Starr Career Center; Personal Brand/Pitch

Going into my career, I know that I will have to represent myself in the best light to seize opportunities and jobs. So, I decided to attend the “Build your Brand” workshop at the STARR Career Center. There I learned about elevator pitches and the S.W.O.T. test. I have had previous experience in networking through organizations like Step Up, #Built By Girls and through my internship at Oath. I have had my own versions of my personal pitch, but sometimes I tend to lack articulation. I learned that S.W.O.T. means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. I also realized that I have practiced before, usually before interviews, since interviewers tend to ask those questions. I learned a lot from the instructor, Adia; specifically about posture, confidence, formulation of your pitch and language. The pitch is usually brief and can be prompted by a short encounter or the question “Tell Me About Yourself”.

I really got the chance to think about my strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses, specifically should be supported by the way you have worked to improve that. So, for example, if my weakness was having trouble completing a self-motivated project before moving on to the next idea, I would talk about the app design project I worked on. I resisted the pull to stop working by setting dates and deadlines for myself to separate the project into simpler tasks. Thus, it did not seem daunting and I was, in fact, able to complete it. In an interview, you should be focused, sit up straight and be authentic. I learned that your pitch evolves as time passes on and in different scenarios. So, I should not memorize my pitch, but be familiar with my points and talk with genuine. This really helped me gain critical feedback and understand what to do as I move forward into my career. As a freshman, I can feel a bit intimidated because of the professionalism needed in our careers, but the Starr Career Center does have a supportive environment where I can work to build my skills.


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PJ Visits The Museum

Last week, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a great experience. I took many pictures as it was a learning experience. I seen a lot of beautiful sculptures and artwork that were pretty amazing, and looked so realistic. I was able to see how history changed over time. They also had a lot of tourist who came around the world just to view these sculptures. I had a chance to interact with one of these gentlemen. He told

Visiting the MoMA

So a few weeks ago, I visited the MoMA to explore interest in art pieces revolving around modern times. While my original purpose to be there was for an assignment, I was taken away by the different pieces as I was reminded that art isn’t just one type of art. Art is something defined by the person who makes it. I was drawn to this piece in particular as it showed me that people come with more than one side to them.




Earlier in the week, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I took many pictures of the art and architecture displayed there. It was a great experience, as I got to come across many different kinds of art throughout the span of history. Different styles and genres of art were scattered throughout the museum, organized by time period. Despite living in New York City for my entire life, it was the second time visiting the MET.


Visiting the Baruch Writing Center

Last week, I attended one of the writing workshops that are offered here at Baruch College’s Writing Center.

The Writing Center is an excellent resource available to the students of Baruch College. Prior to attending the workshop, I made myself aware of the services available through the Writing Center. I learned that the Writing Center hosts two workshops a week, with a total of 25 workshops overall. Each workshop is designed to improve the writing skills of those who take advantage.

The workshop the I attended focused on thesis statements. It took place in an intimate and comfortable setting within the writing center. The instructor was very concise and did a good job conducting the workshop. After the hour and a half workshop, I felt as though I had a far better understanding of how to formulate and construct thesis statements.

This thesis statement workshop was particularly helpful to me because I had recently received a critical analysis essay from my English class, necessitating the use of a thesis statement. However, I feel that this workshop had a larger impact on me overall. The importance of thesis statements was emphasized throughout the workshop and I realized that every academic paper that I would write would include a thesis statement. That means that just this one workshop would have a profound impact on the rest of my time as a student and possibly into any future careers.

After the workshop, I made sure to familiarize myself with the other resources provided by the Writing Center. This includes their one-to-one sessions, peer review groups, and written feedback to assignment drafts. With the knowledge of these resources that are available to me, I will make sure that I take full advantage of these resources to strengthen my writing skills and improve my academic performance.

