Tech Sharecase, 18 November 2016

Text Analysis Tools

Ryan introduced a  number of different text analysis tools that were the subject of a workshop he attended last week that was hosted by the LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee:

  • Google Ngram Viewer. We discussed the problems that OCR runs into and the ABBYY FineReader software for OCR that Jessica and her team use.
  • Sentiment analysis. Example: The movie review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes, uses automated text analysis to look for certain words in online movie reviews so the site can then assign a rating to each review.
  • Voyant Tools. We looked at the way that the free Voyant Tools website allows fast analysis of text files. Both Jessica and Linda mentioned the ways that they’ve used the service.

Converting Drawings and Symbols

We discussed a few apps and a web site experiment from Google that do interesting things converting images into text:

  • Pleco. This app converts into English the Chinese characters that you capture with your phone camera or that you draw in.
  • Photomath. This app uses your camera phone to capture a math problem and solve it for on your screen.
  • Quick, Draw! The experiment on the web by Google will take your doodle and identify it. Lots of fun!

New User Interfaces

We took a look at the new interfaces on YouTube and Uber.

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