Blog post #1 (Due Feb 17th)

Sam_Abrole – Blog Post #1

On Friday, the 10th of February – I went to a trip with the Finance and Economics society to visit the Federal Reserve. It was such a beyond cool experience. I actually wasn’t even involved to go on the trip until Dhruv and Emma helped me get on the roster so shoutout to you both. On Friday, my friend Neha and I signed up to go to the Federal Reserve trip. We actually ended up bonding with two of Neha’s friends there so it was super nice and uplifting because even prior to the trip, I felt surrounded by friends. Going into the federal reserve was SO COOL. There were so many different security checks and the museum itself was essentially a story. It told the story of how the United States develop its banking system from the first federal bank to currently. I’m a huge history fan so just seeing primary documents linked with historical figures was super cool to me. After the tour and seeing the gold vault, the federal reserve people gave us a bag of shredded money that I will honestly keep forever. After the trip being over, my two new friends and I all got Starbucks. It was such a great day and experience – I’m so glad to have gone and glad to have met these new people! 

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