Sameera Chowdhury – Let’s Get Starrted

For my career post, I attended the “Let’s Get STARRted: First Year Students Program,” where the speaker spoke about SCDC and the many opportunities it has. SCDC offers Rising STARR Sophomore Program, Passport for Partners, Financial Leadership Program, and a Pre-Law program. While she was speaking about these programs, I gained an interest for RSSP and am thinking about applying so I can learn about different majors and career paths and gain communication skills and in general, knowledge. She emphasized how important it was to use social media wisely because it can either help or tarnish your “personal brand.” She spoke about personal brand being how someone is viewed or their reputation and why it is important to be careful and wise about the decisions you make.
Going to this workshop, I realized the other workshops I can and will attend such as the LinkedIn and resume workshop. In the workshop, no one had a LinkedIn account and it seemed like such an important tool for all of us for our professional life, so I think everyone would benefit in going to the LinkedIn workshop. By building a LinkedIn account, I would be able to network more efficiently and build a positive digital footprint. This workshop emphasized the resources I have at hand such as the resume walk in hours. I have the resources and now I just have to be proactive and put them to use.

Afnan Shariff Let’s Get Starrted

I had the chance to attend the workshop by the name of, “Let’s Get Starrted: Career Building Blocks for First- and Second-Year Students: Week Four,” offered by the Starr Career Development Center. The SCDC helps Baruch students on their career path, with help on writing resumes, cover letters, choosing majors, and applying to internships. They are essentially the haven for your future. This workshop was a four part workshop and since I was not on STARR before, I had no knowledge of them, so I was able to come across this last part. It only consisted of ten freshmen trying to meet their Freshman Seminar requirement, but I was there for much more. In this workshop, the advisor explained a general overview of what SCDC was and the resources it had. She also gave us different resources around the school to utilize, such as clubs, special programs, and even advised us to talk to different faculty and students. She stressed the importance of doing these things in advance so we can successfully move forward on our career path. She also stressed the importance of LinkedIn and why we should have it, since it is a networking tool for different opportunities. Also, a big factor is to watch what you post on your social media as companies check your social media to see what you post, reflecting the kind of person you are.


The overall essence of this workshop was to be made aware of the different resources around Baruch to help us freshman get a head start on our future and our careers. I found it immensely helpful to have attended this workshop because it helped me realize just how many resources I had around me that I can utilize to advance my future career and benefit me in the long run. College is imperative to our career and the experience and knowledge starts here.

Career Workshop: STARR Center Resume Workshop

A resume is a document that helps one to obtain an interview for his/her job. It’s the first impression that one should let their potential employer be happy with by listing all the education, skills, and experiences relevant to the job. I went to the STARR Center resume workshop to learn how to better construct my resume for my future internships. I’ve received a lot of useful tips that I can apply to my resume writing. First of all, a resume should not be longer than one page; one page should be enough to include all the facts that one wants people to know about him/her. Secondly, one should try his/her best to draw connections between any past experience that he or she had before to the position that he/she is applying to because although the jobs may not seem relevant, however, there may be skills and traits that are required for both jobs. For example, if one worked as a barista before at a coffee shop and is now trying to apply for a position at an office, he/she can take traits that made him/her an efficient barista to get him/her the job at that office. Next, it’s also important to expand all the acronyms that related to your skills/experience when writing your resume. As a matter of fact, many companies are using ATS systems to screen the applicants’ resumes and opt out the ones without the keywords they are looking for before they start manually selecting candidates for interviews. Therefore, in order to assure that one’s hard work will be seen, he/she should be extremely careful about the little details of his/her resume. Lastly, the format of the resume should be consistent and clear for one’s potential employer to read. From this workshop hosted by the STARR center, I have gained a variety of helpful information about resume crafting.

Starr Career Development Center

The first workshop I went to was the Starr Career Development Center workshop. There, I was able to learn about the correct ways on writing a resume. With the useful and informative packet, there are instructions that tell you the do’s and don’ts when creating a resume, the important things you should include to make it stand out, the format of how a resume should look like, and general tips you should keep in mind. This workshop further explain how important a well-written resume can make or break your dream job; it stressed out the importance of correct spelling and grammar, along with poor formatting that determines your interview. Also included in the guide are sample resumes you can look at and use them as an example to see what a professional resume looks like. Professional emailing examples are also included in the packet as well, this will help you see what is considered appropriate. This workshop also explained that depending on what type of job you are looking for, the resume design can be different according to that. For example, if you are looking for an art related type of job, your resume can be a bit more creative than the regular business type of resumes. During the workshop, there were also additional resources, such as the Starr Search, that I learned about that can be used to help further complete your resume and prepare you for an interview. At the end of the workshop, there were also other additional papers that had other important information as well. This workshop allowed me to learn more information on the proper and correct ways of writing a resume. It’s very informative and beneficial for those who don’t know where to start or struggling to write a professional resume.

-Veraya Chotviboonlux

New Students Mini Resume Workshops

 Resumes! Something that each and every single one of us will have to put together before we attend an interview. This thirty minute mini resume workshop was both a fast and informative session. Starting from learning about what a resume is all the way to what we should or shouldn’t do when writing a resume. Along with the workshop, a packet was given out to each student with examples of resumes that are considered acceptable. One thing that I took away that is crucial, is a resume should only be a page long. A long resume will end up in the trash bin and neglected by employers, simply because the paper was too long. Simple mistakes like punctuation or disorganization could leave your resume to be neglected.

One of my career goals is to find an internship by the end of next year’s spring semester. The first step to achieving this goal is to find an internship, of course. “A good resume that makes you stand out, would give you a higher opportunity of being selected for an interview”. That was a quote that I have heard plenty of times from family and friends, and they can’t stress it more than enough how important it is. A resume is like the key to your house door. If the key doesn’t work, you can’t go into your house. If the resume isn’t written well, you can’t find yourself having a position at the company or corporation.

This is just one of many career workshops that Baruch has to offer. The STARR career program has both an appointment or walk in schedule to work on your resume or any job related issues. There are even clubs that connect with big companies and corporations that I would like to check out in the near future.