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Seven Day Log

Ethan Jusino 

Prof. Perry 

Eng 2150 (Mon & Wed ) 

Due 03-29-23 

                        ( Done consecutive days ) 

Day 1. 03/21

Now day one was hard because I had to get a friend across the country to make an account for me . It was funny though because he used his main email address when I told him to use a back up. So I logged in and only really read articles. Didn’t do much. 

Day 2 

Did more reading and edited an article on a series called Sharknado. I tried to be as unbiased as possible , but I remember just how bad those movies were.  

Day 3 

Edited an article on a town in Arkansas , I only really did it because I was extremely bored and noticed that they still haven’t updated the population of this town. It had been over 13 years since it was posted so I just fixed certain small ticks like that. 

Day 4. 

Didn’t edit just scrolled through wikidata and other articles about famous people because I wanted to see how biased  “unbiased editors” actually were. Turns out it was just a title. 

Day 5. Searched up an article on snoring and talk about what I should do to stop others from snoring. Still waiting on responses from other people in order to keep it going. 

Day 6. Made a quick spelling check on random articles because I got bored after working on my own article while waiting for it to be reviewed because of the fact that 

Wikipedia is very strange. 

Day 7 

My full article got deleted , so I started deleting small facts from posts that were not verified at all. Got angry at Wikipedia and I do not regret my decision. Overall it is an old website that has not had many updates which makes it annoying to use. Looks more useful for computer science.

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Wikipedia Process Journal

Day 1

The creation of my Wikipedia account happened at home. Due to the IP address being blocked at Baruch, it was impossible to create an account on campus. It was very interesting to see that anyone can access and edit something just by creating an account.

Day 2

I completed the “Wikipedia Adventure” game which was confusing at first but after a while I was able to figure it out. I was a bit confused as to why I had to complete the game but I still did it. I searched for some videos on Youtube to find videos explaining how to edit articles. 

Day 3

I found my woman in red. I chose Ieshia Evans who was a Black Lives Matter activist back in 2016. I only found a couple of website articles that mentioned her name and the rest were just some photos she was in. I remember hearing about her back in 2020 when the Black Lives Matter movement was heightened.

Day 4

I did some research comparing how women are written on Wikipedia vs how men are written on Wikipedia. The first thing I noticed was the difference in the photos they used. Male celebrity photos like Harry Styles are of them performing, and being active in their passion. Female celebrity photos like Cardi B do not seem professional at all and are seemingly screenshots from videos, not showing their passions at all.

Day 5

I wrote a brief biography about Ieshia Evans. It was really interesting researching her life and what she did outside of being an activist for the Black Lives Matter movement. However, I was a bit confused about how to post the biography on Wikipedia. I also was on the website to look up examples of when women were being affected by the patriarchy.

Day 6

I started to work on my argumentative essay. I’m really excited to add my thoughts and opinions on the feminist theory and talk about my woman in red.

Day 7

I was still continuing to finish my paper. I also was in the process of trying to upload my Wikipedia article. I never realized how interesting it is to write an argumentative essay!

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7 day log kinda

I did not do the 7 day log when I was beginning work on Wikipedia so instead of doing that and lying about it here is a description of my experience with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia was not such a user-friendly site to adventure through during my first couple of days on it. I was struggling to find a place to start at, which came easier over time but it still took me a while to figure out where to begin. Once I started my editing it ran smoothly from there. Every once and a while I would experience an issue with the speed of the website. It seems a bit outdated when it comes to editing, and I would’ve thought that one of the biggest and known sites of all time would be easier to pick up and use.

I made discoveries along the way which helped my understanding of gender bias as a whole. While I explored Wikipedia I came across many pages of women who were notable that should have had more information on them. I compared these to those of men who had similar roles in history and the differences are drastic. These men who might have even done less in society to make a difference for hundreds of years into the future as these women have more information written about them. This was a crazy realization, before doing this project I had absolutely no idea about this gender bias which takes place on one of the most used websites of all time.

Once I did my research and got my information together on my woman in red, Vivian Lucille Pierce, I began writing in the style which Wikipedia articles are written in. Starting with stories about her early life and personal information and then moving into the middle stages of her life. This part includes the things that Pierce should be known for, she was a fierce fighter and advocate for women’s suffrage. The rest of the Wikipedia adventure was smooth from there on, not too many problems did occur.

