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Interview question

Hey, my name is Michael. I am majoring in International Business. The prompt that really intrigued me was the one that said “If you could get away with it, what crime would you commit and why?” And if that were the case I would most likely make millions of dollars worth of counterfeit money and deposit it into my bank account. Hopefully it would work since I would technically be able to get away with it.

As for the interviewing aspect of the class, I was able to interview my friend I made from last semester, Demetrios. Our conversation was mostly catching up since we hadn’t seen each other since the semester ended. After that we got onto the interview questions. In order to get a deeper insight onto what Demetrios Karambasis’ mind is truly about. I ask him the question which says “what is it like inside of your head?” And here I am, believing I can get some sort of deeper insight from the source himself, and Demetrios responds with “do you know that baby from the Teletubbies intro?” And so I open YouTube and watch the intro to gain a deeper understanding of who this person is. He then went on to say, “Yeah that is all that is in there.” And here I am, surprised yet understanding that the sun baby was and forever will be a crucial part of Demetrios Karambasis, and the day that sun goes down is the day I will lose a good friend.

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Final Reflection – Hope Ki

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Final Reflection

My body of work from this semester definitely was an interesting bunch. One assignment i’d say stands out to me though, is the work we did for Wikipedia, it stands out because of the fact that it was actually something that was very strenuous at times and the site itself often gave me a headache from just looking at its complexity but i got adjusted somewhat and got things i needed to get done in regards to the site. I have definitely made a few realizations of myself as a writer and a big one is that I just don’t think i’m as much of one as i thought i would be or already was, i guess there was this invisible line i had to reach in the beginning of college to feel more like one but if i don’t feel comfortable in my writing now, will i ever? This class has definitely helped me in other subjects just from the insight alone, such as my political science class, every exam we must write an essay in the end and this class, for me personally, helped me with that area of expertise and the articulation and formulation and ways to site, etc, it has helped a lot with other subjects in general.

A piece of writing from Blogs@Baruch i’m proud of is the Ten Point Program. Even though it was a group sort of thing, i really like it because of the fact that for this project there were so many different ideas and proposals and it ranged from small to drastic changes and i found that enjoyable because it showed that even though a lot of people don’t usually speak a lot in the class, they have activist intention or at least showed that they can be for the people.

One piece of work that was particularly challenging for me was project 2, but the essay portion, i say it was challenging in the way of me just being able to allocate enough information to cover everything in the rubric while at the same time maintaining a well rounded thesis argument followed by coherent facts throughout the paper. I definitely gained some insane research ability from this though because that was one of the times i had to go up and down left and right under and over side to side for information on just ONE person, so i thank this piece of work for that because it for sure will be useful in the very near future.

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Final Reflection

This semester was a difficult one. I constantly felt like I was suffocating, lacked the motivation to go to any of my classes and that is nobody’s fault but my own. The assignments for this class were interested, topics I found extremely important. I could have put way more effort into my assignments, but I scrambled to get everything done before this final deadline. I enjoyed my research for the Black Panther Party assignments. It feels embarrassing to admit, but before that I wasn’t aware of the party. This class has educated me on more than just how to write an essay, but on real issues in the world and their roots. I enjoyed the Women In Red project as I am BIG on female empowerment and women’s rights. It is a form of activism near and dear to my heart so getting to learn more about the disadvantages women have faced was compelling.

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Final Reflection

The past 15 weeks of the spring semester, I was able to learn many new things that I never knew before not just in writing but about our society itself. It was a big jump from my last writing class, as we must use our critical thinking skill to look at the bigger picture, an example I could you is one of our first project which was the black panther party. I had no idea who they were before if I’m being honest, I found out about them from our class where our professor put on a documentary about the black panther for us. Comparing it to modern day movements helped me see the bigger picture, how far we have come in history. When it came to assignments, they were straightforward and just required some reading to understand. 

