For this project I have chosen to work independently to reimagine and re create parts of my project one. Using a slideshow with many videos and images pertaining to my essay will help my viewers understand the effects of press and media on a topic. In my essay previously I wrote about how social media impacted the viewership of Black Lives Matter and how quickly it spread. With this new project I will cover how the news sources and several media articles pushed the BLM movement forwarded and created the hashtags and narratives we know today.

Using this as my medium, my essay can incorporate videos and images of protest taking place and riots outside major points all across the country. Since my previous essay was focused on two major topics being the Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter, further research will needed to be done to help strengthen my essay and give it a more impactful message to my audience. All media outlets spanning from the early stages of the movement to its peak and what it is like today. A major problem that I can encounter is finding sources that contain little bias or take a side on the movement to include in my remix. Making a slideshow can put all my points together in one and help the audience feel connected to the movement in their heads or heart during the peak of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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2 Responses to Proposal

  1. ETHAN JUSINO says:

    I really like your proposal because you’re trying to tell more people about the BLM movement based off what the BPP did 50 – 60 years ago. I also like the idea of doing it in a slide show to show the compare and contrasts between the 2. Talking about how the media portrayed both groups is really important as well.

  2. YINELDI DIAZ says:

    Finding the right sources can be hard, I’m working on a similar topic and have encountered these biased articles that you talk about.

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