, where searching is fine:

MathSciNet Content Inaccessible

17 07 2014

We’re sorting out an issue with MathSciNet that is preventing us from seeing any content in search results. It may take a little while to resolve.

Trial to ProfitCents from Sageworks

14 07 2014

Trial access to ProfitCents until August 31, 2014.

ProfitCents is a SageWorks product providing industry data, financial analysis, and benchmarking data for private companies. Provides access to 60 ratios and metrics from 1,400 U.S. and Canadian industries.

Login credentials must be provided to interested faculty. Please contact me if you have any questions. ryan.phillips (at)