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7 Day Log

Day 1. : Created a wikipedia account but later found out my IP address got blocked out even while at home.

Day 2: Was able to play the Wiki Adventure game, only partly because the sections stopped working after the 2nd “adventure”, might be related to my IP being blocked since it asked me to edit my sandbox.

Day 3: Read over some of the gender bias talk page and applied some of the things I did in the Wiki Adventure, the part i got through at, least.

Day 4: I went on some articles and accessed the View History page and found a few cool things, one of them being the ‘page statistics’ area, it showed the articles first time being edited as well as the latest, the number of users that had edited it, specified what each edit was briefly etc., very useful.

Day 5: Compared a few pages, a few male athlete’s vs women athletes and also did the same but with more corporate jobs (men CEO’s vs women).

Day 6: Finally decided on my women in red, Alice Draper Carter, a civics worker during WWII who was also the head of the board of the Play Schools Association, which developed educational programs for handicapped children.

Day 7: Began research for my woman in red, there was hardly any as expected but even though it was expected, it still blows my mind how little I can find about someone that had some great societal contributions in their lifetime, especially during the second world war.

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My 7 Day Log: A Personal Battle

Day 1: I was very nervous about this project, not knowing exactly what to expect from it as I’ve never done anything like it before. I started by creating my wikipedia account under the username “MotionsickSpaceman”. I hoped the masculinity of the username would allow me to be seen as a man and therefore my edits were more likely to be left alone. Then I started becoming familiar with the Wikipedia Adventure.

Day 2: I felt even more discouraged this day. Wikipedia looks very “code-y” when you edit on it. Everything is in colons and brackets and its really confusing. Honestly, I quit early this day.

Day 3: I started to see a glimmer of hope this day. I went back to the Wikipedia adventure as it was what I was most comfortable with and found a button that makes the text box look like English again instead of R2D2 language. I logged out soon after discovering this.

Day 4: I spent this day becoming even more familiar with the editing side of Wikipedia. I edited Cardi B’s wikipedia page with something really simple. I remember Prof. Perry telling us about a librarian at BMCC who added the college to the body of the wikipedia page. This is when I realized that it was not in the info card and decided to add it. I also tried to add a picture to Flo Milli’s Wikipedia page but had no idea what I was doing.

Day 5: I felt a little more confident this day and attempted to begin creating the wikipedia page for Ayanda Candice Sibanda. I tried to add simple things like her name, age, where she was born and what she did because I had little information on anything else. After many attempts I eventually left it in my drafts because it looked ugly.

Day 6: I felt bad about abandoning the project after talking to someone else about the Women in Red project. I spent the day telling myself I would return to it, only to put it off several more times and procrastinate some more. Eventually, much later that night, I returned to it and made a little more effort. This is when I found a button that made my wikipedia page a little easier to see and understand.

Day 7: I still wasn’t confident in my article and so I decided to do some more research. I searched for what felt like ages but could not find any real information about my Woman in Red. I spent the time dedicated to the project accumulating as many sources as I could, most of which were from sites with a Zimbabwean or Australian domain.

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7-day log

Day 1: I made my account under Captain Spork 77, and now I have to do the game, I don’t have a single clue on how to edit or create, but I hope I can learn this quickly. It sucks that this assignment can’t be done at Baruch, I really can’t focus at home. I never knew that anyone can write and edit Wikipedia, it does reassure me that there are experts that check and clean the articles but it’s silly how anyone can access the articles and change them.

Day 2: I tried to find the most info I could find, sadly I only have one website where some info about Lula Lowe Weeden was mentioned and talked about. The rest of the websites redirected me to find a gravestone. I Baruch did carry a book t about early 1900s black poets, but when I tried looking for it, it seemed to be missing or taken, Im not sure what happened to the book. I wrote some notes/paragraphs about Lula Lowe Weeden, it’s not a lot but from the information I got, Ms. Weeden was very cool. I’m still trying to get used to using Wikipedia.

