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Interview Questions

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Bello and I am a freshman here at Baruch. I am majoring in Journalism and love to write about sports but mainly hockey and baseball. The interview question I will be answering is: “What do you consider to be the greatest threat to your happiness?” I think the greatest threat to my happiness is myself. I find myself to overthink a lot, which causes me to go through stages where I aren’t as happy as I would like to be. While most of the time I am a very happy person, every once and a while I think way too much about stuff I have to do, etc. Which leads to me getting stressed out or unhappy.

I talked to Adam Mapoy in class, we didn’t ask each other interview questions but instead talked about our lives at home and leading up to college. He grew up in upstate NY and I found that we had many similarities in our childhoods. We both were big into sports, and also found that upstate Ny is similar to Long Island when it comes to high school sports. He was a big fan of basketball and playing it when he was growing up, while I am huge into and playing baseball.

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Hi, I’m Gabriella Gonzalez but my friends call me Gab! I am a second semester freshman here at Baruch and am majoring in Political Science. I consider myself to be somewhat of an extrovert. I love all animals (especially dogs), have been a dancer for 16 years now, and don’t really love school (but honestly who really does?). I am currently between going on the path of being a lawyer or being a teacher. I’ve always loved kids and this past year have started not only teaching dance at my old studio but am also now a middle school after-school teacher. However, although part of my heart lies in the educator realm, I have a deep interest in all things law.  

In class I interviewed Yuning. He just transferred from City College, he had heard Baruch excelled in his major which is Marketing Management. He commutes a whole hour and a half to come to school from Long Island. Props to him since we have a 7:50am class that I barely wake up for. He also came to America fairly recently, 2018, from China. The past few years hes been working on navigating his new life here in America.  

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Interview Questions

Hi my name is Amy Lee. I am a freshman majoring in International business. I commute from Queens almost everyday which I hate. I’m pretty quiet most of the time but with friends I guess I can say I’m outgoing. An ideal day for me is to spend the day alone by myself. I would love to wake up early and hit the gym come back home and watch my favorite shows while eating a good breakfast. I would probably want to go out later to shop and eat out by myself. Honestly there is nothing much I want to do, I would just want my own free time to myself without anyone talking to me. I want to just be left alone and do my nails or crotchet something cute

In class I interviewed Hope. She commutes from Queens just like I do and hates waking up early. Hope wants to be motivated throughout the semester because she tends to stress a lot with her work. Just like me I’ve been stressing too much over assignments and quizzes coming up. If she had to choose a superpower she said she would love to have the ability to store information in her mind or mind read because it would help her a lot during tests and studying.

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Interview question

Hi, I’m Maggie Lin. I’m a freshman majoring in accounting. I’m introverted and I will only talk to people who I know. I like to spend most of my time alone watching Chinese and Korean dramas. I was born in brooklyn but grew up in china and at the age of eight I came back to America. I speak Chinese most of the time and I’m a very unconfident person.

I spoke to Jing. We were in the same English and politics class last semester. We both like to spend our time mostly alone and we both are introverted people. We both like to drink bubble milk tea and we like to read Chinese books more.

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Interview Question

My name is Jing Wang. I’m a freshman at Baruch and my intended major is CIS. I like to enjoy the time by myself. Since my family owned a restaurant, a lot of my time was spent in the restaurant. And now I have school work and all, the time to myself is limited. Therefore, an ideal day for me is to have a day all to myself. I could wake up at any time I want. Then I could do things like reading and watching anime. As for lunch, I can cook myself noodles and maybe order some desserts(I love bubble tea and cakes!). Afterward, I would like to continue with my anime and just have fun.

I spoke to Jianping Chen(Alan). We knew each other from last semester. During the time that we are together, Alan seems like an introvert, but once you get to know him, he is really talkative. We talked a lot about anime, like the setting, the thoughts on it and recommended anime to each other. He was also a fan of Piano music and relaxing music. He strongly recommended the music by Mili.

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Interview Questions

Hello everyone, my name is Jianping Chen, and feel free to call me Alan. I am now a freshman majoring in CIS. I am introverted, so if you see me not looking into your eyes during the conversation or walking down the hallway without eye contact, trust me, I whisper hello a thousand times deep in my heart. I am trying my best to become a cheerful extrovert, at least I am trying my best to pretend I am. I like to hear relaxing piano music and I strongly recommend the music group, Mili, their music is the best!

I interviewed Jing Wang for the interview question, she is also a freshman majoring in CIS. She likes to spend her money on the desert, and she likes to share snakes with her friends. She always gives others the illusion that she owns a snake store. She was also a big fan of anime, her favorite anime was Akame ga KILL! She can’t express how much she loves that anime.

Sloth by Mili

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Interview Question

Hello fellow classmates, my name is Ethan Jusino. I did not have the pleasure of being there in class on the 25th because I was burying my grandmother ( rest her soul). I am now going to be attending class.

I did unfortunately forget who I was talking to as it has been a couple of days but I do remember being asked what was my most prized physical possession and to me it is my PS5. I know it sounds corny but during my life time it allows me to escape my reality for a little but. It also helps me manage time because I know how long I’ve been on it do to a timer I can pull up on it.

As for my partner I believe they said their phone , I unfortunately do not remember why.

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interview questions

My name is Amber Segura this is my fourth semester at Baruch College. I am majoring in data analytics. For this semester I would love to pass all my classes with a B or higher. As I said earlier this is my fourth semester because my first and second semester went terribly. Covid really ended up taking so much from me, so i withdrew from my classes twice. As a result, instead of starting this year as a sophomore it’s more like I’m a freshman. however, I’m not discouraged. Sure, I lost my fasfa but I did make it through the first semester this year so I’m off to a great start. I’m sure I can accomplish passing my courses because I have no other choice if I want my fasfa back and i have lots of support.

unfortunately, I missed my first class being I was feeling sick, however I am excited to meet everyone and make new connections this year. I’m sure there are lots of interesting personalities.

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Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Fakhar and I’m from Queens, New York. I am a Marketing Major and this is my second semester at Baruch. I am excited and anxious to face new challenges. I am an introvert and question my ability to function and contribute to society every day. I chose to answer ” What do you consider to be the greatest threat to your happiness?” from the interview sheet and I believe my anxiety is definitely the greatest threat. Not being able to enjoy new experiences is frustrating and attempting to overcome the emotion is quite taxing. However, being in a cordial environment can be very helpful and I have come to realize that I accomplish a lot when I am in such an environment.

Unfortunately, I was unable able to attend our first class and interact with my peers because I could not wake up on time. However, I did get a question texted to me. A friend asked if I considered myself a disgrace for missing the first day of the spring semester.

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Interview Questions

Hey my name is Ibrahima Bah. This is my first year at Baruch and I am majoring in International Business. One of the questions my group and I talked about was what super power would we want to have. Personally, I would choose teleportation because I feel it makes life easier. For example getting from one place to another would be easy with just teleportation and there wouldn’t be any need for transportation.

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