There was multiple writing we did this semester but the one writing that I enjoyed the most was the women in red on Wikipedia. The reason why I enjoyed this project so much was because it felt like I was a journalist since one part of that project was writing a seven-day blog about our experience learning and concluding what we’ll do. Documenting my findings and using the research I put together writing the essay was much easier than before. This piece taught me how to develop a thesis not to extend it so much but the right amount so the reader can understand. I enjoyed the process of browsing the site and finding small discrepancies that they could document and use for their research.

At the end the most I improved in is how I voice my essay with certain topics, I feel like I gave improved so much in that category. Since I gain all of that knowledge with the project, I struggled the most with happened to help me the most with progressing my writing skills. Since it was difficult to write about a woman who was forgotten in our history who left a big impact for a lot of women rights. In the end it was an amazing class which I enjoyed a lot and I’m excited for my next English

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Final Reflection

The last 15 weeks of my semester I was able to learn and dive deep into several controversial topics of society. It was a major test to our critical thinking skills and helped us develop the bigger picture of said problems. Starting with the Black Panther Party, I had no idea the depth of information that these individuals had in history and writing about them only made me learn even more. Comparing it to modern day movements helped me see the bigger picture, how far we have come in history. When it came to assignments, they were pretty straightforward and just required some reading to understand what needed to be done. During our first project I was definitely still familiarizing myself with the college writing style which took some getting used to. After receiving my first grade I knew I could definitely do much better it just required more work ethic. Writing the second project I made sure to carefully structure it and follow the rubric, it paid off as I received a higher grade than before.

One piece of writing that I am proud of particularly is my second essay pertaining to the Women in Red on Wikipedia. I really enjoyed the whole Wikipedia log and browsing the site examining the small discrepancies here and there. Documenting my findings and using the research I put together writing the essay was much easier than before. This piece taught me how to develop a thesis that wasn’t too broad and incorporate it into my essay to help the readers understand the point that is trying to be made. Although I am proud of it, there are always improvements to be made and I don’t believe that this paper reflects my skills as a writer just yet. Trying to use some of my own techniques and some of my peers has allowed me to improve some things about my work like explaining the evidence better. I enjoyed the Wikipedia Journal and the writing piece i feel most proud of.

The biggest change is the topic and tone of the essay changes from focusing on narrative to a more research and academic tone, which is something I am struggling with for a long time. One piece of writing that was particularly challenging for me had to be the Project 1 on BPP and BLM. I found it difficult to draw the comparison between them and find strong pieces of evidence to support my argument. This essay was the roadblock to help me adapt to the writing style of English in college which is probably why I found it so difficult to begin with. In the end I enjoyed this semester even though the class was very early and I struggled to make it on time. The work was straightforward and helped improve my work ethic overall in the end. It was a good run and looking forward to future English classes.

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How Much Do You Think It Matters Where You Go to College ?

In this article, Mr. Bruni talks about how college admissions has now devolved into a scholastic version of “The Hunger Games.” I agree with this statement, as college admissions has now turned into a messy hell for students who want to choose where they want to be for the next upcoming four years. There are many factors that come into play, especially factors involving perception of other students. Students may apply to a college based on how prestigious they are in hopes of getting in because it makes them look “good.” In my high school, I saw a lot of this, and I never understood why. Bruni writes that many young people believe that “the luster of the institution they attend, as established by its ranking and its exclusivity, will not only define their place in the world but also determine their professional success and contentment.” This is a true statement, as many young people do think that the more prestigious, the higher chance of success. While that is also true to a certain extent, looking at the rankings of the college should not be viewed as an easy road to success. There have been many successful people in this world who did not go to college, some even high school drop-outs. It is ultimately up to the person if they want to make it in this world, relying solely on a college and its prestige will not get you there if you are not willing to put in the effort for yourself. 

If I were to make a college list based on my own criteria, I would rank them based on three things: alumni success rate, student happiness, and price. I would use these three because they are what I personally look for. For obvious reasons, having an alumni success rate could show how well the college sends its graduates into the world. Price is to show how valuable the education is compared to its price. A lot of institutions overcharge and cause for many people wanting to attend but not being able to afford. Other colleges are expensive but have the qualities that match the price. For student happiness, mental health is a big thing. Many students contemplate suicide due to heavy workload and stress. A college that is able to keep their students happy and in good mental shape is a good one. I believe that college rankings and prestige should be based on this criteria, not just on acceptance rate and the name. 

