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Tech Sharecase, 21 April 2017

At today’s event, we focused on the ways that we discover things to read online, how and when we do that reading, and how we save items that we want to maybe re-use later on. Among the specialized services and apps we discussed were:

  • Feedly. An RSS reader that offers a free service for up to a certain number of feeds or a paid service for more feeds.
  • Pocket. An app and web service for saving items to be read later.
  • Instapaper. Another app and web service (that I use) for saving items and sharing them.
  • Evernote. App and web service for saving notes (also can save articles, blog posts, etc, that you want to read later)
  • Pinterest. Bookmarking app and service.
  • Pinboard. Another bookmarking app and service
  • JournalTOCs. Web service that lets you sign up for email notification of new content in journals you care about.
  • Zotero. Web service for saving citations and bookmarks and generating properly formatted bibliographies.
  • Nuzzel. Web service and app for seeing what your friends in Faceboook and/or Twitter are sharing.

I showed a video I made on my phone of how I use Feedly to scan through items in my RSS subscriptions, Instapaper to save things for reading later, and Instapaper to share to Twitter the items that I think others might want to know about.

A couple of us shared our experiences using Slack for communication with a team working on a project or for communication among professional social network. We noted that Microsoft and Facebook each recently released competing products called Teams (Microsoft) and Workplace (Facebook).

Finally, we watched a video from Facebook about a new virtual reality social network they’re working on.


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