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Women’s Rights Supporter, Frances Willard.

Frances Willard was the President of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.  She wrote many books and was a teacher. Willard strongly believed that women could  “do everything”.  She supported women’s rights, women’s suffrage,  social purity, and other reforms.  Willard also … Continue reading

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Carnegie: A devil in the workplace but a good man where it counts

Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant who came to America in relative poverty. His humble origins lay in factory work; however, he quickly gained promotions to messenger boy and ultimately telegraph operator at the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, where he made … Continue reading

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The Left Wing Chaos Theory

Ignatius L. Donnelly was a Congressman from Minnesota in the late 1800’s. He wrote the preamble to the Omaha platform for the presidential campaign of 1892. This significant document called for a stronger federal government in order to mend the … Continue reading

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