Hello my name is Peter Famuyide. I am a first year student here at Baruch.  I attended the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)General Interest meeting and after attending the meeting I joined the club.  I was refered to the group by many of my older Baruch friends and they all said i woould not regret joining especially is i became involved. On my first day in the club i knew i was going to like it. I liked how the members of this club bonded whether it be in the club room or whenever we saw each other in the school. I have gone out to lunch with many of the memebers of these groups to lunch and they are very welcoming. As a new member they gave me the opportunity to attend NABA’s Eastern Regional Student Conference in October. This conference would help network me with some of the biggest accounting firms on the east coast and gives many chances to score jobs and internships as well as build relationships with CEOs and other important people in the business world. Not only did they give me this amazing opportunity but they also offered to make it an all expenses paid trip. Inside of the Genera Interest meeting they spoke to me about the importance of their motto “lifting as we climb”. They spoke on how they help students build business skills as well as network at many conferences. My favorite part of the General interest meeting was the  free food. They had an entire buffet spread of many different foods that I enjoy. My favorite would have to be the Macaroni and Cheese it was surprisingly good. I look  forward to spending more time with NABA members  and i will definitely be spending alot of time in that club room.

Career Prep Workshop


 Yesterday I went to the career prep workshop. It was a very useful and informative tool that I recommend every Baruch student take advantage of. They did an excellent job teaching us about all of the opportunities that the Starr Career Development Center has to offer that will prepare students to pursue a career in the field of their choice. They discussed broad topics like what an upcoming career fair will entail and how to use functions at Starr like free resume reviews. They also went into extraordinary detail, though, helping us figure out exactly how to approach an employer ranging from advice such as what jewelry is appropriate to wear and how to shake their hand. I feel much more prepared to attend the career fair on Friday and find an internship I’m interested in.

Welcome Guys! My name is Breyahna, I am currently a freshman. I am currently an intended International Business major with a minor in Japanese. Recently, I have decided to join the Japanese Anime Asylum club, the only anime club in Baruch. While being there I was able to meet and bond with many kids that share the same love for Anime as I do. Immediately while entering the classroom where the club was being held , we were given an Ice breaker. We were instructed on saying our name, favorite anime at the moment, our intended majors, and our waifu (anime wife) and husbando (anime husband) if we have any. After the introductions were done, the president of the anime Nova..a.k.a Nova-Kun had brought out pizza for us to eat. While we waited for our food, the board of the club played anime soundtrack low and encouraged us to talk to each other, in order to get to know one in other. By the time club hours were already over I had left with a list of Anime that I should watch and some idea of how the Anime club would be going for the rest of the year. I had a great time! I will sure be going back to the Anime club every thursday during club hours.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Trip to the Museum

For my first blog post I decided to take a trip to the met because I hadn’t been in a while , and it just seemed like a good way to spend some time in the city with my mom on a Sunday. Last time I went was about four years ago , so my freshman year of high school for an art class writing program project. I remember being so fustrated because I had to go to what I thought would be a boring museum by myself. I actually wound up loving it and that was the same case this past Sunday.

Let me just start of by saying the museum is massive, a person could easily spend four or more hours in there wandering the different corridors and endless exhibition rooms. Also don’t be suprised if some popular exhibition are so crowded it may take you a few minutes to view the artwork closer.  My favorite exhibit had to be the seventeenth to eighteenth century Parisan rooms (shown above). They are just so bougie, guady, and extra I really do love it.

My second favorite , and my mothers favorite ; being that she works in the fashion industry herself, was the fashion exhibit that I believe was there in honor of fashion week. Again , we both loved how extra, over-the-top, and truly one-of-a-kind the pieces were.

What I really did enjoy seeing I’m person though was Van Gogh’s self portrait. My mother has numerous reproduction paintings of his framed around the house, so being able to the see the man that has been sitting on my dining room wall for eighteen years really was something special.

