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E-Reserves System from Springshare

The company that is behind LibGuides, Springshare, has another service called CampusGuides that includes an interesting looking e-reserves module that has lots of bells and whistles (which isn’t something that Docutek can say).

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Tech Sharecase, 9 September 2011

Arthur Downing, Stephen Francoeur, Louise Klusek, Jin Ma, Mike Waldman, Kevin Wolff

Search Algorithms
We watched a video from Google about how they update the search algorithm every day based on data.
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We also discussed the way that Google’s business is so driven by data from all its services, a topic raised in Steven Levy’s recently published book, In the Plex. We considered how your location and who your online friends are can shape your search results, something that Eli Pariser gets at in the video from TED that we watched.
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New Library Website
We got a peek at an early working draft of the home page supplied by the developer based on the student input that was previously posted in the Idea Lab. Several more drafts are expected before the home page is put through rounds of usability testing with students. We talked about how a search box for a discovery layer from Summon might work on the home page.

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Consistent Themes with the New Library Website Design

I’ve run across NYU’s website and am impressed at how their LibGuides incorporate the overall Library website design and theme. Rather than looking like the separate platform it is, it conforms to the overall appearance with colors and typography. I hope we can achieve something similar with the redesign for our LibGuides and other integrated platforms.

NYU Website Homepage

NYU Website Homepage

NYU LibGuides

NYU LibGuides

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Tabs and Interior Pages in LibGuides

There’s an interesting thread of comments on the Academic Libraries group on the Springshare Lounge about the problem of students not noticing that LibGuides have tabs and thus missing all the other pages. A couple of solutions have been proposed so far:

  • Add a table of contents box on the home page that offers links to each page in your guide (many of us already do this)
  • Add a HTML break tag when you are typing in the page title so that the tab is taller than usual (see this “Company Research” guide from Eastern Michigan University for an example)
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