One of Many Nixon Legacies

Richard Nixon
Protest against the Vietnam War.
Kent State Shooting

History tells us that Nixon won the election in 1968, on the grounds of promising to put an end to the Vietnam War. However, shortly after the exact opposite proved to be true. It appeared that despite several efforts to keep an incident of such high magnitude out of the public eye, word of what became known as the My Lai Massacre  (approximately 504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam being killed by a U.S. army unit) got out. The public was furious and immediately opposition to the war soared to its peak. Revolts and protests began taking place all over. Slowly but surely, Nixon was begin to loose all of the public and voters support. The peak of protests and riots took place May 4th at the university of Kent State. Protests were taking place against the invasion of Cambodia by American troops. The Ohio National Guard was called in and began firing shots at students and those who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The Kent State shootings resulted in the death of 4 people and injury of several more. The Kent State shootings just further set fuel to the fire that was already blazing hot. To this day the lasting impact of the Kent shootings can be seen.

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