STARR Workshop

For this workshop, I joined a workshop offered at the starr career center for freshmen. It was called Let’s Get starred, and it was a four-week program going on every Wednesday in November. It was very interesting and eye-opening. Even though I first attended just to fulfill this requirement, I was really happy that I went. I learned about the various resources STARR has to offer in terms of helping with career planning, obtaining internships and jobs, and the types of resources and clubs we should be joining in order to gain the knowledge and to have for our resume. I learned the dos and don’ts of social media, what a proper and complete Linkedin account should like, and how to utilize all the programs Baruch has available in order to be successful even after I graduate and leave Brauch. I will definitely be joining more Starr workshops in the future and will stop by to have my resume reviewed and to take one of the assessment tests they offer. 

Focus 2 Assessment STARR CDC

I visited the STARR career development center on the second floor of the Newman Vertical Campus at Baruch college for my third blog post in freshman seminar. Even though I just went there to find out how to do the focus 2 assessment and complete the assignment, I got a lot of useful information. They said to look at their website too for more information. When I got home, I checked the website and found useful information to help me in the future. I saw a couple of videos that taught a variety of things such as how to tie a tie and how to give a good handshake. It was very helpful and I’m sure it would make me more successful in life as it will help me get internships and eventually help me get jobs with the experience from and skills I would get from the internship along with the information given to me by the career development center. The focus 2 assessment asked questions about work interest, skills, personality, values, and leisure interests. I completed the focus 2 assessment and the results surprised me. I assumed it would tell me to have a career only in math or science but it told me I should also consider doing a management/administrative career. This was very helpful and I will reconsider my career path.

Starr Development center

The Starr career development center is a service offered  by Baruch college that offers workshops to its attendees. These workshops have experts come in and educate people on a multitude of topics that will benefit them in their careers. An example is in early October where they had a workshop that focused on writing a better thesis statement. I attended this workshop. It was a very concise and to the point session. It took about an hour and a half from start to finish. Going in I had thought I was fine at writing thesis statements, but this workshop was actually helpful as it gave me more insight into making a thesis statement that will only improve my work in the future.


Writing Center

Last week I attended the writing center for the first time. It was such a positive vibe and learning experience. I had to schedule my appointment with them a week ahead of time. That shows you how many students visit there. Everybody in there is positive and willing to teach you. I will definitely revisit when I have my next paper due. I recommend it for everyone in the school. Also have patience as the line can be long. 

#3 Blog Post Focus 2 Career

I took the focus 2 assessment and it helped me a lot with thinking what my career in life would be. There were about five different assessments that gave various different questions and in the end gives an overview of your answers. the five different assessments were about my values, personality, interests. Each assessments helped me understand how involved I was in each topic. The career assessments was meant to capture far I’ve gotten in terms of working and work related skills. The personality assessments tried to get an understanding of what I liked and what possible jobs I could get into. the interests assessments tried to categorize me into different sections allowing me to understand exactly the things I liked as well as things I didn’t like. Putting it all together it was a really helpful way of understanding where I am right in. It gave me an insight of exactly what I needed to do and things I could do to get to that point. The assessments also described many different terms to me that many people commonly thought was one thing but was in fact another. It gave a clear grid of what a good job for me looked like. Things like transportation, income, free time , many other things that I have’t even thought about. Directly talking about my interest really made me think about the things I enjoyed and things I hated.  Overall it was a really helpful assessment.


Visit to the MET Museum!

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for my Global History Class. We had to go to the museum to choose an object on the stuff we learned about in class and write an essay on it. The museum was free with CUNY ID and it was a very interesting experience. It was like traveling back into time when I saw ancient architects and paintings. For my assignment for global I chose an architect of the God Amun-Ra from ancient Egypt. Overall, it was a very fascinating experience and I highly recommend anyone to go check out the museum if they haven’t yet.

