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Workshop – Baruch Voices

My favorite of the workshops our freshman orientation class attended would have to be Baruch Voices. It was interesting to see professionals act out the experiences and convey the magnitude of the emotion and stress that comes with the issues that my fellow college freshmen have been faced with in their lives. The whole show created a sense of community, and made the super-competitive school feel less cold and calculated and more welcoming. Each monologue was unique in its story and the way the actors chose to tell it. The show was well-organized and grabbed your attention. It was especially interesting when a monologue about depression was closely followed by a monologue personifying bacon.

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My first semester of Baruch can described as interesting .It was probably the most fluctuating 4 months of my life. It was full of emotions like happiness, curiosity, sadness, irritability, confusion,etc. I will never forget it. I feel like I matured so much here. My outlook on life is different and now I feel like I am ready to take on college. It took a while to adjust and find my way, but I think I did it. I could not have done without my friends and my teachers.


My favorite workshop has to be the play in the beginning. It was so entertaining and funny. It related to me so much. I learned a lot from it. I thought these workshops were going to be a drag, but this one wasn’t. Thank you for bringing us to them guys.

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My favorite enrichment workshop was the one that we went to watch at the beginining of the semster, I dont really remember the name of it but it was a short muscial play about the life of college students. I really enjoyed it becuse it had me laugh a lot and it had many things that many of us could possibly relate to. I thought it was a genuis idea   and a great hit becuase the show was very informaitve to students but also very entertaining and hilarious. It was much better than hearing your parents talking about sex, drugs, alcohol, or school.

This was the exact way I left the first day I stepped foot in Baruch. I was completely LOST!!!! I had no idea where any of my classes were,  where to go or who to hang out with. Now I walk away from this semster knowing so many things from Baruch like where everything is located and all of its many resoucres. Freshman Seminar has helped me a lot with that and I think these first three months could have not gone any better. now all i could do is hope for the best for the next couple of years at Baruch.

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Enrichment Workshop

We had many workshops this year but I think my favorite had to be Baruch Voices because they monologues were funny, heartfelt, emotional, and a whole bunch of emotions for every single one of them. And it was a little bit refreshing to hear some of them and say wow I’m not the only one who went through that, or thinks that. It was a nice enrichment workshop. I don’t know if this was considered an enrichment workshop but the academic advisement session about schedueling our classes was another one of my favorites because it cleared so much up for me and helped me out so much.

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Your time at Baruch

My first three months at Baruch was a roller coaster. There were points when I hated it and then there were times where I loved it. Leaving our first semester I can say that despite the times that I hated it I now actually like it here and my first semester of college wasn’t THAT bad. It was still a lot getting used to and getting adjusted to between the hours of reading and assignments every night and getting home so late, it was definately a challenge but one that can be overcome. The picture I chose to depict my first semester at Baruch I feel is very fitting with everything we had to do. 

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My favorite workshop was when the author of the book came in. I thought of his speech as very inspiring and interesting. I love the fact that he wrote a book about his mother and I loved the book because it was very well written and the story was invigorating. My other favorite workshop was when a psychology speaker came in and talked about racism and stereotypes about people based on their sexual orientation. I felt that workshop was a big eye opener for a lot of people.


My experience at Baruch has been unbelievable. I would have never thought I would be at this school but I am glad I made the choice to come here. The friends that I have made, the new people that I have met, and the new things I have learned through this school are unbelievable. I am still trying to catch up with all the workload that comes with college, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.

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