Interview Questions

Hi, my name is Fakhar and I’m from Queens, New York. I am a Marketing Major and this is my second semester at Baruch. I am excited and anxious to face new challenges. I am an introvert and question my ability to function and contribute to society every day. I chose to answer ” What do you consider to be the greatest threat to your happiness?” from the interview sheet and I believe my anxiety is definitely the greatest threat. Not being able to enjoy new experiences is frustrating and attempting to overcome the emotion is quite taxing. However, being in a cordial environment can be very helpful and I have come to realize that I accomplish a lot when I am in such an environment.

Unfortunately, I was unable able to attend our first class and interact with my peers because I could not wake up on time. However, I did get a question texted to me. A friend asked if I considered myself a disgrace for missing the first day of the spring semester.

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