Fight to Protect

The history of the United States of America has always had Americans fighting to protect themselves, their beliefs and their freedom. Even as early during the American Revolutionary War, the Americans stood up against the United Kingdom, the world’s leading power at the time, to gain control over their own land and to liberate themselves from the British.

This belief continued on to project that these spirit never dies. For example, in order to protect democracy and stop the spreading of the communism, the United States fought in Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula where the democratic rule and communistic rule were clashing. U.S fought against the North Vietnamese and the North Korean in Vietnam War and the Korean War, respectively. Although in both cases, the U.S failed to unite the two countries under democratic rule, it did manage to preserve the democracy in South  Korea.  Also, these two wars showed that the U.S would fight to protect their belief and the democratic freedom.

Another recent event that shows U.S would fight to protect themselves and even protect its friends is shown through the Gulf War. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, U.S feared that Iraq would next attack Saudi Arabia, U.S’ long time ally. As a result, U.S went on war with  Iraq to protect its ally nation liberate Kuwait and for its own  freedom; since Saudi Arabia provided U.S with oil, if Saudi Arabia went down by Iraq, U.S would loss its major oil provider.

There are probably much more events that reveal such spirit.  However, just from these three events: Vietnam War, Korea  War, and the Gulf  War, we can see that U.S will fight in order to protect themselves, their beliefs, and their freedom.

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