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Give me you huddled masses, unless they’re Chinese.

Chinese Exlcusion act of 1882: For those of you reading this, that little poem at the base of that big green statue in New York harbor is a complete lie. Often the narrative of American history goes as follows; … Continue reading

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No Trust In Trusts In the 1880s, the people of American were worrying about trusts. Trusts were business that combined so they could reduce competition and control prices. Because of that, in 1890, President Harrison, along with Congress, passed the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. … Continue reading

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Economic benefits of transport

The extensive use of electricity, internal combustion engines and create a new transport was quickly applied to industrial production and contributed greatly to economic development. And the World War didn’t effect the United Stated that another reason improve the economic … Continue reading

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During the 19th century the citizenship rights granted by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments did not apply to Native Americans. Some laws did however offer them citizenship if they left their tribe and “joined” American society, but the  American Indians … Continue reading

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