Day 3: I wrote a biography about Ms. Weeden on Wikipedia, it’s on Sandbox, I just don’t know how to “post-it” but I also have to change the title. I’ve been scrolling through Wikipedia trying to find any instance of prejudice against women in the talk tab, but I haven’t really found anything. Amusingly I did find two people fighting over a picture of Kim Kardashian, they were fighting over lighting and professionalism, reading their comments made me laugh and smile a couple of times.

Day 4: Started working on my essay, I’m having some problems with my thesis, but it’s just that anything I can think of makes my writing sound weird but it is probably just me. Aside from that, I kept looking around on Wikipedia to find some prejudice, I believe I did find one, on Sandra Bullock’s Wikipedia page. I found it weird that this was commented on the talk page, “Sandra Bullock is considered as “One of the Most Fine Women of Her Generation” Mackkr7 (talk) 21:24, 30 June 2022 (UTC)”. It was weird that this writer wanted to write that on her page, more over the administrator also commented that they wanted the writer to clear up on what to change. I thought the administrator would instead be against this change, but it seemed like he just wanted to know where to include the change.

Day 5: I guess I have all of the information I could find on Lula Lowe Weeden, I wrote a little bubble paragraph about her that I would include in the essay, talking about this essay, I still haven’t finished it, but I’m still working on it.

Day 6: I’m halfway done with my essay, the work has been very tolling, but I had to continue. I’m still on the lookout to find any more instances of where misrepresentation or harassment has occurred. Nothing too damaging, just people that can’t convey themselves properly, and make themselves look like a fool.

Day 7: It has been a long journey, I’ve posted the Lula Lowe Weeden article and just waiting for revision or the go-ahead to post. As well I finished the argumentative essay. I wrote as much as I can but at the same time, I didn’t want to pat this paper, writing this made me realize that I must broaden my vocabulary as well as learn to write in an argumentative format. It was very fun to do this essay.

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Day 1- The Start

Creating a Wikipedia account can be a daunting task for many people, but for some, it is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the world’s largest website. Such as creating username which is known as “WhatsGoingOnGuys,” when I began the process of creating their account with enthusiasm. Once my account was set up, I decided to embark on the Wikipedia Adventure, a game-like tutorial that teaches users how to edit and navigate the site. The adventure was definitely a ride, as it covered everything from the basics of creating a new page to the intricacies of citing sources and adding images. Despite the challenges I persevered and completed the tutorial with a newfound sense of confidence in their editing abilities. To further hone my skills.

Day 2- The Search

The ability to edit articles and create one’s own content has become an essential skill for anyone interested in writing or journalism. With this in mind, I decided to start looking at articles to see if I could edit them. At first, it seemed daunting, but with a bit of practice, I found myself getting better and better at it. I also decided to take things a step further and learn how to create my own page to write my own stuff. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but I soon got the hang of it and was able to create something I was proud of. I decided to go back to Blackboard and open the red list link again, hoping to find an article to edit or write about. However, as I scrolled through the list, I found myself torn between a few women who were on the red list. Each of them had a story that I felt was important, and I couldn’t decide which one to focus on. In the end, I didn’t pick one. Instead, I decided to take some time to reflect on what I had learned so far. Editing and writing are important skills, but they are just tools. The real value comes from using them to tell stories that matter. And to do that, I needed to choose a topic that resonated with me on a deeper level. 

Day 3- The Attempt

Wikipedia now displays that information based on having an account, so I took the opportunity to explore it. It surprised me that a lot of things on Wikipedia had no discussion forms at all when I checked out the Talk feature and View History Page. I felt tempted to just start a discussion and say “Hello”, but I considered it and decided there was no point. It was wonderful to see Wikipedia Talk:WikiProject Women in Red was active. People were discussing resources they had gathered or plans for further research. Two new comments appeared after I finished writing this.