It was interesting to see this sculptures (shown below)again because I recall on my previous project trip I was wandering around like crazy looking for them and now just to be able to look and appreciate them without being told by a teacher list to do so was actually very nice.


All in all I enjoyed the trip to the Met , taking in all the culture and beautiful artwork. I will definitely be coming back soon and I signed up for email alerts for new exhibits

The Grid @ Baruch

Hey guys my name is Naomi, if you totally forgot about me! I chose to join a club called The Grid, which is basically a tabletop game club. They are a club where many people who have many different interests get together and play competitive and fun games from 12:40 to 2:30. Many of the people there are all in all types of clubs ranging from, United Nations International Children’s Fund(UNICEF), The Japanese Anime Asylum or the Japan club. I believe that this club is a great opportunity to bond with many other students at Baruch and you should definitely check it out. 


At our first meeting Tuesday September 5th, we got together and introduced ourselves. The president Adam(guy in the middle of my picture) is a really cool guy who loves this club. He believes all people need to come together and enjoy life playing these games, even if you don’t have much interest in some of them. The people in The Grid are much like a family, and will continue to be as classes graduate and move on. At our meeting last week, we played  game called Werewolf. Werewolf, also called “Mafia” is a simple game for a large group of people (seven or more.) It requires no equipment besides cards or some bits of paper; you can play it just sitting in a circle. I’d call it a party game, except that it’s a game of accusations, lying, bluffing, second-guessing, assassination, and mob hysteria. It’ a really entertaining game to play and I really enjoyed bonding with the whole group, even though I totally got killed as a werewolf once(peep the Teen Wolf hoodie). 

I think you should all really pull up to the Grid one day and enjoy yourselves. The club creates a welcoming environment and take you into their open arms. 

FRO blog post 1

I went to an undergraduate student government booth which was located on the second floor during club hours. I do plan on participating in Baruch’s undergraduate student government during either my first or second year here. I was a member of my high school’s student government for four years and I enjoyed the leadership opportunities and qualities that I gained from my experience in the club. For my participation in student government at Baruch I would prefer to just be a member and not hold a position as I did when I was in high school. I would like to keep the management of my school work and class assignments as my top priority, over clubs such as this one. Baruch’s undergraduate student government is very active in giving the students a better college environment based on their needs and also providing the students with activities on campus. This type of organization is something that I would like to be a part of. A club such as student government is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends which in my opinion is all part of the college experience. The representative that I spoke with described to me how student government has positively impacted his college career and that he would recommend it to anyone seeking this type of school involvement. He also said that student government is one of the best ways to maximize your time academic career while enrolled in Baruch college. For example, he said that student government is an extremely optimal outlet where students can  express their own personal political ideologies in a safe, judgement free environment. After he mentioned this, I found myself more adept to joining student government. I believe that freedom to express opinion is crucial to open debate and growth as not only a student, but also as as an individual.

Student Life

Hi, my name is Riley McPhee and for for my assignment I decided to go to a new club for Student Life.  I chose to attend the general interest meeting for UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Fund) at Baruch.  This club’s main purpose is fundraising for UNICEF through various events and projects throughout the year.  At this club I learned a lot about how I can get involved at Baruch.  Here at the college, there are many ways to get involved but I was especially interested in this specific club since focuses on volunteer work and working to help others.  It does take a semester to be able to join as an official member by completing a list of tasks, but I was glad to find out that a person can still participate in the club before they are inducted.  There are 2 committees and many leaders so there are often leading positions opening as well such as president of marketing, treasurer, etc.

