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Hi, my name is Amir. I’m a freshman in Baruch, majoring in Digital Marketing. I was born in America, but my ethnicity is I’m Half Mexican and half Pakistan. One question from the interview that was asking me was what’s your dream car, and it shocked me since not a lot of people like cars nor understand cars but to answer the question my dream car is a Nissan GTR 2017 model premium since it was a car that I always have like and they always have been making new models for it but the 2017 model was my favorite.

The person I interviewed was mimir . He told me three things about himself, and it is his major which is CIS, another thing he told me was that he likes collecting shoes and reselling them, and that his favorite sport is basketball but he doesn’t mind playing soccer. he also has a dream car which is a specific Ford from the year 2023 model.

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  1. SAAD AHMED says:

    You guys nice taste in cars, she us a beauty

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