Career Workshop Roman Kohanano

Roman Kohanano

For the career workshop portion of the blog assignment I went to an Ad-Hoc that showed students how they can make their own major. I am currently planning on majoring in Finance at Baruch College, but I am open to other potential majors that I may find interesting and lucrative. Ad-Hoc is great for people who are unable to find a major that they enjoy, because with Ad-Hoc you are able to make a major of your choice, but it is not as easy as it sounds. If you would like to have an Ad-Hoc major you need to fill out the application and it needs to get approved. Of course your application needs to be something that Baruch sees as a potentially lucrative major. Ad-Hoc allows people who can not find a major they like to create a major that they like. With Ad-Hoc, the options are really limitless because you can combine different interests that you have into a lucrative and successful major. Previous students of Baruch who are Ad-Hoc majors spoke to us about how easy it is to fill out the application and become an Ad-Hoc major. I was glad to have attended the Ad-Hoc workshop because it showed me than if I do not want to major in finance, my options are not limited. I can major in something that I found both lucrative and interesting.

Dining Etiquette

I was able to learn a lot from attending the Dining Etiquette Workshop. It is very useful to know the proper etiquette that should be used at a dinner, whether you are going to a family friend’s house for dinner or a when attending a job interview. I learned a lot of things that I would not have learned otherwise. If you are attending a buffet, do not fuss over what food you want. If you can not decide whether you want fruit salad or not, do not waste time and wait by the buffet. Take it and if you decide not to eat it it’s not a big deal. Be sure to grab a napkin also so you can keep your mouth and hands clean. When putting food for yourself, be sure that you do not put a mountain of food in your plate because it will look ridiculous. If you are eating soup as an appetizer, do not scoop the soup towards you, but rather away. It is more proper and avoids soup splashing onto you. If you are sitting with 8 or less people you should wait until everybody has their food before beginning to eat otherwise it may be considered rude. Before sitting down to eat if you are wearing a jacket decide whether or not you would like to wear your jacket throughout the meal. If you decide to leave your jacket on do not take it off in the middle of the meal. When sitting down place your napkin on your lap and be sure to use it occasionally to keep yourself clean. If you are having an interview with your potential boss and the waiter or waitress asks if you would like a cocktail or wine to drink, refuse. Even if your boss insists that you get wine or share a wine with him refuse.

Painting Roman Kohanano

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Roman Kohanano


Before choosing to attend Baruch, I was worried that I would not have so much to do on campus. Many people would constantly tell me that Baruch is really only a commuter school and that there is nothing you can do to have fun. I decided to look into clubs and events to find ways to get more out of Baruch. I first began my search by thinking of which clubs or events would interest me the most. I was happy to hear that there was a painting event because I enjoy painting. When I attended the event I was able to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. The painting event was able to help me make friends with people who have similar interests to mine. I have such a large gap between my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My break from 11:35 to 2:55 leaves me looking for tasks to pass time. Events such as the painting event will help me get through my day. Rather than sleeping in the library or watching videos on my phone, I would love to have hobby that gives me things to do. Because I was able to meet new people at the painting event, I was able to learn more things about Baruch and how to manage my time correctly. I learned more about other things to do on campus and off campus. Some people have “get togethers” after school where groups of kids get to know each other better and are able to get school work done together. I was also able to learn more about places to go for lunch. I did not know that there was a Chipotle close by and it is one of my favorite places to go and get food. This event definitely taught me things that will help me get through my first semester at Baruch.