The club officers were very welcoming and informative about the motives of the club, how to join, and what their events were year to year. There are a lot of planned fundraisers, events, and collaborations with different clubs. They presented a power point that explained their club very clearly and planned ice breakers to have everyone get to know each other.  We had to find 3 things in common with every single person in the group.  Each group had about 6 people, so it was a difficult task, but a good way to get to know the people in your group.  I had a lot of fun with all the people in my group for ice breakers and joining this club is a good way to make friends.  The officers made the environment extremely welcoming and I learned a lot about how involved a student can get at Baruch.

me and 3 UNICEF officers, I don’t know why this is upside down

Fro blog 1

(I wasn’t looking at the camera) lol

My name is Kevin, and last week I attended the Latinx jeopardy game show and I participated for team Ecuador. It was located in the first floor where other Hispanic clubs and non Hispanic clubs joined and participated. I found it funny that their was a Ecuadorian club because I’m Ecuadorian and I’ve never seen so many ecuadorians around my age. It was cool that I got to play latin jeopardy with the ecuadorian squad. Some of the questions were hilarious, one of them was about types of ways Hispanic parents disciplined you and everyone kind of related to it and had the same answers like with their hands, the chancla, the hanger, the belt, and the broom. It was also cool to see that pretty much everyone there listened to reggaeton and had the same favorite artist. I also got to eat pizza and talk to people around me. But after taking a break my team lost, but the game was fun and exciting. After we lost in Latin jeopardy I got to talk with some of the club members and they told be about joining the club. I never really thought about joining the ecuadorian club because I had my eyes set on LASO, because I was in it during high school and it was lit. But now I’m thinking about joining them both because the Ecuadorian club will teach me about my roots and culture. I also feel that the club would perfect be spanish because I understand and speak it but I can’t understand some Dominicans (they speak way to fast lol) like my barber and the guy at the bodega. I also want to bring a more younger Hispanic tradition to their club. This coming Thursday I will be attending the ecuadorian club and work on getting a high position in the club.






Student Life

Hi, my name is Jordan Yee and I was really looking forwards to joining clubs like I had in high school.  So in the little time that I have spent at Baruch so far, I am LOVING it here.  That isn’t even a overstatement because it is so similar to high school, but so different at the same time.  I recently went to 2 different club meetings: Vietnamese Student Association and Absolute Adrenaline.  Although I did enjoy myself more at the Vietnamese Student Association club, Absolute Adrenaline wasn’t boring either.  Both of these clubs had more than a couple people and were providing free food for the people that attended their meeting.

At the Vietnamese Student Association we were encouraged to socialize with others around us.  Some of the people there were existing members while some were incoming freshman, creating a diverse body of people to interact with. In addition to the age and year of the students at the club meeting, there were people of many different races and cultures, not only Vietnamese people, as one might assume from the name of the club.  We did a multitude of things inside the meeting room like prepare our own summer rolls after watching a tutorial and even learn several Vietnamese phrases to compete against other groups.  (This may sound familiar because I went with a couple friends from my block: Ben and Darren)

The best selfie that has ever been taken with the President of the Vietnamese Student Association Club!

I haven’t really tried too hard to actively look for clubs that I can join but I really do want to be a part of not just one or two clubs.  Joining more and more clubs helps me to expand my social circle and practice my social skills with students from different places and very different lives.  I actually considered making my own club with Ben and can imagine running my very own club, bringing a diverse body of students together.


The event we had for the clubs was a great way of getting freshman involved with the school. The people that were representing the clubs were full of energy and really got me interested in many clubs. I think that Baruch did a great job at this event for making the school better for freshman. There were tables with a bunch of different clubs. There were many different religious clubs and cultural clubs. There was a club for everyone. No matter what interests you had, you can find a club for it.

Out of all the many clubs, I chose to visit undergraduate student government because I was very interested in it. I always wanted to be part of student government in high school but I never got the chance. This would be a perfect choice for me because I would really want to represent the school. I plan on getting involved because I believe that in can help me later in life throughout my career. Being part of student government involves a lot of public speaking and that is a very good thing to have as you get older. I plan on being active in the club and even run for a position later. I think being part of student government will be a very good choice because it will change my experience in college. I will learn many new things and make many new friends by joining.

Overall I think that going to this event can be very helpful and make you new connections in life. By getting involved in the clubs and events you can make new friends. Even though Baruch is a commuter school there are still many events that the school has. By joining a club you get the full experience of going to college even if you commute.