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Tech Sharecase, 22 June 2012

At the Tech Sharecase today, we discussed a variety of topics while beating the heat with popsicles.

LibX Toolbar
Mike Waldman and I are about to launch a free toolbar that offers Swiss Army knife array of tools from within the browser (see the image below for details on some of the features).

This summer, we’ll first announce the beta version of the toolbar to library staff, then do some usability testing, and when the final version is ready, publish a LibGuide about it. We also hope to find a way to have it installed on campus desktop and laptop computers. Feel free to download it now and install it in Firefox or Google Chrome (note: admin rights are not necessary to do this).

The Digital Media Library
We took at a look at the Kaltura software the library may use to replace the homegrown system that powers the Digital Media Library. We also talked about Baruch’s content on iTunes U and YouTube (where the college and the library have their own accounts).

Author Profiles in Microsoft Academic Search, Google Scholar, and WorldCat Identities
We took at look at the different way that authors are profiled in these three services, noting that Microsoft Academic Search and Google Scholar have citation counts and an h-index for each author. WorldCat Identities only offers profiles of authors as book authors (their articles aren’t included). Both Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search allow authors to log in and update or correct the info in the profiles that have been set up for them (for Google, go here, and for Microsoft, go here)

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Tech Sharecase, 25 May 2012

We discussed the the new IDS Search/Beta CUNY catalog: what we liked, didn’t like, concerns about adopting this catalog and how it can be improved. Baruch along with LaGuardia, City College and The Graduate Center are test running the IDS search.

If you were unable to make it to the Sharecase, you can still give feedback. Follow the reference  blog link: Need Feedback on Beta CatalogNeed Feedback on Beta Catalog.

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Tech Sharecase, 9 May 2012

We discussed the Viewshare service from the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress. Viewshare is a free service for exhibiting digital collections. Linda led the discussion as she’s using Viewshare for displaying information pertaining to film festivals as part of project she’s working on.

We also spent some time deliberating on how to list databases on the new redesigned website and looked at examples of how other libraries have used LibGuides to do so.

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