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Final Reflection

From my own experience, the writing for this semester is completely different compared to the English T class from last semester. The biggest change is the topic and tone of the essay changes from focusing on narrative to a more research and academic tone, which is something I am struggling with for a long time. Lack of confidence is one of my big problems in writing, I often worry about if I am structuring my essay correctly, such as if my evidence fits my argument, or how my general tone is presented to the audience. Professors often say that college essays had much more freedom compared to high school writing, in which students are asked to jump out from writing in the immobilized outline. The meaning of freedom in writing is different for people like me, it meant I’m more likely to lose my focus in writing. This semester is different, the professor explained the brought argument of the writing topic and left a big room for students to develop their own individualized arguments. I still lack confidence in writing, but the professor’s advice and recognition greatly encouraged me in writing. If you ask me what I learned this semester, I would say the importance of confidence in writing.

I was satisfied with the outcome of this semester. Especially for the last remix project where we are asked to recreate the previous two projects on Black Panther Party or Wikipedia gender bias into the medium piece. My group decided on the podcast as our medium to perform to audiences, which is something I have never tried before. The time we spent on learning new things is way more than the time we actually spent on doing our project. The challenge and the outcome were equivalent, the more we struggled on producing it, the more satisfaction we felt when we heard the professor appreciating our work. But even so, I still believe that there is a big room for improvement.

There are challenges throughout this semester, it’s hard for me to transaction from writing narrative essays to academic-based research essays. Especially when I have no prior knowledge of the research topic, such as the Wikipedia gender bias. The research process for gender bias issues and women in red on Wikipedia is where I struggled the most. My experience with Wikipedia before is only based on research, which means I had never opened the discussion section nor accessed any of Wikipedia’s functions other than simply looking at an individual Wikipedia page for a certain subject. Scamming through the discussion section is a new experience for me, it’s like understanding something completely new to me. It’s also hard for me to determine rather or not a page contains biased wording, I’m lack of understanding of how would a gender bias performed on a page. On the other hand, I realized that I am admitting to the fact that the bias problem is surely fixed before I found them subconsciously.

I really appreciate the encouragement and knowledge I learned this semester, Thank you a lot, Professor Perry!!!

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Creative remix project reflection

             I had never imagined that one day I would perform my voice on any of the famous social media platforms before starting the creative remix project. For the creative remix project, we are asked to recreate the previous two projects we did on Black Panther Party and Wikipedia gender bias as a multimedia piece such as a podcast. The goal of his project is to see how the medium we choose will affect how the message that was presented to the audience. I participated in a group with another two students, Jing Wang, and Maggie Lin. After a long discussion, we decided to use the podcast as our multimedia piece to recreate the project of Wikipedia gender bias.

            It’s interesting that at the beginning of the discussion on the medium we were thinking about using PowerPoint or virtual essay as our medium to present the project, but we eventually decided to use podcast as our medium. The major reason is that podcasts can better connect the audience to the problem compared to just plain text, in which the tone of the speaker matters does affect how the message is brought to the audience and how much attention audiences will pay to this podcast. In addition, we believe that listening to a podcast doesn’t take much attention from the audience compared to reading a long text, which means podcast is more portable for audiences to listen to compared to concentrating on reading plain text. After that, we had a long discussion on deciding between the topic Black Panther Party or Wikipedia gender bias. We considered the notability of both topics to the public; we considered the gender bias issue on Wikipedia less notable compared to Black Panther Party. Wikipedia is a well-known online encyclopedia, but its gender bias is rarely known. After all, few people pay attention to the hardship of those female editors nor the huge difference in gender ratio when they access Wikipedia.

            We decide to split the work before starting working on the project, Jing was in charge of writing the overall script, me and Maggie will be the speaker for our podcast. At first, we decided our intended audience will be the younger generation who are more used to receiving messages from social media. For this reason, we put more attention on how to attract the attention and interest of the audiences and abandoned much information and evidence we had collected from previous projects. If no one is interested in the podcast, it’s no use no matter how much evidence and argument we brought up. For this reason, we decided to create a sense of discussion between the two speakers and brought up the statistical data and experience of female editors during the conversation as supporting detail. In our expectation, conversation and the overall tone are put first before the overall structure of evidence supporting the argument.

            It’s hard to find a balance between academic tone and interestingness, which is why we end up spending most of our time revising the script. We often found room for improvement almost every time we try to practice the script, problems like too much evidence-making with so little interaction, boring tone, and stiff sentences. The time we spent discussing how to improve the part exceeded the time we used to practice the script. We decided to make the overall tone of the podcast question and answers, we can use a question to bring up the general argument and provide evidence while answering. We also tried to involve our personal experiences and opinion in the discussion and tried to drag the overall tone away from just giving a plain and neutral argument.