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Final Reflection

Throughout this semester, my body of work has been diverse and expansive. From the first week’s assignment to the present, I have tackled a wide range of topics and engaged in various writing styles. One thing that stands out to me is how much I have learned about adapting my writing to different audiences and purposes. I have realized that I can effectively convey information in a concise and clear manner, as well as craft engaging narratives that captivate readers. My writing has developed in unexpected ways, as I have discovered a newfound love for creative storytelling and the power of persuasive writing. The insights gained in this class have not only influenced my work in other subjects but also enhanced my overall communication skills. I now approach writing as a tool for effective expression and as a means to connect with others. This semester’s work has inspired me to set new goals for my writing in upcoming classes, aiming to further refine my storytelling abilities and explore more advanced writing techniques.

One piece of writing on Blogs@Baruch that I am most proud of was the assignment we had for spring break, where we had to answer a prompt from New York Times, my prompt was: Have You Ever Written Fan Mail? If Not, Would You?. I really was jus scrolling through when the title caught my eye. I was tempted to skip it because I felt that it would be too embarrassing to write about, especially to share it for others to see. But fanfiction has actually been part of my life for quite some time and I suddenly felt the urge to write something about it. Would I say it was the best level of writing ever? No, definitely not. But it was the first time in quite a while that I was excited to write. I was giggling, feeling embarrassment, remember all the emotions I felt when I experienced my first fan mail. I’m still feeling it now writing this. I was in the zone, in tune with I was feeling. I was talking to talk, not to write in a sense. And I as I was doing that, I realized that I feel my type of writing is when I write like how I speak. It makes me feel more connected to the reader, more sincere with my emotions because I’m not worried about how I am going to sound intellectually, but how I sound to them conversationally. I wasn’t expecting anyone to comment, I was still hoping no one would because I was still slightly embarrassed but Yineldi did comment and it made me smile because I felt a slight sense of relief that I wasn’t some weirdo as the author of the prompt felt like. So thank you Yineldi if you’re reading this!

The piece of writing that was particularly challenging for me was the 10 point program. For many, it might have been a relatively simple assignment, stating the somewhat obvious needs to create equality. But I found a deep challenge within it where I wanted to capture everything. In doing so, I was making my work too wordy and not easy to remember. So, I spend time cutting, reviewing, rereading to make sure I was fulfilling the goal of wiring the 10 point program but also that I was happy with it. I think I stressed too much about it, but I feel like it was worth the effort because I can see and remember the care and thought process behind each line. The insight I gained as a result is that when you care a lot about something, it is not bad. It shows that I want to present the very best of me, so I shouldn’t feel like I am overdoing or “doing too much” because it invalidated all the work I put in it. So, it the future, I will take into consideration that when I feel like I are too much, I will use that to better convey my writing to tell others.

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Final Reflection

In the last 15 weeks of this semester, I learned and wrote about many different topics regarding race and feminism. During the first week, I watched videos and learned about Critical Race Theory. I learned the background of Critical Race Theory and why it faces controversy. Through the videos and reading, I was able to form a firm understanding of the topic. I also learned about white privilege and its history in our society. Soon after, I learned about the Black Panther Party, an organization that I did not know much about before these past 15 weeks. This stuck out to me because I knew that the party existed, but I didn’t know exactly what they did or their motives. I then compared them to the Black Lives Matter movement, and how the ideas are roughly the same. This was all leading up to the first paper. After that, I learned a lot about Feminist Theory. I learned about what the theory stood for and the goals of the theory. While learning about the theory, I also made a Wikipedia account which was interesting to me because I haven’t used Wikipedia for educational purposes before, and we specifically learned about gender bias on the website. This was all leading up to the second paper, which was based on those topics. I then had to make a multimedia form based off of either one of those topics, which was for the third paper. I realized that I enjoy writing about topics that I am passionate about, which is all of the topics that we covered in the last 15 weeks. As someone that doesn’t particularly favor writing, I enjoyed writing about these things, and I will now remember this for my future classes. 