Well, this time I simply decided to go to a tutoring session, because I had some math questions about some problems I thought I had no idea how to solve. Yes, I thought I couldn’t, but really I don’t know what’s wrong with me that everytime I go to ask some questions to someone, I answer them myself, and when that happens, frankly I feel like I just lost my time even bothering to ask, but if I wouldn’t have asked, then I wouldn’t have been able to come with a solution to my inquiry. It’s weird. Anyway, so I just went, and told the tutor what was the problem. He didn’t really help me; it was like he knew I could do it, and well it’s funny because the way he told me how to do it it’s how I tell others. I don’t tell them the answer right away, or do their work; instead, like the tutor did, I tell them each step, but not how to do that step because they probably already know, until they come up with the answer. And well I just did that. I had done the exact same thing before, and it didn’t give me the answer, so I didn’t see the point in doing it again, but whatever I just did. Then I realized that I was getting something different, and at the end got the correct answer. I was like lol, the tutor just told me “there you go”, I said thanks, and that’s it. I don’t know, it was strange, and I felt like I shouldn’t had been there, but well, thinkin about it, it was actually useful that I went there.

Blog #3: Visiting the MET

As part of our Art History class project, I took a quick visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While walking around the European Paintings exhibit, I was taken aback immediately by this painting, The Triumph of Aemilius Paulus. While we had viewed  alot of Renaissance-era, Reformation, and Islamic art in our class, I had not yet seen Salon-era French paintings. Because I knew little about this particular time in art history, I took a deep interest in the style, and paid close attention to the many facts that make up this piece. Because it was visually similar to some of the other paintings we had looked at in class, I believed that I could connect to it more, even with just a brief introduction.

Admittedly, it stood out to me at first because of its immensity. While a few paintings in the exhibit stood tall, I had not seen any that were quite as long as this piece. While I could not find the exact dimensions of the painting, it was certainly long enough to create an expansive panorama-like image of the event that was taking place. The whole scene is on one large piece of canvas, and created with an oil-based paint, bordered in a wooden frame painted gold.

There were a variety of aspects to the painting that I would go on to discover about it. For example, the usage of a linear perspective was quite impressive for a piece of this magnitude. With the vanishing point being on the top of the mountain in the distance, you can see the sense of depth within the piece. People who are walking through the arc, for example, are seen as much smaller than those in the forefront of the painting, allowing for not only a sense of distance for the naked eye but also a sense of the magnitude of the event, as there are too many people in the procession to document from the artist’s view. Those who are walking up the steps to the large white building in the distance are proportionately minuscule as well. These are also examples of how the artist utilized scale and proportion to make sure that things that were far away were smaller than objects that were closer.

I would go on to visit the American History Wing, the Egyptian Wing, the Furniture Wing, and the Musical Instruments Wing in my visit. I certainly left the MET knowing more that I could have possibly imagined.

STARR Career Development Workshop

A little over two months into my time here at Baruch College and I have already become accustomed to utilizing the many resources available on campus. Several weeks ago, I visited the Baruch College Writing Center and attended one of the many workshops they hold with the purpose of improving the writing skills of those attending Baruch. It came to my attention that The Baruch College Starr Career Development Center holds similar workshops on campus. These career development workshops are intended to help Baruch’s students in their attempts to start a career. This career development workshop that I attended was called: LinkedIn 101: Profile Development. This workshop was an hour and a half long and was dedicated to teaching attendees how to formulate their profile on LinkedIn to give them the best chance of landing a job. Coming into the workshop, I had little to no idea about what LinkedIn was, what it was used for, who uses it, what its purpose is. The workshop did an effective job clearing up my confusion over LinkedIn. I learned that it is used as a networking tool where workers and employers can network with others. A user profile can be used by prospective job seekers to promote themselves and share their resume. During the workshop, the speaker detailed methods that could be utilized by users to craft the most attractive profile for employers. Among the tips given by the presenter was: use a professional photograph for your profile picture, give your contact information, write in a friendly tone, among other things. It is reassuring to know that Baruch College students can utilize great resources such as career development workshops. As college students, it is a important to do whatever we can to make ourselves stand out in the job market. These workshops are a great opportunity for students to increase their knowledge on how to stand out to employers.


I recently went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the first time. There were many diverse and interesting arts. From ancient Egyptian art to ancient Chinese art and even Japanese art. I never knew that there would be a line to get in  the museum. I had to wait half an hour just to get in, however, the beautiful fountain display alleviated my boredom. I had a great time and it was definitely worth the wait.