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Hey, my name is Michael. I am majoring in International Business. The prompt that really intrigued me was the one that said “If you could get away with it, what crime would you commit and why?” And if that were the case I would most likely make millions of dollars worth of counterfeit money and deposit it into my bank account. Hopefully it would work since I would technically be able to get away with it.

As for the interviewing aspect of the class, I was able to interview my friend I made from last semester, Demetrios. Our conversation was mostly catching up since we hadn’t seen each other since the semester ended. After that we got onto the interview questions. In order to get a deeper insight onto what Demetrios Karambasis’ mind is truly about. I ask him the question which says “what is it like inside of your head?” And here I am, believing I can get some sort of deeper insight from the source himself, and Demetrios responds with “do you know that baby from the Teletubbies intro?” And so I open YouTube and watch the intro to gain a deeper understanding of who this person is. He then went on to say, “Yeah that is all that is in there.” And here I am, surprised yet understanding that the sun baby was and forever will be a crucial part of Demetrios Karambasis, and the day that sun goes down is the day I will lose a good friend.

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  1. I really had no idea what the baby from the Teletubbies meant. So I went and also watched the video as well. Needles to say, that unlocked some backup memory that I had no idea of, so thank you for that. In just a few sentences, I also got to know about your friend Demetrios, and in a sort of way, you as a friend to him. You guys seem to really get along and understand each other, hope you guys are able to spend other classes together at Baruch!

  2. JING WANG says:

    Hi!! When I read through the list of the questions and saw that question, I had a similar idea as yours. Go rob the bank and take all the money to myself.

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