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Hey, again! So today I went to the game room on the third floor to kill some time since my art class was cancelled. I had hardly gotten any sleep the night before so I was only partly conscious, as usual. Anyways, I figured I should spend my break wisely since finals week is coming up, so I played a few rounds of table tennis. The only sports I can really play are basketball and soccer because I grew up playing them. Introduce me to anything new and there is no chance of me winning. So you already know I got smoked by everyone in that room. I am a competitive person but only to a certain extent. Once I know I don’t have a chance of winning, I just stop trying. So after getting destroyed by five people in a row, someone asked me to play doubles with them. Which was just stupid because he watched me play but I went along with it. We start playing and my partner was basically playing for me, and we were still winning! I see why he wanted me on his team, I was his handicap to balance out the teams. It was somewhat disrespectful but it had to be done. We ended up winning and I joked about carrying my teammate the entire game. All in all it was a good experience, but don’t expect to catch me in there again playing table tennis.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

Career Blog Post

Hey guys, a few weeks ago I went to my first corporate workshop. I had signed up to be a member of the Accounting Society club during the club fair but I honestly was not interested in going to any events. This was until I get the email saying EY, or Ernst & Young, were going to be hosting an informational workshop for all students. I RSVP’d immediately and was anxious to go to the workshop. I had heard of the EY before, my father often spoke very highly of the company. I walked into the workshop and immediately I realized I was ill-prepared. Everyone was dressed in formal business attire and I was dressed as casual as one can be, in my hoodie and jeans. I walked to an empty seat, and I saw a few people looking my way, especially the board. I was embarrassed that I did not dress up but since I was already there, I chose not to care too much about it. The event was great, and although I did not understand the nuances of the financial aspect of the workshop, I did learn about what is important in the hiring process for EY and perhaps other corporations as well. I am glad I attended the event and will probably remember to dress properly for the next one.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

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A career experience I had was an information event with Deloitte earlier in the semester . Deloitte is a huge accounting firm and a professional service network that provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services.  I was introduced to this event by a club a joined NABA or National Association of Black Accountants. The three Deloitte employees were all former Baruch students and they were all in NABA and many other clubs during their time at Baruch College. The three  alumni spoke to us extensively  on what they do at Deloitte as well as what we should do in Baruch if we also would like to land jobs after we graduate. They also educated us on proper etiquette at job fair and how we should  speak to professionals. They suggested that we get a professionals linkden if we have any questions and we should also take their card and contact them after. They emphasized that people who do this stand out of the crowd and catch the attention of the professional. They stressed proper attire to job fairs because first impressions are very important.  They also shared stories of how Deloitte has led to many different experiences and how they’ve traveled  because of their work. They also stressed that baruch prepares it’s students for these kind of jobs.

Academic Blog Post

Hey guys! Today I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Uptown, Manhattan. I am sure a lot of you guys have already been there to do our art assignment so I guess this is a post we can all relate to. However, I must admit, I am probably one of the few students in our class that actually enjoys art. YEAH, I SAID IT. Not necessarily art history, definitely not the class, but rather the ability to express your thoughts and ideas through a painting or sculpture. I must also confess that, I never thought I would be defending artistry today because I grew up believing that only STEM fields were necessary for one to be successful. I used to argue that art serves no other purpose but to evoke emotions from people that observed it. This is mostly true, and I am sure most of you agree with that. But now I truly believe that there are certain byproducts that come with being proficient in art. I think that artistic people are generally more creative than those that are not because art expands the limits of one’s creativity, something that will be useful for all of you business and marketing majors.

The museum itself was somewhat overwhelming. Initially, I was following the assignment’s room order until I realized how disorganized it was. I grouped up rooms that were near each other so I wouldn’t have to travel from floor to floor every ten minutes. This is something I recommend doing, if you haven’t already, or think of your own way of saving time. I was surprised by how large some paintings were since we had only seen them on a projector in class. The Thinker was probably the most memorable piece because I was sitting in the same position as the statue when I first saw it. I definitely recommend a visit for those who haven’t already.

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Blog post #3

Hey guys, so I ended up going to the working abroad fair a few weeks back with some of my friends from fro, it was an incredible experience. I’m planning on minoring in Japanese, so off the bat I was really excited that they had programs to work in japan during or after college. My favorite by far is the JET program, which is a program available in your senior year where you spend a year in japan on a visa neither either an assistant teacher, helping kids learn English. While the other  position is working in the goverment as a interpreter. Both of the positions seemed really cool so I signed up to get more information about it. It just sucks that I won’t be able to do any of this until my senior year. While I began to circulate around the fair I also seen this stand for project abroad. At projects abroad table there were many different flyers of how to help in countries like Nepal, Kenya,Mexico and Fiji, just to name a few. I decided to pick up two pamphlates, one of them being called care. The care program would mean someone traveling to a country they choose among the ones provided in the back cover to the pamphlets and going to help in care centers , work in kindergartens, so orphanage work, work with kids with special needs, help with elderly care or work with kids who are HIV/AIDS positive. While the other pamphlet was called conversation and environment, within this pamphlet it listed countries like Cambodia, Costa Rica, Peru etc. where you can go and do marine conservation, Amazon rainforest conservation, sea turtle and coastal conservation among other conversations. I picked these two flyers because it’s something that I would be interested in, but I am also able to get my friends to help join because of their love for taking Care of animals ESPECIALLY Sarah. My experience at the work abroad fair helped shape my career better, and helped me so what are my options during my college career and the requirements that I would need to do in order to get into any abroad program.