Day 4- The Edits And Comparison

The challenge of searching for something doesn’t become apparent until you actually have to do it instead of stumbling across a new word and looking it up. I had no idea what I would need to do to take the first steps to edit a page, so I turned to Youtube and let the magic happen.A s soon as I clicked the “Edit Source” button, I felt an intense sense of pressure and anxiety. I thought Wikipedia’s policy would suddenly ban my account and tell me: “Don’t edit!” But after maneuvering. It was only a switch of words, but I never felt so proud. After maneuvering around the flash of code (Tip: Use the “Preview” to visualize the edits as you make them), I did my first edit. My first attempt at updating the image proved too complicated, I’ll come back to it later. Additionally, I didn’t realize that after editing, your edit would go under “pending review”. I thought it was editing, so now I’m concerned it won’t be approved by the reviewers.

Day 5- Research

I took a full day jus to learn about Adrienne Marie Charlotte Sahuqué, Using her given name on google, yahoo and chrome, I didn’t get any information about her nothing at all, it was like she was a ghost, unknown just because of her gender while she did great things. After researching around my “Red Woman ”, I started creating my first wikipedia page (I think it is a page or sandbox might be different). This just consisted of working around and playing around with the edits.

Day 6- After The Shocking Discovery

After that shocking discovery of lack of information about the person I was researching I decided to continue doing an essay about her so she’ll never be forgotten for what she did for this world and use whatever information I have on her to continue her legacy.

Day 7- The Beginning The Process

I had dedicated this paper about Adrienne Marie Charlotte Sahuqué the women who’s one of the women in red list. Even though on her page on women in red doesn’t have enough information about her there will only be a few sentences talking about her and her past.

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Seven Day Log

Day 1: After hearing the instructions I tried making an account but couldn’t because of the IP. Later the same day I tried doing it at home but couldn’t make an account there either. So I decided to choose my woman in red for the meantime.

Day 2: I visited my grandma the next and tried making my account there and finally worked. I created my account and started watching videos to learn how to use Wikipedia since it was my first time using it to edit/create articles.

Day 3: I did the “Wikipedia Adventure” which was confusing for me at first but after a while I figured it out. It helped me a little bit, since as I said before, it was confusing. I had to watch many videos to figure out go to edit articles and more to create one.

Day 4: After learning more about the website, I stared my research. Connie Jimenez, the woman I chose, is well known in Los Rios since she’s the governor there and is also known as Miss Ecuador (2016) so I was surprised to find her name in the list.

Day 5: I started my draft on Google Docs and added many websites there with her information. I also found her social media which showed many things/accomplishments she had done lately. I also found a Wikipedia profile but it was in Spanish so I decided to translate it.

Day 6: When I finished translating the article I was ready to post it, or so I thought. I didn’t know it was going to be difficult to create an article but there was a whole process. I also had to follow a certain format which was expected but it took me longer than expected to of it.

Day 7: I finally posted my draft after watching many videos on how to post an article and revising it many times. Although my article was taken down, I liked doing this project. I wasn’t aware about the gender bias going on here since I don’t really use Wikipedia.

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7 Day Log

Day 1: Created my wikipedia username (Hello0723) a gender neutral name which wouldn’t be easily targeted. Crazy how I never knew anything the gender bias that has been going on wikipedia for quit some time.

 Day 2: Started looking around the Women in red talk page. Does not allow users to discuss ways to improve the article, this doesn’t seem fair at all. How can this project ever be successful when they don’t allow any improvements to be made to this page.

Day 3: Added comment on sexism in English language. (Compared to the Spanish language, English does appear sexist because of its “gender-neutral” words. Spanish has both feminine and masculine references when it comes to terms as simple as doctor, teacher, or director.)

Day 4: Chose activist Sonia Almanzar Acosta as my person. What caught my attention was that she is Dominican just like I am. I hope I can find a good load of information about her life as an activist.

Day 5: When searching for my activist (Sonia Almanzar Acosta) I was able to find a biography about her life in Spanish on wikipedia. Was published on May 30, 2014. Her life seemed to be pretty interesting. One thing that caught my eye was the way she helped servants escape her household since they were being treated like slaves by her family. You can tell she was a kind person at heart.

Day 6: Made a comment on the biography.

Day 7: Sad to say I haven’t been able to find any other info on my activist, might have to pick another person to research on, only article that I have found was the biography.

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7 Day Log

Day 1 

Starting out Professor Perry proposed the Wikipedia project and the 7 day log journal. I started out by creating an account that goes by the name of CoolPickle. I chose this name not because I enjoy pickles, I actually dislike them, but because I was too indecisive and went on a random username generator site to find a username. It was interesting because I had not had a Wikipedia account before this project, and so the process of creating an account was interesting.

