Attending A college swim meet: Evan Nikolic

Evan Nikolic

On Tuesday the twenty fourth, I attended a women’s swim meet at William Paterson University. At 3:00 pm we all piled into vans and started our trip to Wayne, New Jersey.  This was a duel meet for both the men’s and women’s team so I would be spending half the meet as a spectator and the other half competing. The women would be swimming first and the first event was the medley relay. This is when four swimmers each swim two laps each being different disciplines. The girls took first place and finished with a time of 2:06.14. After a few more individual events, the two hundred free style and the two hundred individual medley, the one meter diving started.  This was a men and women event with four rounds in total. The dives were preformed very well with one diver receiving an 8 across the board.

After the diving finished, the officials cleared the pool and allowed the swimmers to warm up. After a few more events the score was very close. The last event was the two hundred free relay. They got off to a slow start and couldn’t recover. The Women would go on to lose by 10 points. The men’s meet went even worse. We won the first relay and took third place with our second relay. After that we took a few more first places and watched the three meter diving event. The meet ended at 9 pm and we arrived back at the school at 11. It was a great experience hanging out and watching people accomplish the things they train every day for, despite not winning.

Dining Etiquette

I was able to learn a lot from attending the Dining Etiquette Workshop. It is very useful to know the proper etiquette that should be used at a dinner, whether you are going to a family friend’s house for dinner or a when attending a job interview. I learned a lot of things that I would not have learned otherwise. If you are attending a buffet, do not fuss over what food you want. If you can not decide whether you want fruit salad or not, do not waste time and wait by the buffet. Take it and if you decide not to eat it it’s not a big deal. Be sure to grab a napkin also so you can keep your mouth and hands clean. When putting food for yourself, be sure that you do not put a mountain of food in your plate because it will look ridiculous. If you are eating soup as an appetizer, do not scoop the soup towards you, but rather away. It is more proper and avoids soup splashing onto you. If you are sitting with 8 or less people you should wait until everybody has their food before beginning to eat otherwise it may be considered rude. Before sitting down to eat if you are wearing a jacket decide whether or not you would like to wear your jacket throughout the meal. If you decide to leave your jacket on do not take it off in the middle of the meal. When sitting down place your napkin on your lap and be sure to use it occasionally to keep yourself clean. If you are having an interview with your potential boss and the waiter or waitress asks if you would like a cocktail or wine to drink, refuse. Even if your boss insists that you get wine or share a wine with him refuse.

Jessica Chen, Accounting Society

This time for the blog and myself, I decided to go to some club general interest meetings and see if any of them intrigued me. On August 24, the day of Convocation day, as I was waiting on line to get a free smoothie drink, a guy comes up to my friend and I, and asked what our majors were. We both answered accounting and coincidentally enough, he was from the Accounting Society Club. He told us to sign up for newsletters and updated information on the club, so when it was time they had their first general interest meeting, my friend and I went. 

When we first walked in, they provided us with a game where there were zoomed in pictures and we had to guess what the thing was based on the close up and the winning team in the end gets a goodie bag. (We didn’t win, but we were pretty close). In the meeting, they provided us with information on what the club is. The club has many official members ranging from marketing, to organizing the club. Each year they have professionals from big companies or corporations come to the school and have either a group or one on one interview. There are sessions where they will be teaching us how to put together a resume that is worth reading and throughout the year, it will be sessions teaching us about interviews, types of accounting corporations, things we should or shouldn’t do, and etc. One thing that I took away was the fact that when applying for a job especially in Accounting, it is best to have volunteer experience because firms want to see that we are also contributing to the society, and sometimes even in workplaces, they will let their employees take a day off and volunteer at an event. I am definitely interested in the club since it is helpful for my future career, but I have decided to wait until I am completely settled on wanting to become an accountant to join the club. 

Fresh Meet

Since school started, I was looking forward to joining a club. I have been increasingly interested in black culture and history being that it directly effects me. So, I thought Black Student Union would be a supportive group of people to be around during my college career. They emailed saying they were have a “fresh meet” where old and/or new club members could meet and refresh.  

I walked into the lecture hall followed by a swarm of boys who all went to sit in the same section. I was by myself, so I made myself comfortable in the back. I was nice seeing a room full of minorities that were all pursuing their education. this gave a a sense of hope for myself in a stressful, and competitive environment like Baruch. All of the club members were very enthusiastic about their culture, you could tell that they’ve build a strong bond and legacy at school. The school spirit really showed.

I watched a bunch of presentations and slideshows for other cultural groups that were interesting but I was really just waiting for BSU. One of the members of the Latino Student Union actually came and introduced himself to me. He probably thought I was spanish like most people do, but it made me feel welcome even though it wasn’t his club I wanted to join. I liked how all of the smaller club create a bigger community on campus that you can tell, even in just one meeting, is full of passion and encouragement.

When BSU made their presentation, I learned a lot about clubs and how they work. It really isn’t just a group of people that hang out together. there are certain roles and certain responsibilities that you have to dedicate yourself to. It was a bit daunting to me. I wanted to be involved, but on top of school work and a new learning environment, I knew I was not ready for that kind of commitment right now. However, I talked with a couple club members afterward and they told me about events that I could attend, introduced me to people I could talk to, and told me about places I could hang out if I wanted or needed to. They were all extremely friendly and very helpful, I really enjoyed myself.

I followed the BSU Instagram page to keep up with current events and history inside of school and out. I intend to join the club at some point in the near future, when I feel more grounded on campus.