Problem with Off Campus Access to WestlawNext Campus Research

24 03 2017

While we are having no problems with on campus access to WestlawNext Campus Research, we are seeing an odd problem with off campus access. Unless you use Internet Explorer when you are off campus, you will see that when you log into WestlawNext Campus Research that the search box at the top of the interface is missing. Please advise any users who are reporting problems with this database to switch over to Internet Explorer.

As soon as we can get a fix for this, I’ll update the reference blog.

Statista Image Download Problem Fixed

17 03 2017

Statista was able to fix the problem we were seeing with attempts to download graphics (and PDFs) for items found in searches.

Problem with Statista [UPDATED]

13 03 2017

UPDATE 17 March 2017: The problem reported below has been fixed.

Although we can access content in Statista with no problems, if you try to download a graphic for an item, you’ll get a weird page that won’t give you what you wanted (a PNG file of the chart). Here is a screenshot of the interface showing where the problematic download graphic function is and a screenshot of the page you get once  you click the button.

Location of download graphic buttons in Statista

Location of download graphic buttons in Statista


Error page in Statista you see after trying to download graphics

Error page in Statista you see after trying to download graphics

I’ve contacted support at Statista and will report back here as soon as this problem is fixed.

LibGuides Is Working Again

28 02 2017

LibGuides is mostly back online for us, which means we should be able to get to:

  • Research guides
  • A-Z list of databases
  • E-reserves


Alternative Points of Access to Databases [UPDATED]

28 02 2017

UPDATE 28 Feb. 2017, 2:59 pm: LibGuides is working again.

Springshare’s services, which includes LibGuides, are all down (check their Twitter feed for updates).  This means that we can’t get to:

  • research guides
  • database list (both the A-Z list and the subject lists)
  • e-reserves

What still works:

  • OneSearch (and its “View Now” button that links to the full text of articles and ebooks on various database platforms)
  • Access to the set of databases centrally purchased by CUNY:

As soon as service is restored, I’ll share the news here.

By way of context, Springshare is down because they rely on Amazon Web Services, which is having a major outage affecting all sorts of web and mobile services.

When Users Report a “Maximum Sessions Reached” Error Message

8 02 2017

If a user is failing to connect from off campus to a database or other licensed resource and they contact us to let us know that the page says “Maximum sessions reached, please try again later,” please let Mike Waldman or me know right away. This is a message from EZproxy, the system we use to allow remote access to databases, and it indicates to us that a computer somewhere (usually overseas and unaffiliated with any Baruch user) is automatically trying log in to EZproxy repeatedly and using up all the available login slots (“sessions.”) We have a fix in place to resolve this as it happens but it relies on us knowing about the problem as soon as possible.

As a general rule, if user says “I can’t log in to the library” or some variation of that, it’s worth finding out if they are talking about OneSearch logins, which require entering a library ID number for a library account that has been activated, or if they are trying to connect to a database, an ebook, an article, etc. that is protected by our EZproxy system (“remote authentication.”) The easiest way to start the troubleshooting process is if you ask the user you are helping for the specific wording of the error message they are seeing and ask them for the URL of the page where that message is displayed.

If they say the URL with the error message is displaying at etc. or, then that means it’s a OneSearch problem likely involving a library account that hasn’t been activated yet.

If they say the URL with the error message is displaying at etc. or etc., then that’s something related to our EZproxy system for remote authentication. Depending on the error message, it could be a problem with EZproxy or it could be a problem with their username and password.

If the URL with the error message is on the platform of one of our databases, that will direct our troubleshooting in a different direction (it may be a problem with database, not us).

Scheduled Downtime for ProQuest Databases on Jan. 28-29

17 01 2017

Beginning at 10 pm on Saturday, January 28, and continuing through to 6 am on Sunday, January 29, all ProQuest databases will be down for scheduled maintenance:

  • ABI/INFORM Global
  • Alt-PressWatch
  • American Periodicals
  • ebrary ebooks
  • EthnicNewsWatch
  • Gannett Newsstand
  • GenderWatch
  • New York Times (1851-2013)
  • PAIS International
  • Pivot
  • Policy File Index
  • RefWorks
  • Wall Street Journal (1889-1999)

The Pie Charts Are Back

5 01 2017

The issue reported on Tuesday of missing pie charts has been resolved. The images are now visible again.

Missing Pie Charts on the Home Page [UPDATED]

3 01 2017

UPDATED (see below)

I’ve just submitted a request to the BCTC Help Desk to look into a new problem that appeared today: there are missing pie charts in the boxes for “Computer Lab Seat Availability” and “Study Room Availability” at the lower portion of our site. Here’s an annotated screenshot showing where the pie charts should be:

When you click on the links for the computer lab seat availability, the page it takes you to normally shows you details of available computers across campus labs. Now, the page gives a “runtime error” message.

As soon as this gets sorted out, I’ll post an update here on the blog.

UPDATE (5 Jan. 2017) The problem has been fixed.

Ebrary Titles Not Findable in OneSearch

6 12 2016

The CUNY Office of Library Services is looking into why ebrary titles are not showing up in OneSearch. The ebooks that we get from ebrary are still findable and accessible in the library catalog though (use the “Books” search on the library home page).