Mehdi_Chial (Blog Post #1)

On Thursday the 16 there was an interesting fair going on, it was the “Diversity Career Expo”. Reaching the 14th floor was a hassle itself but what i was really not expecting was everyone wearing a suit. Wearing jeans and sneakers i looked like the odd one out. After taking a seat we were offered food and drinks. Talking to the students in my table was extremely interesting, as everyone had their goals and how to achieve them. As we started to talk to each other i realized how special Baruch college is. It allowed us to have a professional career fair and guide in a way to fulfill our dreams.

Although i wasn’t looking or any internship or jobs, i still looked around to get the experience of it. What was great about it, is that there were big corporations that have a well known reputation. I am highly looking forward to going to other types of job fairs to get well familiar. What the most important thing is Networking. Networking is a great opportunity to get a job of your dreams. Although you aren’t getting a job, communicating with the individual regularly shows that you are very interested in the future.

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