One piece of writing that I worked on during the last 15 weeks that I was proud of was my first paper. The paper was based on different things, ranging from the Black Panther Party, the Black Lives Matter movement and systematic racism. I was proud of this paper because I believe that I was able to elaborate my ideas on the topic very well, which is something I have been trying to work on. Not only this, but writing this paper made me realize that I am able to elaborate more on topics that I am very interested in because racism has always been a pretty big thing for me. Although I am proud of it, there are always improvements to be made and I don’t believe that this paper reflects my skills as a writer just yet. While writing this paper, I remember being able to write for long periods of time with no break because I was passionate about the topic. 

One piece that was challenging for me was the second paper. This paper was based on many different things such as Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, and my Woman in Red. The problem with writing this paper was having to piece everything together so the information makes sense. I had to decide which topic to talk about first because each topic flowed into the next in a way. It was also my longest paper of the year, so it took me the longest time. I was able to meet those challenges by starting early and getting my ideas together before it was too late. After reading it, I noticed that toward the end of the paper I was getting a bit sloppy due to being burnt out. In the future, I will remember to keep writing when my brain is fresh and take breaks so my writing is at its best. 

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What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

I have always grown up with pin-straight dark brown hair. One day when I was in the third grade my mom suddenly got tired of my long hair and decided to chop it in the bathtub. Of course, it was uneven, choppy, and awful. However, the haircut itself was not the worst part, it was the fact that I had to go to school the next day. Feeling awful for what she did, my mom allowed me to go to the salon right after school and let me get whatever I wanted. Highlights, bangs, and curls. After that day, I have never trusted anyone with my hair unless it was a salon.

I take great pride in my hair. If my hair does not look good that day, my mood is ruined. I agree with the students in the article, a hairstyle can define you and your personality. You can show off your aesthetic through it by its length, color, and curl. Personally, I style my hair at night. After my shower, I dry my hair and put my face-framing pieces in rollers and the rest of my hair into a bun. The next morning my hair is voluminous.

When I decide that I need a sudden change in my life, I will cut my hair. I can’t wait to cut my hair off after finishing my finals for a fresh new start!

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Final reflection

Ethan Jusino 

Prof Perry 

Eng 2150 

Going into this semester I feel like I knew what to expect from this course, and to be honest I did get my expectations met that is for sure. When it came down to assignments I definitely did better towards the end of the semester compared to the beginning of the semester. It was just that my work ethic got better when there was more to actually do. During the Black Panther Party project I definitely underdid the work and I saw it when I compared it to the wikipedia project which is just crazy to think about due to the fact that I really enjoyed both projects. I put more effort into the second and third projects compared to the first and my grades reflect that. I got a lower grade on the first project and that sort of motivated me to do better for the last two projects. I did some different techniques and even broke the night a few times to finish the other projects.

I really enjoyed posting my 7 day wikipedia log because it was the most personal thing towards me as it was for everyone else. Seeing all the logs was really nice to look at because it was a unique experience. My peers offered me both their opinions and good critiques. I did enjoy looking at some of the comments that they gave me because I tried to use them in my own work. I did also enjoy giving them their own pieces of advice. Trying to use some of my own techniques and some of my peers has allowed me to improve some things about my work, like instead of going straight to the point I started making it more thorough and giving more details about certain things. 

Lastly , the most challenging assignment was also my favorite one which was the entire women in read project. It was a long process which is why it was the most difficult as well because having pretty much zero information on the internet. Then creating essays and a wikipedia article that ultimately got deleted. I can safely say I had a lot of fun doing this project, even though it pushed me to my limits at night because I wanted to do as much as possible instead of just waiting to do it at the last minute. I know in the future I will not wait more than a day after the assignment is given to start writing something on it.

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