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Creative remix project

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Reflective Essay

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Written Reflection

Ariel Canales

Professor Perry

English 2150

16 May 2023

Writing Reflection 

I had a good time during this assignment. My goal did change from the start as I had wanted to do more la a story telling way of advertising to an audience. I felt that if I went in that direction, people would be much more persuaded to follow my lead. For this project I decided to use a mix up of different median forms. That meant that I used videos, photos, and things like news parlerers. When I first did this assignment in project 1, regarding the black panthers , I had written a brief overview of who the black panthers are and how the FBI was involved with it. However, there was only so much I could do without seeming like someone who just kept recycling information.

Instead of that, I wanted to share my knowledge in a way that would grab peoples attention. The only way I knew how was if I did a video of some sort. I had originally wanted to make a sort of documentary but I wanted this video to be more interactive, as if looking into it and forgetting you were watching a video.

Because I had such goals, of doing such video, I knew that I had my work cut for me. Which proved to be difficult when it was time for me to actually put it into practice. First, it was difficult to find an editing website that was free and easy to use. I went about the list we were suggested until I finally reached one. I then spent about a few days working on drafts and going about my way into learning the website. When it came to the discussion between the kids, the voice overs include me, and an AI created voice over for the kids. I switched between the accents to make it appear different kids are talking. When it came from the music, I went to non-copyright of inspiration music to describe the mood I was trying to get. When it came to the images, I used off websites and google search. Since I wanted it to be a bit humorous, I added jokes here and there, with stopping points and sound effects.

This was all incredibly difficult for me to do as I had zero experience with video editing but I wanted to try my upmost best for this project. When it came to the search, I mostly followed the same one I had used during my first project. However, I feel that the affect has been completely different because now that I could use emotion through video and sound, my message had change from teaching people about the Black Panther Party, to inspire them to learn about the Black Panther Party.

When it comes to publishing my work for beyond this classroom, it honestly makes me more driven to impress people my work. When it comes to where I would publish it, I would do it through common used sites that are free to use, such as Tiktok and YouTube or through a normal webpage like the New York Times. Since I worked hard to do my best to try to have a non specific targeted group , meaning I wanted to grasp people’s attention, I feel that this is an artwork that is ready to be published.

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Jason Hernandez. Project 3 Submission

BLM and BPP Fashion Impacts; Slides:

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Project 3

For this project, my focus is on Project 2 about Women in Red. My goal is for this transcendental problem to reach more people but also to share a more generalized idea based in relation to patriarchal standards. I chose this project because is the one I relate the most with and I thought I could do a better work if I understood the perspective. I’m doing a “mashup” for this for it to be short and straightforward. I’m hoping to use current and memorable events related to women history. I also asked many people what the thought about this topic to get a better idea of how to make this project more understandable for the public. The only problem I had was finding a “femicide” image in English due to this problem is mostly known in latin America. If I could publish it on a well-known newspaper I probably would to achieve my main goal.

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What Songs Describe You? (Spring Break Assignment)

When it comes to finding a song that truly describes who we are, it can be a difficult task. After all, how can we sum up our complex personalities, life experiences, and current problems in just a few minutes of music? However, those who resonate with the song “Indifferent” by Stemo, they may have found the perfect anthem to describe themselves. 

At its core, “Indifferent” is a song about feeling disconnected from the world around us. It speaks to those who have experienced the pain of feeling like they don’t quite fit in or belong. The lyrics are raw and honest, with lines like “I’m indifferent, I’m not like them / I’m a misfit, I don’t pretend” that perfectly capture the feeling of being on the outside looking in. But what sets “Indifferent” apart from other songs about feeling disconnected is the sense of empowerment that comes with it. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, the song encourages listeners to embrace their uniqueness and stand proud in who they are. As the chorus declares, “I won’t change for anyone / I’ll stay true to who I am / I won’t bow down, I won’t give in / I’ll stand tall and I’ll win.” 

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Seven Day Log

Day 1;

The project was first introduced, and I began brainstorming what I was going to research. I opened up Wikipedia to see what the page looks like and familiarize myself with what I was going to be working with.

Day 2:

I haven’t created an account on Wikipedia yet, finding difficulty as it is blocking my IP and preventing me from creating my account at all. Trying with 3 different emails I have come to the conclusion it is the school internet is the problem. The Baruch College I.P. and public library I.P. was both bans by from creating a Wikipedia account, I was faced with a major problem.

Day 3:

I opted to borrow a friends Wikipedia account and begun my adventure learning how to navigate through the site. I opened Wikipedia adventure to scroll through the tutorials and finished relatively quickly. After a scan through the list of Women in red, I was struggling to pick a woman in red to do research on.

