The Proposal

Hi my name is Amir Aslam and I’ll be working on Project 3 individually. For this final assignment, I will be focusing on Project 2 to further explain the imagine for a stronger medium. The project will be focusing on Wikipedia’s gender bias and Exclusion of women how it affected the view on women. This will be showing all the disadvantage, oppression, and misogynies that has been going around for awhile. The modalities that I will be utilizing will be picture of certain occasion with the following of captions for each picture.

A quick summary of where I will be headed is, “Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that has become a go-to source for many students, researchers, and curious individuals looking to expand their knowledge on a variety of topics. However, one of the major criticisms of Wikipedia is its gender bias and exclusion of women. The website is predominantly written and edited by men, with less than 20% of its contributors being women. This lack of representation has resulted in a bias toward male perspectives, leading to a skewed view on women in history, society, and various fields.” In the end I hope it comes out good for everyone liking.

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