Blog post #3

Hi guys! This week, I was accepted into the MUN travel team, where we will represent Baruch at a very vital conference in Montreal, Canada. The selection process was long and arduous. It involved mock debates that served as “auditions”. Because I made the team, I will be going to Montreal in January to participate in the conference. The preparation is going to be difficult — it involves three hour meetings three times a week in addition to the standard MUN meetings. I will be spending 12 hours a week getting ready for this conference. We haven’t been assigned specific positions yet, but I’m hoping I will receive a leadership position in something pertaining to geopolitical immigration. I’m looking forward to the conference and am very grateful that I was given this opportunity.

Sarah Mohamad Blog Post #3

Hey guys, I am a little late with this but that is my fault being that I lost the papers/flyers I had received from the Study/Internship Abroad fair. I went because I knew opportunity would strike me there. For as long as I have known about studying abroad, I knew that is what I wanted to do in college. I am so happy to know that I can with just a click of my finger. 

Here are one of the more boring flyers but I felt it was pretty standard for an explanation of what being an intern abroad means. The whole aim of “The Intern Group” is to bring programs for students that provide them with professional opportunities that can help students find who they might want to be or to give them their full experience of the profession they want to go in, with the beauty of just travelling. Although this flyer is about being an intern, what I really want to do is study abroad. I love learning and being able to learn new things everyday. It is definitely one of the better things about actually going to school in the morning. But to get the privilege to go to a different country and see new things as well as learn new things, it is so interesting! And that is what I got to see at the fair, just how simple Baruch allows students to get what they want and when they want it.

Rebecka Lee – Career – Blog Post #3

I took the Focus 2 Assessment for this final blog post. There were a lot of survey-like questions, separated into categories to try to get a better view of what a person might want to focus their career path on, like their personality or their skills. It followed a pretty standard format of rating an action or statement by how much you agree or disagree with the statements, much like other career assessments I’ve seen. Comparing my survey results, there seemed to be a lot of discrepancies in the outcomes. The end results of each small part of the survey pointed towards different types of careers, so I tried to use the combine assessments feature, where it tried to mash together the results of two or more of the separate smaller assessments into one overall result. That didn’t work out so well. There was almost no overlap between categories at all. In all honesty it was disheartening, but it gives me some nice information to work with. I think the takeaway is mainly that of the five surveyed topics, none of my results match up with each other. My personality doesn’t match my work interests; my skills don’t reflect my values, etc. A good way to resolve this might be to just add to myself, like learning more skills and developing different work interests. The majors that kept popping up that the site claimed would fit well with their recommended careers were biology, and business administration and management. This gives me more to consider for that major that I haven’t chosen yet, which is helpful and appreciated.

Sarah Mohamad Blog Post #3

Hey everyone. Over the weekend, I went to the American Museum of Natural History with my sister. I specifically went to see all the animals of course. This museum is actually my favorite museum of all time, and I LOVE museums. Anyway, the Natural History Museum has a lot of biodiversity and ecosystems, artifacts and props, everything you need to know about earth and it’s beautiful creatures and wonders. It is not your traditional museum with just paintings and sculptures, it is innovative, educational, informative, and overall such a fun museum. They even had a mummies and tombs (my obsession, I literally grew up watching documentaries on King Tut, the pyramids, and of course fossils and artifacts, my absolute favorite part of history) exhibit but I did not go because you had to pay separately and it was big bucks to get in. I got so lost in seeing all the exhibits and all the animal species that I almost forgot to take a picture. In this picture is a (sadly very little left) deer. This is the skeleton of the “Irish Elk”, the biggest deer there is on planet earth. The best thing about this deer are the antlers of course, as tall as me. Their scientific name is Megaloceros giganteus, the “giant horn”. Basically these deers lived through the last Ice Age, along with everyone’s favorite (or maybe just mine), Mammoths. They were able to survive the cold temperatures during the Ice Age and make it to Southern Europe, mostly in Ireland peaks. Overall, amongst all the beautiful animals I saw on my visit, I took a picture with this one, which I do not regret, just my hair and lip color choice. I encourage everyone to go to this museum and see all the earth has to offer. It is donation based, and so much walking since they literally have everything cool to ever exist on this planet. If you actually read this, thank you. Lastly, go to this museum! They literally have everything! Space, humans overtime, environments and a GIANT WHALE.

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Fred Broman Blog Post 3 Career

For my last blog post I decided to go to Wall Street Careers Panel with Jordan, Ben, Vincent. I really enjoyed this workshop and it was my favorite out of the three. I learned many different things that can help me throughout my life. One thing that I really enjoyed was that many people from different backgrounds were there.

Many of the guest explained where they got their education and how they got they got into their field. They gave many tips on how they got where they are and how we can do the same. At the end I think that the main lesson was that you have to work hard to be successful. They gave many interesting tips that I think I can use for the rest of my life. At first I didn’t have in interest in stocks but after going I started to get interested in it after seeing all these successful people.

Personally, I don’t think I would go here if it wasn’t for this class but I am glad I did. This workshop thought me many interesting things and I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in business or has some free time at Baruch.