Viewing & sharing designs using Sketchfab

Once you have a 3D model, you’re going to want to admire and share it! At MakerHub we like to use a (free) program called Sketchfab to view 3D models in a virtual environment that can be shared with others. Using Sketchfab you can generate great images among many other additional features.

Embed Web 3D Models In Your LMS From Sketchfab | LMSPulse

OK, what do I do?

First, go to and sign up for a free account. You can get an App for your phone too.

Next, you will need to make your Tinkercad model into a format called an “.OBJ” file that Sketchfab can accept. Open your Tinkercad model and on the top right of the design screen you’ll see the ‘Export’ option. Click that, then choose the .OBJ format. Ta-da! You’ve saved your Tinkercad model as an OBJ. STL is another common format for 3d files but it lacks the colors of an OBJ. STL is often used for 3d printing.

Now, upload the OBJ into Sketchfab. Log in to your Sketchfab account and on the top right of the home page click ‘Upload’. Then, select the OBJ file you exported from Tinkercad and click ‘Continue’. Sketchfab will tell you when the transfer is complete.

Sketchfab gives you lots of options when saving your model. You will see an option called ‘Private model.’ If you turn this option off then your model will be searchable and viewable by others. And, you can tag your model, to make it more easily discoverable. Try tagging your model with “Baruch” and “MakerHub” so we can find what you made and feature it on the website! You can also add a description, category, or other identifiers. When you’re ready, click ‘Save.’ 

Finally, Sketchfab will bring you to a screen where you can manage your model. You do not have to let it be downloadable but there is a limit for non-downloadable models. In ‘3D settings’ you can play with perspective and lighting if you wish. Click the orange ‘Publish’ button on the right to publish your design.

Want to search for your file and any other MakerHub student’s file? Search for “tag:makerhub”. Or try searching other tags and categories to find others’ files.

Design Challenge

Now that you know the basics of sharing and viewing your files in Sketchfab, share the Tinkercad model you made of your favorite childhood toy on Sketchfab. Be sure to tag your design with ‘Makerhub’ and ‘Baruch’ so that we can find it and feature it on this website!

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