Tech Sharecase, 5 May 2017

Google Docs Phishing

We started off our meeting today with a discussion of the recent hack of Google Docs that saw millions of users getting email messages inviting them to view a fake Google Doc. We discussed how Google had taken the step of removing all the suspected phishing emails from people’s inboxes.

Guide on the Side for Library Tutorials

We returned to a topic that has come up in previous Tech Sharecases: the open source software, Guide on the Side, that libraries can use to design information literacy tutorials. Although the CUNY Office of Library Services set up the software on a server a few years ago at the recommendation of LILAC, Hunter College did the same on their own a few years earlier and has some tutorials online (not all of them seem to have been updated yet to match the new library website).

The larger context for the discussion of Guide on the Side are the Flash-based tutorials our library developed with Kognito a decade ago. Some of these continue to be used even though the content is a bit out of date (some of the databases have been canceled and some have been renamed or wholly redesigned). Some examples of our tutorials that could use some attention because they are still being used are the Beginner’s Guide to Business Research¬†and Research for Oral Presentations.

Audio for Augmented Reality

We watched a video review of the Hear One wireless earbuds, which can automatically adjust sound levels in response to the environment you are in.

Next Meeting of the Tech Sharecase

Although we haven’t scheduled any meetings for the summer, it is likely we’ll try to meet up a few times (maybe on Thursdays once we get to the f0ur-day workweek). Stay tuned!


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