Schedule of Readings, Assignments, and Exams

August 26:  Course Introduction

August 31: Constructing History in Our Own Time, 2000-2010
Explore resources and tools at the Center for History and New Media and the “Making Sense of Evidence” page at History Matters
Read this blog post as well as the comments that follow it

September 2: Historical Memory and the Distant Past: Remembering the Civil War
Reading: Eric Foner review of David Blight, Race and Reunion

September 7: Reconstruction
Reading: Ch. 15 (Give Me Liberty)

September 16: Reconstruction, continued

September 21: The Gilded Age
Reading:  Ch. 16 (Give Me Liberty)

September 23: The Gilded Age, continued

September 28: Populism
Reading:  Ch. 17 (Give Me Liberty)

September 30: Populism, continued

October 5: Progressivism
Reading:  Ch. 18 (Give Me Liberty)

October 7: Progressivism, continued

October 12: World War I
Reading:  Ch. 19 (Give Me Liberty)

October 14: World War I, continued

October 19: The Roaring Twenties
Reading:  Ch. 20 (Give Me Liberty)

October 21: The Roaring Twenties, continued

October 26: Great Depression/The New Deal
Reading:  Ch. 21 (Give Me Liberty)

October 28: Great Depression/The New Deal, continued

November 2: World War II
Reading:  Ch. 22 (Give Me Liberty)

November 4: World War II, continued

November 9: The Cold War
Reading:  Ch. 23 (Give Me Liberty)

November 11: The Cold War, continued

November 16: The Affluent Society
Reading:  Ch. 24 (Give Me Liberty)

November 18: The Affluent Society, continued

November 23: The Sixties
Reading:  Ch. 25 (Give Me Liberty)

November 30: The Sixties, continued

December 2: Rise of Conservatism
Reading:  Ch. 26 (Give Me Liberty)

December 7: Globalization
Reading:  Ch. 27 (Give Me Liberty)

December 9: The Post-9/11 World and Changing Definitions of Freedom in Our Own Time
Reading:  Ch. 28 (Give Me Liberty)

December 16: KM24 FINAL EXAM (tentatively scheduled), 10:30-12:30

December 21: TV24 FINAL EXAM (tentatively scheduled), 3:30-5:30

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