Student Opinion: What is your favorite video game ever?

I’ve loved gaming ever since I was young, but never has the opportunity or time to dive as deep into it as other kids or people my age have. This is why it was so important to me that I played a game that could basically do it all. I have several interests and would like to appreciate various qualities in a video game, and I like to have a well rounded experience while playing. I like to truly embody the character when I play, and be able to relate to the situation at hand. This is why Minecraft has always been my favorite game. Even before I was allowed to have my own phone, I’d been playing Minecraft. I first downloaded Minecraft Pocket Edition on my father’s original iPad (yes, the first generation of iPad), and completely fell in love with the game. Then, since I was about 8 or 9 I’ve played internet games on PC, making moving my fingers across a keyboard more comfortable for, and familiar to, me for gaming. From here, begging my dad to purchase and download Minecraft on my now about 7-8 year old, bulky dell laptop was a no-brainer, and I spend most of my summers playing Minecraft with random people on popular servers.

I loved the versatility of the game, and the idea that I could be/do whatever I imagined with the sandbox functionality of the Minecraft world. Every update sent my rushing back to my overheating laptop, praying that it would boot up in less than 30 minutes so that I could enjoy what little free time I had. When I discovered mods and how to put them into my worlds, I became obsessed with the game once again. Taming new modded animals to be my pets, exploring new structures that came with new mods like wizards towers and underwater domes, and adding various furnitures items like couches and fridges to my home became my favorite pastime.

Minecraft has always been a place for me to connect with my creativity, challenge my abilities to craft, build, and be adventurous. I could play in survival by myself or invite my brother to join me, hop on a server to build in creative with strangers, or invite my bother to compete in Player versus Player duo matches against strangers with me. Some of those strangers have even grown to be some of my greatest friends today. Most of my childhood was spent on that game, and I’d gladly return to it when I have downtime this summer.

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3 Responses to Student Opinion: What is your favorite video game ever?

  1. I absolutely love minecraft even till this day. Either by myself or with friends, I load up game and start playing in the worlds I have. Most of my childhood was also spent on this game too!

  2. HOPE KI says:

    I used to love creating diamond and gold houses in creative mode when I was younger! Minecraft is definitely a childhood game everyone can still enjoy, I’m glad you’re still able to enjoy the game and get that nostalgia you once had 🙂

  3. ADAM MAPOY says:

    Minecraft is also my favorite video game ever, and I still play it time to time. I have many memories playing this game with all my friends, and when I see this game those memories are all that I think about.

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