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2D Barcode Training Session

The vendor that the college will be using to incorporate 2D barcodes and SMS tags in its ads/announcements, instruction, and student social networking will be on campus next week. I can schedule a joint session with BCTC and library staff for the morning of Friday, December 11. Librarians who are interested should let me know. I will post more information as soon as procurement process is completed.

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Libraries in Hard Times; Technology in the Classroom

Two sets of articles of interest to the teaching librarian appear in the Chronicle of Higher Education, November 27, 2009:

“Traveling with Twitter: Not for the Faint of Heart,”  p. A1 and A10, 11 and a companion article on A10, Marc Perry, “Conference Humiliation: They’re Tweeting Mean Things behind Your Back.”

The second set is Jennifer Howard, “Libraries Innovate to Counter Cuts,” pp. A1 and A8.

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