Visiting the Starr Career Development Center

Last week, I used my free time between classes to schedule an appointment with the Starr Career Development Center. Since coming to Baruch, I’ve been told of the numerous benefits the program has available for students, but had yet to actually see what they had to offer. After walking in, I waited a few brief moments as the representative I was supposed to speak to was on a call. My intentions of the appointment was to learn more about the program, and what I can do to start using it. The person whom I spoke to, Chelsea, was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions, as well as help me develop a plan so that I may best utilize their services. She first told me that the majority of the program was internet-based, and proceeded to show me Starr Search, a craigslist-esque job searching website that allowed you to type in your specifications, while the computer tailors them to find you the perfect available job. After looking briefly on their website, I found that there are an abundance of jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities available through them. The application process is also simple, taking only minutes to get in contact with a potential employer. While I’m welcome to apply to some of these jobs as a freshman, it was recommended to me to wait until the end of my first semester to start. This is because all of those hiring through the school are looking to also see a copy of my transcript as well, and as a freshman I have yet to receive mine. However, I did take the time to open my Starr Search account with Chelsea, link it to all of my social media, upload my resume, and make my account look as appealing as possible to potential employers. Overall, I’m glad I was able to learn more about the program, and I do see myself using their services in the near future.

Two weeks ago a couple of classmates and I visited the Museum of Modern Art. Since we were CUNY students we did not have to pay for tickets. We went because of an Art History object description project. As it was my first time at the Museum of Modern Art I found the exhibits very intriguing. They also had a lot of free activities that you could do that seemed fun. They are supposed to open a new exhibit on art in fashion, which I am very interested in checking out.


On 10/7/17 I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In my global history class, museum visits are required, so I went with a purpose. We have to choose an artifact that relates to what we learned in class and then write an essay on it. I went to the Egypt section and looked at several ancient artifacts such as pottery, tablets with hieroglyphs, and statues. I hadn’t yet decided on what to choose, so I spent a lot of my time reading the information displays near the artifacts, learning a lot about ancient Egyptian culture in the process. I made my way to a room that only contained statues of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut. I remembered learning about her in class, and I found her intriguing since throughout history we don’t often hear about women being in positions of power. I was impressed by the large size of the statues, since it was created in ~1500 B.C., when modern construction methods had yet to be invented. I chose a kneeling statue of Hatshepsut as my artifact because I could connect what I was viewing to my history lecture. Later on, when I write the essay, I will have to do additional research online since the minimum word count is 750 words and we didn’t spend too much time learning about her. After taking a picture of the statue and reading information about it, I perused other parts of the museum since I enjoy looking at art.

Visit to the Museum of Modern Art Blog post #2

Last week, I visited the Museum of Modern Art or MoMa. I had to go visit this museum for an Art History project and I went with some classmates. We didn’t have to pay since it was free with the CUNY ID. It was a fascinating and interesting experience because I’ve never went to a museum with friends. We had lots of fun exploring the museum along with the many different arts inside. It was also very educating since I learned a lot about modern art and their style compared to renaissance arts that we learn in class. The museum was very artsy and many pictures caught my eyes, but, the picture that caught my attention the most was this picture I took a selfie with. It was a picture of a person in the middle with two faces on the right and left of him which I interpreted as everyone has two sides to them.                                                 

Whitney Museum of American Art

This time for Fro, I went to Whitney Museum of American Art. I also went there for an art history project. We had to pick any picture we wanted that related to the class. Then we had to describe the picture with full details to someone that couldn’t see the picture. The ticket was free for anyone that under 18 years old so it was easy to get in. There were a lot of different floors but they didn’t have as much artwork as I thought there was gonna be. I wanted to choose an artwork that was easy to sketch but also good at the same time. I finally decided on an abstract piece of artwork that had a lot of different colors and shapes. They had 7 floors to the builds but three of the floors didn’t have any artwork in them. I went all the way to the the 7th floor and work my way downward. It was really interesting seeing the different type of artworks that people have created. There were a mixture photographs and paintings and sculptures. There was also other students there from other high schools that were having a class on the history of the artwork. I listened in for a couple of minutes before moving on. Overall the experience was fun and new for me.