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Call Me Dean

Hello fellow classmates. I have chosen to use a 10-song playlist as the vessel in which i convey my personality to all of you in a vaguely accurate manner. I have reason to believe that my playlist will be drastically more explicit(and in some cases vulgar) then many of yours, however this is a sample of the music that i listen to on a regular basis and i am proud of it. While i dont actually do many of the things depicted in these songs, i have maintained an affinity for them over time because there underlying message or concept resonates greatly with me. For example, i am not quite as proficent and ruthless a womanizer as Lloyd Banks is in “Keep Your Cool” but my views coincide with his when it comes to not stressing over females. “Brooklyn’s Finest” is the hometown anthem that i had to include to represent the borough that I’m from, and represent it does as it includes the two greatest Brooklyn MC’s to have ever graced a mic. New York State Of Mind may remind some of you of Empire State Of Mind, however it is vastly different in its purpose, as its not an atnthem at all but rather a gritty, vivid, detail oriented depiction of life in New York Ghettos in the early 90′s. Off of the same legendary album(Illmatic) that blessed us with NY State Of Mind is “The World Is Yours”, an uplifting, empowering song taken from the famous Scareface quote.I say empowering because the primary feeling that i derive from this song is”the world is yours for the taking,anything is possible, just go out and grab it”. Going along with the theme of ambition is “Aint No Love” which features a beat that im sure almost all of you have heard before in the Chrysler commercials. This is another motivating song that makes you feel as if failure is impossible and success is right at your fingertips, mainly because of the triumphant beat. The next 4 songs all tie into the theme of drug use, particularly marijuana, of which I admittingly am an avid smoker.The first of which, “Gimmie The Light” was a very popular song back in the middle school days which im sure most of you have heard as well. I don’t understand a single lyric of it , aside from the chorus(Just Gimmie The Lighttttt and pass the droughhhhhh, incoherent Jamacian rambling), yet i still manage to enjoy it. The second song “Come Smoke With Me”, is a song that i honestly don’t enjoy that much, but included on my playlist anyway because i find the chorus hysterical. “Drug Ballad” appeals to a slightly larger audience of drug users, and i mainly included it on this list because i can empathize with Eminem’s nostalgic final verse. Pussy Money Weed is a song that doesn’t necessarily delve into any of those topics specifically, however the chorus and title alone do a justice to convey what I and apparently ASAP Rocky believe are core essentials in the life of a young man. Finally, “Stay Chiseled” once again features Nas(the greatest rapper of all time and the most featured artist on my playlist for that very reason), in a song that is often on replay during my workouts at the gym because of its theme of mental AND physical maintenance, and so it has found a special niche in my heart. That concludes my list, and while im sure many of you wont like the songs i posted, i hope that you are able to respect the reason why i choose them. Most of all, however, i hope that ultimately you have closed the tab on my blog with a more thorough understanding of who i am as a person, and that is all that matters. Thank You and God Bless.

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