Interview Questions- Evan

Hello, My name is Evan Rivera and I am a freshman at Baruch College. I am here to explain why I get along with people. For the most part I like to believe I have a very likable personality, someone who you can have fun with all the time and forget about the things that worry you the most throughout the day. I love to joke around and find out what interests people to use that as a way for us to have a great time. I thought for a while if I was socially awkward and it drove me insane. I slowly began to realize that I just have to put myself out there to get people to know me for who I am just as much as I get to know them.

I interviewed Brendan he told me many things about himself. He really likes music and loves to hang out. He really expressed his love for partying and going out with his friends on a weekend. I then asked him if he could have one superpower what would it be, he replied with the ability to read minds and I’d have to agree with that one. A very useful and unique superpower to have and Id definitely choose that one too. I really enjoyed my conversation with him and look forward to more in the future with everyone else in the class.

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  1. AMARI ASANTE says:

    Ability to read minds seems like too much work to be honest.

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