            We also struggled a lot with practicing the script. Neither of us has experience before presenting a long script, in which the tone and voice often get too low and weak after a long dialogue. I and Maggie decided to split the script into five small sections so that we can pause between each section to respite and prevent tiredness due to the long dialogue. After finishing our recording, we are aware of a serious problem. No one in the group had experience with any of the editing software or any experience in creating a podcast. We are learning and editing the project at the same time. During this process, we learned how to combine different clips of audio, insert an image, and create virtual effects. Even though we learned how to use the software is not enough for us, we have no idea what we need to create a well develop podcast video. We looked through other podcast videos on YouTube, but these videos involved many complex visual effects and well develop overall structure, this is something we cannot grasp in a short time. We thought of adding background music, but we weren’t satisfied with the outcome, in which the background music drowns out our voice. Eventually, we only put a background image and some virtual effects on the audio and turned it into a simple podcast audio. Common Creative Permit is a big problem when we are browsing for cover and background images, but luckily, we still found an image that was strongly connected to our topic of gender bias.

            We uploaded our final product to YouTube eventually. YouTube is the platform we decided to publish after discussion because, from our personal experience, YouTube is the most used video platform we know. Overall, we are quite satisfied with how the podcast turned out, the tone and intonation in the conversation turn out brought out the message in a way that is easier to understand by the audiences. Especially in this era of the internet, everyone is gradually losing their patience in spending time to really understand a topic.

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Creative Remix Project 3 Proposal

For Creative Remix Project 3, I am working as a group with two students. For this project, we discussed and decided to do a podcast audio reconstructing the topic of systematic gender bias we had researched for Project 2, and going further, the toxic environment toward and hostility female editors had experienced that drive them away from the community.

In my prediction, the podcast video compared to the research-based essay should be less formal, and the messages should be told in a way that is easy to understand for the audience instead of leaving a bunch of information for the audience to digest themselves. The source for this podcast should be more based on the personal experience of the female editors, and the blogs of the formal editors. Providing evidence to support an argument is an important part of writing an argumentive essay, but this doesn’t work in a podcast. We discussed that it’s important to catch the audience’s attention in podcasts, but just simply throwing a bunch of statistical data and long quotes to audiences is no different from killing the audience’s interest in continuing to listen. We plan to start a normal conversation about our experience with Wikipedia and bring up the systematic gender bias that exists in the front end of Wikipedia reflected on the low proportion of female editors. Eventually, bring up the female editors that experienced harassment. The primary reason we decided to choose this topic is that this is an ongoing issue in recent years that was largely discussed on the internet, which means it’s easy to find evidence of the existing issue and the podcast we created can contribute to addressing this issue by increasing the awareness of the issue. Among all the mediums we could decide on, Podcaste is easier to arouse the attention of the audience. In addition, the tone presenter presenting their message in the podcast can better connect the audience to the problem compared to just plain text.

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Where Do You Find Peace and Quiet?

In my own opinion, the place where I find my Peace and quiet itself must be quiet and peaceful. Whenever I felt nervous or tired of work, I would always go down to the Belt Parkway, walk all the way down slowly, and listen to the sound of waves. Can’t express how much I love to close my eyes feeling the wind blow on my face.

Other than walking down Belt Parkway, going to the nearest park and sitting on a bench under the shade was also my way of finding peace and quiet. I often get myself something to drink and walk to the nearest park. Personally, the best place is somewhere away from the crowd so that I can completely quit myself down and relax.

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Seven-Day Progress log


  • Introduced the Project instruction in class, I began scanning the list of women in red. I have introduced the concept of inequality and gender bias exist in Wikipedia.


  • After a quick scan through the list of Women in red, I was struggling to pick a woman in red to do research on. At first, I was planning to pick a Chinese feminist because then I can use the Chinese language search engine as a wider source to research. But then I realized that the greatest difficulty to research is to finger out the correct Chinese name for these activists while there could be many polyphones that had the same spelling.
  • I end up choosing Eliza Wright Osborne as my woman in red to research, she is an American suffragist and feminist.


