The Museum of Natural History

Wassup everybody!

I decided to hop on over to the Museum of Natural History. Always loved dinosaurs so why not? I’ve visited the museum before but that was about 5 years ago, so seeing it again after such a long time felt amazing. Of course upon entering you see the huge¬†ticeratops and barosaurus skeletons. All along the walls of the museum you can see quotes from Presidents and from the U.S. constitutions. It was odd not seeing the museum packed… rarely ever happens. I immediately fast walked to the second floor where the dinosaur exhibit was. And there I was just surrounded by a bunch of dinosaurs. The inner kid in me was shaking with excitement. I walked around and went to each bone set and read the descriptions, trying to absorb as much information as I could. Seeing the T-Rex in its entirety was jaw dropping. And then I made my way to the famous inner hall which contained the massive¬†brachiosaurus skeleton, spanning across the entire hall! Unfortunately I was a little stressed on time so I couldn’t take myself through the entire Dino Tour. Will definitely visit again, hopefully soon!

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