Day 2

On day two, I logged on to Wikipedia, which was a piece of cake. It had an option that asked if you’d like to be logged on and not asked to enter in information for up to one year. Wikipedia was always bashed in every school that I attended, and I never understood why. Seeing that absolutely anybody can create an account and edit anything to their liking is what made me realize why it is not a reliable source. During this day, I did a lot of scrolling and saw a wide range of featured articles, news, trivia facts, and featured pictures. I thought that was interesting because I did not know that Wikipedia could actually be an interesting platform that had a page that displayed different things. 

Day 3 

On this day, I decided to check out the current events tab that lays to the left of the home page. I read about the Yemen Civil War, along with the Philippine Drug War. I found these to be informative and I was concerned about the Philippine Drug War because I myself am Filipino. My prayers go out to all countries with internal conflicts.

Day 4

On this day, I went and took a look at Wikimedia Commons, which was displayed to the right of the home page. I had no idea what it was, and so I did not know what to expect. What I saw was a page with random media that anybody is able to post. I thought that was cool because it functioned like a social media platform, except without the social part. I viewed many videos and pictures that I thought were informative and entertaining. 

Day 5

On this day, I took a look at the Women in Red project. There was a very long list, with many different names that were in red. Professor Perry assigned us to find a women activist, and so I was in search of one that I was the most interested about so I could learn more about them. I wanted to find an activist from outside the U.S. so I could learn about what their efforts were in their home country. On the list, there were a lot of names that had no other information filled up, such as there being no place of birth, no birthday, so and so. The large number of options made it hard to decide.

Day 6

On day 6, I finally decided. Although my original plan was to choose an activist outside of the U.S., I stumbled across a woman named Sarah Grossman. Next to her name stated that she was a BLM activist, and so that’s who I decided to pick. BLM is something I fully support, and so that was my reasoning on why I chose her. I proceeded to put my wikipedia name along with the name Sarah Grossman on the Excel sheet that was provided for us.

Day 7 

Today, here I am typing this final log. I went on Wikipedia and researched Sarah Grossman. What came up was a list of police brutality incidents that occurred during the protests. It was interesting because although a lot is unknown about Sarah Grossman, she had her own story just like everyone in this world, and she helped make a difference by being an activist for BLM. 

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Seven Day Log

Day 1;

The project was first introduced, and I began brainstorming what I was going to research. I opened up Wikipedia to see what the page looks like and familiarize myself with what I was going to be working with.

Day 2:

I haven’t created an account on Wikipedia yet, finding difficulty as it is blocking my IP and preventing me from creating my account at all. Trying with 3 different emails I have come to the conclusion it is the school internet is the problem. The Baruch College I.P. and public library I.P. was both bans by from creating a Wikipedia account, I was faced with a major problem.

Day 3:

I opted to borrow a friends Wikipedia account and begun my adventure learning how to navigate through the site. I opened Wikipedia adventure to scroll through the tutorials and finished relatively quickly. After a scan through the list of Women in red, I was struggling to pick a woman in red to do research on.

Day 4:

I began to narrow down my search and wanted to pick an activist specifically from the United States. I looked into the Talk feature and View History Page. Surprisingly for Wikipedia, a lot of things had no discussion forms at all for some reason.

Day 5:

After my account is finally created username “HeGotThatDogInHim”, I was looking at what Wikipedia wanted to show me. It was showing me what I can do, where to find what and editing. Later I started the editing tutorial it shows me how Wikipedia works, and I was just following the instruction.

Day 6:

I decided on a US activist her name being Karen Tramontano and when I clicked on her name it was to my surprise there were no articles pertaining to her at all.  I began searching for information about where she lived and her origin. The link Karen A. Tramontano – Blue Star Strategies LLC is a quick background of Karen and how her organization became to be.

Day 7:

I have begun drafting my page and this has to be the challenging part of this project. I haven’t quite figured out what I am going to add and how i should go about writing my page. I have the woman I am researching and some creditable links, I will continue to spend the next few days working on my page.

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