Day 4

  • The greatest challenge occur, I couldn’t find a place with an IP that wasn’t banned by Wikipedia to create an account. The Baruch College I.P. and public library I.P. was both bans by from creating a Wikipedia account. I end up creating an account using the wifi of my friend’s restaurant.
  • Username: Ayin Angelous

Day 5

  • I look through the Wikipedia page of abortion and noticed that there was a line that considered abortion as the safest procedure in medicine if it’s properly done. This line could be misleading and neglected the effect of abortion on women’s bodies and mental health. And so I requested to remove the line from Wikipedia.
  • After that, I look at the discussion board on Wikipedia Abortion and noticed that the abortion page was way more ambiguous on the definition of abortion before. Miscarriage was once defined as abortion, but it should really be treated differently than abortion and natural miscarriage. Scamming through the comment part can actually point out many parts that included misleading and biased information.

Day 6

  • I went through the Wikipedia adventure, and it reminded me of the HTML and CSS class I took in high school, which is the main way to edit and add Wikipedia pages. It already took so long for me to go through this sample practice of publishing and editing this short Wikipedia of earth, I can’t believe how much information the devotees have to search and review every day in order to form a well-developed Wikipedia. Not to mention that there might be some hidden bias that required other devotees to discover and fix.

Day 7

  • I continued to research the background of Eliza Wright Osborne,
  • This gives information about where she lived and her origin, but its reliability is undetermined
  • This link gives specific details on Eliza Wright Osborne’s lifetime story but maybe the citation source of this biographical sketch may also provide more critical and reliable information:
    • The process of editing Eliza Wright Osborne’s Wikipedia page is struggling me a lot, I plan to start the content part on a word doc first then move it to Wikipedia with the citation.
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Group 2 Ten Point Program

Jianping Chen, Ralphie Fajardo, and Mia Munoz

  1. We demand more attention to the quality of public school education, including refurbished facilities and quality lunches.
  2. We demand more vital arm forces to maintain peace in society.
  3. Fast and convenient immigration response to all, and more tolerant of diversity regardless of their background.
  4. We demand stricter control of the internet community, preventing the spread of rumors and any illegal information.
  5. We want decent and quality health care for all, regardless of poor or rich.
  6. We demand the government reduce the use of non-recoverable energy, and promote green energy.
  7. We want more tolerant of the minority group.
  8. We want stricter control of hate crimes toward minority groups, and stronger punishment.
  9. We demand more funding for homeless relief stations and provide financial and employment support for homeless people.
  10. We demand a strong limit on drug use in public areas, especially in school areas.
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Film Review – The Black Panther Still in Prision After 46 Years

It’s hard to describe the complex feeling after watching the film Black Panther Still in Prison After 46 years. Put a side of the conflict between the government and Black Panther, all I see is that the families were destroyed in the conflict. This film actually made me think of the sacrifice of the individuals and their families during the revolution of Black Panther. There are countless black panther members and police who died during the revolution, and their families all suffer from the pain of losing their family members. Also, it’s ironic that a black panther member can get 46 years in prison for killing police and police get much less punishment for killing a black innocent.

Comment on film: Judas and the Black Messiah

The movie was great, it really illustrated the struggles and tragic journey of how black panthers grew under the suppression of the FBI. The characteristics of Fred Hamilton really stood out to me, he was wise, calm, and selfless, which were the complete opposite of William O’Neal, the traitor of the black panther party. When the crown member offers Hamilton a bag of money for him, Hamilton decided to use the money to operate a clinic in the community to serve the people and rather use the money to escape over the sea, which shows how he values the power of people comparing to himself in this revolution. Ironically, William who had faced a similar situation made a different decision, he was defeated by his fear and greed and decided to become a threadman of the FBI in Black Panther Party. Fred Hamilton and William O’Neal represented the conflict between selflessness and selfishness in the revolution. Other than the conflict between the leader and traitor, the film also shows the impact of the Black Panther Party on the community: They never a violent terrorist group but stopped the violent conflict between gangs and use the gang power into serving the community, they never rob a penny from the people but gather and united people in different skin color to dedicate to the community, they were never perpetrator but a victim of white dominant society on that time. Hope that one day in the future, there would be another leader stood up to unite the people, and yell out the slogan again:


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Interview Questions

Hello everyone, my name is Jianping Chen, and feel free to call me Alan. I am now a freshman majoring in CIS. I am introverted, so if you see me not looking into your eyes during the conversation or walking down the hallway without eye contact, trust me, I whisper hello a thousand times deep in my heart. I am trying my best to become a cheerful extrovert, at least I am trying my best to pretend I am. I like to hear relaxing piano music and I strongly recommend the music group, Mili, their music is the best!

I interviewed Jing Wang for the interview question, she is also a freshman majoring in CIS. She likes to spend her money on the desert, and she likes to share snakes with her friends. She always gives others the illusion that she owns a snake store. She was also a big fan of anime, her favorite anime was Akame ga KILL! She can’t express how much she loves that anime.

Sloth by Mili

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