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Group 2 Ten Point Program

Jianping Chen, Ralphie Fajardo, and Mia Munoz

  1. We demand more attention to the quality of public school education, including refurbished facilities and quality lunches.
  2. We demand more vital arm forces to maintain peace in society.
  3. Fast and convenient immigration response to all, and more tolerant of diversity regardless of their background.
  4. We demand stricter control of the internet community, preventing the spread of rumors and any illegal information.
  5. We want decent and quality health care for all, regardless of poor or rich.
  6. We demand the government reduce the use of non-recoverable energy, and promote green energy.
  7. We want more tolerant of the minority group.
  8. We want stricter control of hate crimes toward minority groups, and stronger punishment.
  9. We demand more funding for homeless relief stations and provide financial and employment support for homeless people.
  10. We demand a strong limit on drug use in public areas, especially in school areas.
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Ten Point Program

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