Day 4:

I began to narrow down my search and wanted to pick an activist specifically from the United States. I looked into the Talk feature and View History Page. Surprisingly for Wikipedia, a lot of things had no discussion forms at all for some reason.

Day 5:

After my account is finally created username “HeGotThatDogInHim”, I was looking at what Wikipedia wanted to show me. It was showing me what I can do, where to find what and editing. Later I started the editing tutorial it shows me how Wikipedia works, and I was just following the instruction.

Day 6:

I decided on a US activist her name being Karen Tramontano and when I clicked on her name it was to my surprise there were no articles pertaining to her at all.  I began searching for information about where she lived and her origin. The link Karen A. Tramontano – Blue Star Strategies LLC is a quick background of Karen and how her organization became to be.

Day 7:

I have begun drafting my page and this has to be the challenging part of this project. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to add and how i should go about writing my page. I have the woman I am researching and some creditable links, I will continue to spend the next few days working on my page.

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Wikipedia Article

Celia Acosta Vice was a woman born in Guayanilla Puerto Rico in 1919. Her family Moved to New York City in 1926 where she remained for most of her life. She became a businesswoman in her life and had already made big impacts in the city by the 19th forties. She was an organizing member of the five member council in Brooklyn NY. Acosta Vice was soon recognized as a community leader, Acosta Vice sat on the committees for the city’s school decentralization and on the Brooklyn branch of The Urban League. Vice became very well known because of her tremendous feats of growing herself as the first latina real estate broker. Celia Acosta Vice was among the founders of the Fernando Sierra Vardeci Independent Democratic Club, Acosta Vice was named to the Commission on Human Rights in 1961.

She was not just doing politics she was also keeping her pride in her Puerto Rican heritage alive.[edit]

As a woman it must have been hard during the early 70s to really own your own businesses. However Celia Acosta Vice was able to do so because of the fact that she was already well known and had connections in real estate to where she could find a building, buy it and make it in to a book store. Now this book store only sold Puerto Rican topics and items and it was meant to show the other people that everyone has their own culture. “She collected books, art, and also operated a small museum. With newspaper columns in the New York World Telegram and the Williamsburg News and her appearances on the WBAI radio station in 1977 and 1978, Vice was able to address a broader audience of Puerto Ricans.”

It was her mission to keep Puerto Rican heritage in her family for generations and she eventually returned to Puerto Rico but passed away in 1993 due to natural cases.[edit]


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Seven Day Log

Ethan Jusino 

Prof. Perry 

Eng 2150 (Mon & Wed ) 

Due 03-29-23 

                        ( Done consecutive days ) 

Day 1. 03/21

Now day one was hard because I had to get a friend across the country to make an account for me . It was funny though because he used his main email address when I told him to use a back up. So I logged in and only really read articles. Didn’t do much. 

Day 2 

Did more reading and edited an article on a series called Sharknado. I tried to be as unbiased as possible , but I remember just how bad those movies were.  

Day 3 

Edited an article on a town in Arkansas , I only really did it because I was extremely bored and noticed that they still haven’t updated the population of this town. It had been over 13 years since it was posted so I just fixed certain small ticks like that. 

Day 4. 

Didn’t edit just scrolled through wikidata and other articles about famous people because I wanted to see how biased  “unbiased editors” actually were. Turns out it was just a title. 

Day 5. Searched up an article on snoring and talk about what I should do to stop others from snoring. Still waiting on responses from other people in order to keep it going. 

Day 6. Made a quick spelling check on random articles because I got bored after working on my own article while waiting for it to be reviewed because of the fact that 

Wikipedia is very strange. 

Day 7 

My full article got deleted , so I started deleting small facts from posts that were not verified at all. Got angry at Wikipedia and I do not regret my decision. Overall it is an old website that has not had many updates which makes it annoying to use. Looks more useful for computer science.

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Ten Point Program

Yelianni, Raymundo, Evan

  1. We want to minimize inflation on the many goods that your average citizen relies on.
  2. Political inequality – We want to reduce the amount of absolute political impact government officials hold over our individual vote.
  1. We want quality health care for all even those who cannot afford it regardless of being poor or rich.
  2. We want to reduce easy access to weapons and implement gun training to decrease gun violence 
  3. We want stable rent regulations that provides affordable housing to minorities to reduce gentrification
  4. We want to regulate abortion laws so that women are able to make their own choices when it comes to their bodies
  5. We want more enforced laws and bigger consequence for a Domestic violence
  6. We want better police training to prevent police brutality against minorities
  7.  We want the refinement of the tax system, to which the process is handled more efficiently and tax evasion is severely cut down. 
  8. We demand more funding for homeless shelters and to provide general basic needs for them.
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